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Summer 2009
Presidents Message
Howard Nelson 
Howard Nelson
First, I want to acknowledge, with a special thank you, Scott Maxwell, Immediate Past-President, as well as other Past Presidents for their leadership, dedication and service to MBAF and our industry. Their mentorship, encouragement and established traditions set the bar high for others that follow. All have made a considerable contribution to MBAF and our Industry. Thanks Scott, for your part!
With this point in mind, I want to say how honored and humbled I am to serve as your President for 2009-2010. I have devoted my career to mortgage banking and understand the importance of this role and its responsibilities and again, consider it an honor to represent such a fine organization and industry. Every Past President, as well as all of you that have served in various leadership positions, know a job cannot be done alone. It takes a team and a team working together to be effective and successful. This is certainly representative of MBAF and I'm excited to continue to serve along side such an experienced and dedicated group of industry professionals, our Board, Directors and Regional Governors as well as our Committee Chairs. While acknowledging our industry is facing unprecedented challenges, I am confident this group of leaders is poised to face these challenges and opportunities with tenacity and passion, however we too, cannot do this alone. Every member of MBAF is important and your personal involvement and help will be needed as well! It is more important now than ever for you to be actively involved in your local chapters and industry. Please seriously think about renewing or making a new commitment to your industry and the trade association that represents you!
After an awesome convention back in June, followed by an equally awesome motorcycling vacation in Colorado, I can say I am now ready to settle in and get to work as your President for 2009-2010. If you missed this past convention, all I have to say is I'm sorry you missed it! The Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida's Annual Convention was held this year at the Lido Beach Resort, Lido Key, Sarasota, Florida, (nice vacation spot by the way). Dan Harrison, Convention Committee Chairman and his committee delivered an absolute outstanding program full of current topics and speakers relevant to our industry today. To name just a few speakers, the program included, Robert Story, Jr., CMB and Vice Chairman of MBA, Alex Sink, State of Florida's Chief Financial Officer and Gubernatorial Candidate, Kim Dickey, First American Title and National Motivational Speaker, Cynthia Shelton, President of Florida Association of Realtors and many others. Next years convention is in the planning stages now, so plan to block the time in late June, 2010, (more details to follow in subsequent newsletters).
Let me take a moment to introduce my theme for this year, which was introduced at the conclusion of this year's convention...STRENGTH IN PARTNERSHIPS. I believe that in these unprecedented times, it is more important now than ever to be working closely with our industry partners, and their related trade associations. By prioritizing and working with other industry partners, (i.e., Realtors, Home Builders, etc.), at every level, local, state and national, we will be more united on crucial issues, our industry voices will be stronger, and subsequently, results and successes will be greater, to the benefit of all. A good example here is MBAF's new partnership with MBA National. This new partnership and stronger alignment with MBA is already producing more effective legislative benefits and value. Further value is expected by utilizing MBA's CampusMBA educational programs, both in residential and commercial, (yes, I did say commercial). This year, MBAF is revitalizing a long needed commercial agenda and program. Look for more on this in coming months. Also, as another example, active efforts are underway to grow and strengthen MBAF's relationships with FAR, (Florida Association of Realtors) and FHBA, (Florida Home Builders Associations. To be most effective with these partnerships, we must strive to build these relationships at every level, including local chapters and we've already heard of success stories. I believe you will find your initiative here will be met with open arms and a strong welcome. Clearly, working closer with industry partners, you and I can effectuate positive change and truly make a difference.
I know there is going to be a lot of new and exciting things happening this year through MBAF and our Local MBAF Chapters. Make sure you check their parts of the Newsletter as well as their website links for the latest news and activities! You won't want to miss anything! 
Chapter Highlight
MBA of Tampa Bay President Nathanial Bittman Addresses His Members
From your President,regarding the 2009-2010 Mission.
First, I want to thank all the Members who have dedicated so much to make 2008-2009 a great year.  Your dedication and hard work reflected greatly by the wonderful speakers and presenters who participated in this year's luncheon events.
It is important that the MBA of Tampa Bay, continue is legacy in providing educational events, while encouraging the further development of professionalism and integrity amongst our peers. 
The MBA of Tampa Bay, will continue to serve its community and industry by expanding to new areas of membership and communication.  We will continue to support our charities and be voice of our industry as we strive with our Legislatures to heed the many issue and challenges we face today.
We are all aware, that our environment is facing changes and obstacles at a rapid pace. There needs to be a new enterprise within each of us, as we shape, mold and rebuild our Industry.  We have the tremendous task and opportunity to do it right this time.  We can be as great as we want to be, but it starts in our hearts and our willingness to see this change as opportunistic. 
It will be the mission of the MBA in the year of 2009-2010, to unify our trades, and bring an aura of gentility and merit to Mortgage Banking Business. We will do it through the temperament of members and excellence within our events.
The MBA of Tampa Bay, is a NON-PROFIT trade organization. We serve the Community.  We serve you.
Finally, in summation, the goal and mission for 2009-2010 is an emphasis and focus on Education and Awareness.
I look forward to working with each and all of you, and I am honored to serve you as your President-
Nathaniel Bittman
President MBA of Tampa Bay
Political Action Commentary Media and News
by Eric Prutsman, Legislative Representative and John Chludzenski, Legislative Committee Chair 
Activity in Washington continues to be vigorous, even leading up to the August congressional recess. Last week the House Financial Services Committee held two hearings on financial services regulatory reform, and the Senate held a hearing on bankruptcy cramdown.
The Senate's renewed attention on cramdown is significant; it comes at a time when foreclosure prevention efforts are under renewed scrutiny by Treasury and Congress. Also last week, in a very significant move, the Federal Reserve issued a proposed rule to modify the Truth in Lending Act regulations and disclosures to consumers, including a provision to prohibit loan originator and mortgage broker compensation based on interest rates or terms. If finalized, this rule could have a profound impact on loan production practices.
It's all quiet on the legislative front in Tallahassee. Both House and Senate banking committees will begin interim meetings in October, and their respective legislative staffs are monitoring the Department's progress with the recent SAFE Act implementation legislation.  We anticipate that the Department of Financial Services will present the Legislature with a package of amendments to the SAFE Act bill that will be incorporated into a general "glitch" bill that will address concerns that have arisen since Session. Additionally, there will be a public records exemption bill filed to resolve the issue with the public records status of the mortgage broker credit reports.
The 2010 Regular Session is sure to be as challenging as 2009.  Even though there are positive indicators for Florida's economy, the rising foreclosure rates and continuing problems with mortgage fraud have drawn a bulls-eye on lenders and the lending community. We'll need everyone's help to protect the interests of MBAF and its members: to phone and e-mail legislators, and even make the trip to Tallahassee. 
Pacman - Similar to the Eighties Arcade Icon continuous consumption before being consumed, when do you believe government's debt consumption will eventually be consumed??
'Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.' - Ronald Reagan
Miami - Miami Dade County Commission
1)       Ordinances Passed
a.       Certificate of Use Inspection Required on Properties which took Title Via Foreclosure
          i.      Owner must have state licensed Architect or Engineer Complete County Prepared Form
          ii.      Form is recorded and if deficiencies or violations are found they get reported to the appropriate county department(s)
          iii.      Report must be recorded
b.       Vacant Property Registration Requirement at  the time of Lis Pendis
          i.      County requires their form and no other system or industry accepted method to deal with Vacant properties
2)       Ordinances Pulled
a.       An ordinances was being circulated that would expand the certificate of use ordinance to all properties sold in the county. Due to joint meetings by Members of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida, Realtor Association of Greater Miami and the Beaches and the Builders Association of South Florida, this ordinances was pulled from the agenda and died.
Miami Dade County Courts
1)      Dade County Circuit Court has started a mandatory mediation program for all primary homes being foreclosed. Lender must pay a $750 fee to a Non Profit agency to perform mediation.
2)      Dade County Circuit Court has increased its foreclosure filing fees exponentially 
Do you know who your Representatives are and how to contact them?
The Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) is a nationwide grassroots lobbying network of real estate finance industry professionals dedicated to strengthening the industry's voice and lobbying power in Washington, DC and state capitals across America. Get involved with MAA to play an active role in how laws and regulations that affect the industry and consumers are created and carried out by lobbying and building
relationships with policymakers. It only takes a moment to get started. 
August District Work Period - Time to Take Action!

