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                 March 2011

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Positive Coaching is a nonprofit, whose mission is to educate and encourage positive attitudes and behavior in all athletic endeavors by coaches, parents, administrators, media, and players.
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Mastering the Art of Upsetology

Forget Slumps, Streaks and Threes-Our Research Shows Turnovers Matter Most; Look Out for Old Dominion

Wall Street Journal
Darren Everson

So you're filling out your bracket for the men's NCAA basketball tournament and you're itching to pick some upsets.

Hey, we understand. We're here to help.

WSJ's Darren Everson joins the News Hub to discuss this year's brackets for the NCAA tournament and potential upsets in the making. Plus, Dow Jones Newswires' Al Lewis talks about the cost of March Madness to U.S. business in terms of lost productivity.

To better understand upsets, and to find the best way to predict them, The Wall Street Journal looked at the 40 biggest NCAA tournament upsets since 2004-the games where the surprise winner was seeded at least five spots below the favorite.

For each upset, we compared the teams involved by their performance in two dozen categories. The majority of these comparisons were based on how the teams matched up-for instance, how well one team shot three-pointers during the season and how well their opponents defended against them. The same head-to-head comparisons were made for factors like rebounding and steals.

Tip of the Month

The secret formula for a winning season:  Put fun in your practices, it makes players want to work hard.  Develop and teach them the sport skills necessary to win in your sport.  Fundamentals are everything!


Secret formula:  Fun + Development = Winning


Motivating Your Athletes
Motivating your athletes, at times can be very trying for any coach or sport parent.  The basic principles for promoting confidence in your athlete are:
  • Model self-respect
  • Treat each player as a unique individual
  • Provide opportunities to be responsible and make decisions
  • Teach enjoyment and respect of the sport
  • Provide true praise rather than constant criticism
  • What we focus on, we give power to (Stay Positive) 
     Our thinking determines our self-image which in turn determines our feelings and behaviors.
Winning is not seen as a major benefit of sports by young people who participate.  While victory is the most publicized aspect of sports, it is not a leading motivator for participation.  Having fun, improving skills, staying in shape and experiencing competition are some of the benefits rated as more important.
Not all athletes -- even successful ones -- have the same motivations for involvement.  The most dedicated athletes, for example, are those most strongly motivated by the desire to improve their skills, while others are more influenced by outside approval pressure.
"Quote of the Month" 

"Most games are lost, not won."

                                             --Casey Stengel
Tom Van Buskirk
Positive Coaching
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A Word from the Coach 


Some people think that our non-profit, Positive Coaching is a politically correct operation and is trying to change the face of competition in sports.  Let me say this, "I love to win."  In every practice and every game I strive to win. 


In our coaching and parenting clinics I use the following analogy: If a person studying in medical school to become a brain surgeon consistently finishes last in the class, they still graduate as a brain surgeon.  If a coach consistently finishes last in the league, they get fired!


Of course a coach sometimes has to be realistic and may need to redefine a win. For some on my team a win was keeping them in school or out of jail.


At Positive Coaching, we teach the skills necessary to win. Coaching Philosophy, what you are all about as a coach? Psychology of Coaching; how to motivate athletes.  Pedagogy, how to teach sport skills.  Physiology, training and health issues important to athletes.  Sport Management, how to plan a season/practice and not burn out.


We at Positive Coaching ask our coaches to keep athletes in sport because sport teach life lessons,  and being a winner in life sure beats being a loser!  



        --Tom Van Buskir