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2010-2011 Board of Directors

John Chludzenski
Mortgage Support Services

President Elect
 Mike Culbertson
JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA

Vice President
 Daniel Harrison

 Alex Castellanos

2nd Vice President
Jay Ralstin
Immediate Past President

Howard Nelson


Directors - 2-year term
Elaine Woods, SunTrust Mortgage
Nathaniel Bittman, SunTrust Mortgage
Pat Gaver, BB&T
Carmen Fenn Drake, Wells Fargo Home Funding
Directors - 1-year term remaining
Ken Jones, EverBank
Greg Peele, Embrace HomeLoans
Sandy Robertson, Bank of America
Deanna Crawford

Director Emeritus -
Lifetime Term
(elected 2010) Georges Lussier, BB&T
 (elected 2005) Margie Fletcher, BB&T
(elected 2006) Chuck Ivy, EverBank
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Kevin W. Strickland

SunTrust Mortgage Inc.



Bob Ward

Prospect Mortgage



Alison R. Shoemaker, CMB, CMS

Lender Processing Services, Inc.



Claudine Claus

Home Financing Center



 Erica Lolli

Stock Financial, LLC



Carrie Hess



Tonya Mills

Terrace Mortgage

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Florida Housing Finance Corporation 



Certified Credit Reporting


Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative


Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.


ServiceLink, FNF's National Lender Platform




Genworth Mortgage Insurance



Kroll Factual Data



United Guaranty


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58th Annual Convention

Renaissance Vinoy


June 22-23, 2011

Renaissance Vinoy Resort

St. Petersburg, Florida

$109 rate! 


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Wednesday June 22

Annual Business Meeting

 Legislative Update, Eric Prutsman, Esq.


 Michael Berman, CMB, Chairman

MBA Washington, National Update


Dan Rogers III, Director

Atlanta Homeownership Center (FHA)


Committee Reports -Election-Awards


Offsite Dinner at 400 Beach Seafood and Tap House


Thursday June 23

Convention Attendees Breakfast

Inaugural CMB Society Breakfast Meeting

Incoming Regional Governors Breakfast


  What You Need to Know About the Uniform Data Program, Donna Root,

Technology Account Manager, Fannie Mae


Tim Doyle, Vice President, Conference of State Bank Supervisors


Email Etiquette/Techniques

 Rebecca Chase, MGIC


Economic Update, Scott Brown

Chief Economist, Raymond James


Social Media-Fad or Future?

Steve Richmond, Genworth (NC)


President/CEO Panel

Patrick M. Sheehy, Executive Vice President National Production Executive

JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA

Joe Wessel, Senior Vice President and  Mortgage Banking Executive

Raymond James Bank

Sterling Edmunds, Jr., CMB, EVP, National Sales and Production Manager

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.

Brian Hale, President, MetLife HomeLoans


Installation Cocktail Reception/Banquet


Friday June 24

 Incoming Board of Directors

Organizational Meeting and Breakfast 


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This is your Spring 2011 news from the MBA of Florida.

Presidents Message


John Chludzenski 
John Chludzenski


Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida




Wow! Incredible how quickly a year goes by... I only have a couple of months remaining as President of the Association and as my tenure winds down, I am compelled to reflect on my chosen presidential theme - the Path to Recovery. What progress has the Association and our industry made on our journey this past year? Are we recovering? Reflecting on the state of the Association; we stand united, we stand strong. Financially, we are an ongoing concern. As an industry? I am wondering if continual uncertainty is now the normalcy of our industry's environment. It has been uncertain for quite some time now. Although, it appears that very shortly we will have some clarity of what to expect going forward on several life altering changes to the way we currently do business. I believe it is a certainty that the GSE's will systematically be put to rest replaced by private sector investors with some sort of government guarantees within the next five years. Dodd-Frank legislation is evolving and we should have somewhat of an inkling soon of what to expect regarding MLO compensation, levels of lender risk retention, Quality Residential Mortgage (QRM) provisions and down payment mandates. All of these proposals will significantly impact our industry and housing in this country. Economic indicators have been basically stagnant the past year. Some sectors of the economy are showing signs of recovery while others are still in decline or sluggish. For me, I guess it just "feels" better than it did almost a year ago. I am forever an optimist.


