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is a nonprofit, whose mission is to educate and encourage positive attitudes and behavior in all athletic endeavors by coaches, parents, administrators, media, and players.
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"Gimme a C for Cutbacks:" Schools Slash Sports, Parents "Pay to Play"
Wall Street Journal--Sue Shellenbarger
Can you imagine school without sports?
You may not have to imagine it. If current school-budget trends continue, sharp sports cutbacks may become reality in many hard-pressed schools. The proportion of school districts planning to cut extracurricular activities, including sports, for the 2009-2010 academic year almost tripled to 28%, from 10% during the current academic year, says a recent survey by the American Association of School Administrators.
In a 4,000-student Dixon, Calif., school district, officials are considering eliminating all middle and high school sports programs, Education Week reports. All middle school sports have fallen under the axe at Florida's St. Lucie County schools, with 40,000 students; the district's athletic director says cutting sports could raise the dropout rate among disadvantaged students. And across Florida, state high-school athletic officials are considering slashing varsity games by 20% and junior varsity games by 40%, to reduce travel across the state's 67 school districts.

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"24-Hour Rule"
Request that  your parents do not approach you about the game, meet or talk until 24 hours after the game.  This might save you or the parent from saying anything harmful!
Tom Van Buskirk
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A Word from the Coach 
Communication is one of the most important and difficult jobs that a coach must master.  Eighty percent (80%) of our communication is non-verbal.  Do you know what your negatCommunicationive non-verbals look like?  I bet your athletes do, and probably imitate you when you're not looking.  Are you a back turner, do you close your eyes, hang or shake your head? 
What are your positive non-verbals?  Do you pump your fist, clap your hands, or do back flips?  Your athletes know your positive non-verbals as well.   Throughout the years of my coaching career I have learned about how I communicated from my coaches, players fans, and spouse. 
I woke up to the fact that non-verbals communicate loudly.  I was coaching a high school girls' basketball team and had a very talented, tall and strong freshman on the team.  She was strong at rebounding and went to the free throw line a lot.  Her free throws made Shaquile O'Neil look good as her success rate was only twenty-eight per-cent (28%).  We religiously worked on her technique with little success.  It came down to her confidence.  One day she said to me, "Coach how can I have confidence in myself if after I shoot a free throw and look over at you on the bench, I see you shaking your head with the look of disappointment on your face?" 
It was my time to wake up to the fact that my non-verbal communication had an affect on my athletes.  From then on I focused on being more positive with my non-verbals.  She improved her free throw percentage immediately!

 -Coach V

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