On August 3rd, the United States Congress is scheduled to adjourn for its August recess, or "District Work Period." This break will last through the Labor Day weekend

Now is the time for all MAA members to take action. During the first half of this year, the Members of Congress who represent you and your colleagues have had the mortgage lending industry under a microscope. They will continue their industry dissection with even greater intensity when they return to Capitol Hill in September. At the same time, our industry has been at the center of the media's focus. Missing from this public discussion has been the voices of individual industry professionals. With the future of your industry at stake, not is the time for action.

You can call or meet with your representative and your senators when they are home during this extended recess and not only give the real estate finance industry's perspective, but also explain what you and your company do for their local economy and the consumers you serve. More importantly, you can inform your representatives about the industry's approach to helping the economy and reshaping the regulatory structure so that the current problems facing our nation do not happen again.

Download a copy of MBA's Agenda to Stabilize the Housing Market or visit MBA's Issue Briefs Web page for more information or to share with your member of Congress during your district office visit. 
Members Only Online
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Members Online Link
Members can search all other members by individual names, company names, committees, board members, designations and more. You can post your company profile. You may ask a question or post in the Forum. You can register for conventions and conferences or the future leaders program. You can pay your dues and the primary contact can update their information. There are so many things available to you in the members area. We would like to expand it's use and encourage you to participate.
Also as a reminder if you have not paid your membership dues they are 30 days past due! You can pay your dues online, via fax or mail.