So, what has happened since the last newsletter?


Secondary Conference

In February we held our annual Eastern Secondary Conference at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay. By all accounts, the event was one of the most successful Conferences that the MBAF has held. Feedback responses received from participants were very positive for venue and content. Congratulations and thank you to Committee chair and Past President Howard Nelson, Executive Director Brenda Thomas, and their Conference Committee for all of their dedication and fine work.


Legislative Day in Tallahassee

Recently this past week the MBA of Florida held a two day Legislative event in Tallahassee. I unfortunately could not attend, but the MBAF was well represented with multiple Board members accompanying our Legislative Representative, Eric Prutsman. Our incoming President-Elect, Michael Culbertson was able to attend the event and has an excerpt of the experience within this newsletter. (On a side note --- thank you Eric and Representative Rich Workman for your involvement with the proposed legislation involving Processor/MLO licensing).


Upcoming Convention - Path to Recovery

As President, it is an honor and pleasure to invite you to the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida 58th Annual Convention June 22-23 being held at the beautiful and historic Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our special guest will be Michael D. Berman, CMB and Chairman of the National MBA. This year's event promises to be educational, interactive, motivational, and fun (not necessarily in that order).The venue and its surrounding amenities have much to offer its guests. We have also been able to secure a rate of $109 per night making the stay an exceptional value. I also urge you to make the experience an extended stay over the weekend to thoroughly enjoy the beaches, golf courses, restaurants, theme parks, beautiful weather and outdoor activities. We look forward to seeing you in June!


 John D.Chludzenski


MBA of Florida 

Legislative Update

by Eric Prutsman, Esq., MBAF Legislative Representative 




Challenging. That one word aptly describes the 2011 Legislative Session. A session marked by a $4 billion deficit that is without the benefit of federal stimulus dollars to fill the gap, unlike the past two years. Instead, both the House and Senate have tendered massive budget cuts to long-standing health and social service programs, as well as deep cuts to public school funding.  In addition to the drama created by the budget cuts, the Legislature has also proposed legislation to:  require state and local government employees to contribute to their retirement funds; create immigration reform similar to that proposed in Arizona; require mandatory managed care enrollment of all Medicaid recipients; prohibit unions from automatically collecting union dues from state and local government employee's paychecks; and allow Florida's citizens to openly carry handguns. 


With the backdrop of the budget deficit and high-profile legislation, there is one legislative issue among the nearly three thousand bills filed this session that is of special importance to MBAF and Florida's economy: the deregulation of loan processors. As you will recall, last year legislation passed that was based upon the Office of Financial Regulation's interpretation of the SAFE Act where in-house loan processors were required to be licensed as loan originators. The OFR also attempted to include in-house underwriters in the licensure regulation. MBAF, with assistance from the national Mortgage Bankers Association, pushed back on the proposed regulation and was successful in keeping the underwriters from having to be licensed. However, the loan processor licensure requirements moved forward, and Florida became one of the only states in the country requiring licensure as a loan originator. Many of MBAF's members have expressed frustration with the inability to find and hire licensed loan processors. National non-depository lenders have refused to expand into Florida in response to the over-regulation.


State Representative Ritch Workman (Melbourne - R) and State Senator Nancy Detert have filed legislation - House Bill 823 and Senate Bill 1316 - to address the matter and deregulate in-house loan processors. Originally the legislation provided for a registration requirement for loan processors, but that provision has been dropped in favor making it clear that the in-house loan processor works under the supervision of a licensed loan originator. The legislation has moved through multiple committees in both the House and Senate, and hopefully will be positioned to be sent to the Governor for his signature during the last week of the Session.


Please watch for e-mails from both MBAF and national MBA regarding how you can assist in the advocacy of this important legislation.  

MBA of Florida Legislative Days Recap

(April 12-13, 2011)

by Michael Culbertson, MBAF President Elect

Tallahassee Capitol










One of the questions that is often posed to the leadership of the MBA of Florida by perspective members pertains to the value obtained by belonging to the organization.  That question is always easy to answer, but last week's MBA of Florida Legislative Days at the state capital was an excellent example of the Association's value to not only to the membership of the MBAF, but to all mortgage bankers in the state.


The event took place last week in Tallahassee and was spearheaded and organized by Eric Prutsman, who works diligently as our lobbyist and representative.  As I gleaned from attendance during the event, Eric is a well known figure in Tallahassee and was well received by those we met with during our visit.


Tuesday night, the group had the opportunity to have dinner with Representative Ritch Workman (Melbourne), who is a mortgage professional by trade.  He was very interested in listening to our concerns and offered his guidance and assistance to the Association in dealing with the Florida Legislature.  It is definitely beneficial to have someone in the House that is knowledgeable about the mortgage business and who can speak with authority when discussing mortgage banking issues.


On Wednesday, we meet with several other high ranking State Senators and Representatives, who have supported the MBAF throughout the years.  These state leaders continue to offer their services and offices to assist in sponsoring or supporting legislation that not only benefits Florida's Mortgage Bankers, but the public we all seek to serve in providing affordable, fair, and competitive mortgage products for homeownership. 


Also on Wednesday, we had the opportunity to attend the Florida House's Budget Subcommittee on General Government Appropriations to support Representative Detert (Venice) speak about Senate Bill 1316.  This bill pertains to the stipulations regarding processors and when they have to be licensed.  In essence, it removes the requirement that a processor (not including contract processors) has to be licensed as a mortgage loan lender.  The bill is moving through the House and the Senate with an anticipated vote this legislative term.


After we finished with our agenda on Wednesday afternoon, we had the opportunity to have lunch with an anticipated 1,000 Realtors as it was also their Annual FAR Legislative week in Tallahassee.  It is always very beneficial to interact with our Realtor partners and to also let them know that the MBA of Florida is very active on the legislative front supporting not only our industry, but homeownership in general.


Hopefully, this event and our participation will continue to grow and I hope that all of you have an opportunity to join us next year.


A few of the participants that attended the legislative events in Tallahassee took a minute and provided their opinion on what it meant to them!


~My time/involvement/commitment to MBAF and our legislative/political process, was affirmed in a big way on our most recent visit to Tallahassee, (Tuesday/Wednesday, April 12th-13th). MBAF was well represented, with our largest group of Mortgage Bankers we've had over the past several years. The last couple of years, also seems to have been timed with our other industry partners' Tallahassee visits, Florida Realtors, Florida Home Builders Association, etc., all of which affirms the Housing Industry's strength and the important role we play to our elected State Senators & Representatives. The dinner meeting, capital office visits, committee meetings and other contacts made throughout the halls, strength relationships and partnerships for years to come. Taking time to be "seen" and not just heard, with our elected officials, at every level, affirms to them the importance of the elective and legislative process to us, whether it is our annual legislative visit to Tallahassee or at home in their districts. Please continue your political involvement and contacts at Home, Tallahassee and Washington. There truly is "Strength in Partnerships", (the theme from my recent year as President), and you ARE...Making A Difference...!!!

Howard Nelson, BB&T


~I was impressed with the level of expert knowledge and professionalism our lobbyist provides to support our mortgage industry legislative priorities.  In addition, the access to Senators and Representatives allowed us to share the details of our needs and concerns. Overall, it reinforced for me the importance of our MPAC contributions and support.

Brett Bosarge, Superior Bank


~It was great to see how well we are represented in Tallahassee by Eric Prutsman.  I think it is vitally important for our members to know we do have a voice with our representatives and letting them see us face to face reinforces our message as an association.  With all the regulations heaped upon our industry over the last few years, we must continue to educate those that are making laws and policy in Tallahassee.

Dan Harrison, BB&T

~One can only understand so much from American Government in high school and in College.  It was a valuable learning experience to see the process up close and talk with the various senators and representatives about their bills and causes.  Thank you to Eric Prutsman for arranging this experience and looking out for the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida.

Dana Cummins, BB&T


~Legislative Day was an absolute success in terms of reality versus expectations and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend! Before this event, my knowledge of the legislative process and depth of influence we can have in our industry was extremely limited. Dinner with Representative Workman was incredible and very informative. We had an opportunity to get past the formalities and straight to the core of what it takes to get things done in this state. The camaraderie between all attendees just made it that much more enjoyable. Moving to day two, Eric Prutsman did a spectacular job of explaining the legislative process and department logistics. Through him, we had the opportunity to meet with Senator Fasano, Senator Richter, and Senator Wise: all of which emphasized current bills that would directly or indirectly affect our industry as well as the steps that have been taken to get them passed. This experience was unforgettable and immensely informative. I am looking forward to it next year and would highly recommend each member of MBA of Florida eventually attend. Thank you to Jay Ralstin and all others involved in putting this event together!

 Jordan Clark

2011 Policy Conference Overview

by Carmen Fenn Drake, Regional VP, Correspondent Lending

Wells Fargo Funding

 Wash DC

For the second year, I attended The MBA National Policy Conference held March 30 and 31st in Washington DC.  This conference has a unique purpose: It offers us, as mortgage bankers, a structured opportunity to interact and educate our congressional delegation (and their staff) on issues critical to our industry.

The conference began with a current issues and advocacy briefing conducted by various MBA Staff. This briefing was closed to the press.  After the briefing, the general session featured comments from two key members of congress and the Secretary of HUD.

The second day was spent "on the Hill".  Florida's contingent was comprised of three groups of 6 or less. We met with the staff of both Florida Senators and five of our Representatives.

The message MBA instructed us to deliver was concise. It emphasized the critical importance, potential impact and especially, the unintended consequences of four key points: 1.Mortgage Interest Deduction, 2. Real Estate Market Stabilization (Excess Inventory), 3.Risk Retention and 4.Congressional oversight for the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The opportunity to represent our industry and advocate these far-reaching issues is critical to our future as an industry. If we do not work to educate our lawmakers on our business, who will? If not from us, how will they learn? What will they learn?

Think about attending in 2012. You can make a difference.

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CMB Society of the MBAF Inaugural Meeting

By Tim Allen, CMB, Reverse Mortgage Consultant, MetLife Bank


The CMB Society of the MBAF inaugural meeting will be held during MBAF's 58th Annual State Convention.


Date: Thursday June 23rd 2011    Time: 8 - 9 am

Location: The Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida

Cost: Included with MBAF Convention registration or $30 (to cover cost of the breakfast) for any CMBs attending that are not registered for the entire MBAF 58th Annual State Convention.


History: Patrick Mansell, CMB, attended the CMB Society Meeting at MBAs Annual Conference and Expo in Atlanta last October. The idea of a CMB Society within the MBAF occurred to him as something many of the CMBs within the state would benefit from and embrace. The purpose of the proposed Society would be to create awareness of the purpose of the CMB designation and promote membership in the CMB society. Pat called Tim Allen, CMB, who is the 2010/2011 Chairman of MBAF's CMB Committee, and together they came up with the idea of forming a State of Florida CMB Society, and having a breakfast at the MBAF Eastern Secondary Conference to discuss the idea. Ross Bennett, CMB founder and longtime Chairman of MBAF's CMB Committee also saw value in a Florida CMB Society and assisted Pat and Tim presenting the concept at the CMB Breakfast. Approximately 25 CMBs and Candidates attend the CMB Breakfast at the Eastern Secondary Conference and all the CMBs present voted unanimously to form a CMB Society of the MBAF.


The CMB Society of the MBAF will meet twice during the year, one meeting at the Eastern Secondary Conference and the other at the MBAF State Convention. 


Some, but certainly not all, of the reasons for creating a CMB Society of the MBAF are listed below: 


    • Create awareness of the purpose of the CMB designation and promote membership in the CMB society.
    • Provide more opportunity for prospective CMBs to learn what it means to be a CMB.
    • Provide mentors for CMB candidates.
    • Provide a networking opportunity for Florida CMBs to meet and exchange knowledge and ideas.
    • To educate ourselves to national and local issues affecting our industry in Florida.
    • To use our knowledge and experience to determine the best course of action to responsibly ensure the continuation and integrity of our industry at the state level.
    • To act when necessary to influence positive change.

We are seeking volunteers to join Kristina Holmen-Mohr CMB, LTG, AMP on the CMB Society of Florida Bylaws Committee.  If you are interested in joining the bylaws committee e-mail Kristina at:  put "Bylaws Committee" in the subject line.


Hope to see you at the CMB Society of the MBAF inaugural meeting Thursday June 23rd 2011.

and What is a Certified Mortgage Banker?

CMB Logo 
The CMB Society has a group page on LinkedIn. If you have an account with LinkedIn, and are a Certified Mortgage Banker, please take a minute to request membership status in this group:

What is a Certified Mortgage Banker?
The Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) designation is the industry standard of professional success. It symbolizes respect, credibility, ethics, and achievement within real estate finance. Earning a CMB instantly places you at the top of our dynamic industry and makes you a part of the elite group that has achieved the highest level of professional success.

In these tough times, holding a CMB designation can put you at the top of the list for career opportunities.

You can choose to earn a Commercial or Residential CMB. Complete both programs to earn your Master CMB. Achievement of these designations represents the epitome of dedication and expertise in the real estate finance industry.

Since its inception in 1973, the CMB has been the highest professional designation for the real estate finance industry. The CMB community is made up of outstanding industry professionals and leaders. With such a great community, the designation  continues to define excellence within the industry.

Currently there are over 1000 CMBs nationwide.

Whether obtaining the designation as a personal achievement in their career, or as a testament to the industry, CMB designees exhibit the dedication that inspires other professionals to strive for excellence. In fact, more than 89% of CMB designees hold the title of vice president or higher, reflecting the level of leadership and commitment designees maintain.

The Tools to Succeed
We have all the right tools to help you succeed. CampusMBA offers award-winning training to help you meet the requirements and prepare for the exam. And you can track your progress with your online transcript.

If you are an individual who would like to demonstrate your commitment to professional excellence and distinguish yourself as a leader within the industry-the CMB designation is the program for you.

When the program was initially developed, professionals who wished to earn the designation were required to learn both commercial and residential finance disciplines before they could earn the CMB. At that time, most lenders had commercial shops within their organization, so it was expected that professionals could, and would learn both parts of the industry.

The growth of the industry necessitated the division of companies to focus on more specialized operations and many new companies appeared on the playing field as a result. Now many successful professionals are experts within their field and may never have the opportunity or need to learn the other side of the business.
MBA has introduced a new Executive CMB program for those individuals with industry experience but do not have the time to attend the School of Mortgage Banking.

Spotlight on Leadership: Personal Accountability

By Kristina Holmen-Mohr, CMB, LTG, AMP

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


Authors B.J. Gallagher and Steve Ventura wrote a great little book about achieving success through personal accountability titled: Who Are "They" Anyway?


I like their list showing how each individual in the association can benefit by adopting a "personal accountability attitude":


●You have more control over your destiny

●You become an active contributor rather than a passive observer

●Others look to you for leadership

●You gain the reputation as a problem solver

●You enhance your career opportunities

●You enjoy the satisfaction that comes from getting things done...the power of positive doing

●You experience less anger, frustration and helplessness - all leading to better physical health

●You realize a positive spillover effect into your personal life at home


According to Gallagher and Ventura, the most important words of personal responsibility are as follows:


The 10 most important words:
I won't wait for others to take the first step.
The 9 most important words:
If it is to be, it's up to me.
The 8 most important words:
If not me, who? If not now, when?
The 7 most important words:
Let me take a shot at it.
The 6 most important words:
I will not pass the buck.
The 5 most important words:
You can count on me.
The 4 most important words:
It IS my job!
The 3 most important words:
Just do it!
The 2 most important words:
I will.
The most important word:


Since 1952, the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida (MBAF) has integrated the state's diverse real estate finance industry into a unified service organization.  The MBAF is committed to promoting sound and ethical business practices in the mortgage banking industry; providing a powerful and responsible presence in Florida's legislative arena; educating its members in the most up-to-date practices and methods, so members can grow and mature in their careers; serving as a forum for communication and social interaction among peers; and adapting to change in a mercurial business environment, in order to help mortgage bankers succeed in that environment.

Not a Member? You can join today!
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Please contact Brenda Thomas at the state office with any questions at or 407-290-9404