Please contact Brenda at the state office if you have any questions at or 407-290-9404.
Member News
This is a column that will include information on people in the news! We know there is a lot more going on out there so if you have anything you would like to include please let us know.
Long time dedicated MBAF member Alison Belsan has a new venture.
She can be reached below.
VENICE, FL  34285
941 468-1212 cell
Mortgage Support Services, Inc. proudly announces the appointment of Dawn Farley to their Board of Directors.  "Ms. Farley brings with her many years experience in accounting and customer service.  With the addition of Ms. Farley to our Board, we solidify our structure as a Woman Owned Business, qualifying us as a diversity business."

Mortgage Support Services, Inc., owned and operated by mortgage professionals with strong backgrounds in underwriting and risk management, has provided staffing solutions exclusively for the mortgage industry since 1995.  The current, rapidly changing, environment of tighter regulations brings to mind the old adage - "what comes around, goes around".  This is true for our company as well, as we re-focus our business strategy, offering our expertise in repurchase review/rebuttal, fraud review, loss mitigation, and other audit functions. Contact us today for solutions to your staffing needs.
Elizabeth Jamison-Rouquie, President
John Chludzenski, Sect-Treasurer
Gerald Aust announes his new position with Intergrated Mortgage Solution as
Senior Vice President - Sales and Client Relations
"I wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position with Integrated Mortgage Solutions (IMS).  I was fortunate to have several opportunities arise after departing MBA in April, and I was diligent in making decisions about a career move.  I certainly wanted to remain close to the real estate finance industry and also be in a position to have a positive impact while representing a credible, viable industry leader.  The new position with IMS affords me that opportunity, and I am excited to share this news with my friends and business associates."
O 703-281-5786
C 202-409-5904
The MBA of Florida wishes Jerry all the best with his new venture!
Liberty Savings Bank Mortgage Loan Officer Honored for Service

Liberty Savings Bank is proud to be involved in the community. Liberty's tagline, Our Interest Is In You, is evident by the active community participation of its team members. One such team member is Georges Lussier, Mortgage Loan Officer in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Lussier was honored by the Gulf Coast Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) for his year of service as the local Secretary/Treasurer for 2008-2009.This year, the MBA of Florida partnered with Campus MBA and the National MBA of America and raised $5,000 for the state association through two educational seminars held in Orlando and Jacksonville.

Lussier was also honored for his service as the Statewide MBA Education Committee Chair. In addition to his new position as vice president of the MBA of Florida, he will also serve as the affinity chair.In this role, Lussier's goal is to solidify a relationship with an insurance agency to provide affordable individual insurance for any association member not covered by current employer's insurance benefits.
Liberty is celebrating 120 years of serving its communities. It is a full service community bank with over 40 Financial Centers located in CO, FL, OH and SC. Assets total $1.5 billion as of March 31, 2009. Liberty has proven to be a financially safe and sound banking institution, providing a full array of financial products and services to its clients. Liberty Savings Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC.

To learn more about Liberty's products and services, visit


Market Data
By: Ted C. Jones, PhD
Senior Vice President-Chief Economist, Stewart Title Guaranty Company
Director of Investor Relations, Stewart Information Services Corporation
The Florida Association of REALTORS® have released June existing home sales for 19 major market areas. 
These 19 market areas make up almost 90 percent of the State's population.  These data are incomplete in that Naples-Marco Island have not consistently reported sales numbers or prices for several years. 
Sales in June 2009 were up 28.3 percent compared to June 2008, and sales year-to-date were up 22.7 percent.
The weighted average median home price dropped in June 2008 to June 2009 from $209,009 to $150,951 (down 27.8 percent).

Florida Existing Home Sales June 2009 
Sales Year To Last  Percent   June June Percent  
Cities Date YTD Change   2009 2008 Change  
Daytona Beach    3,418    2,970 15.1%            661          550 20.2%  
Fort Lauderdale    3,979    2,817 41.2%            862          639 34.9%  
Fort Myers-Cape Coral    7,687    3,634 111.5%         1,705          719 137.1%  
Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie    2,800    2,082 34.5%            573          452 26.8%  
Fort Walton Beach    1,167    1,153 1.2%            271          235 15.3%  
Gainesville       811    1,097 -26.1%            207          247 -16.2%  
Jacksonville    5,207    4,888 6.5%         1,180       1,013 16.5%  
Lakeland-Winter Haven    1,721    1,502 14.6%            302          265 14.0%  
Melbourne-Titusville-Palm Bay     3,034    2,506 21.1%            541          473 14.4%  
Miami    3,204    1,858 72.4%            680          442 53.8%  
Marco Island                
Ocala    1,244    1,121 11.0%            311          191 62.8%  
Orlando   10,381    7,723 34.4%         2,266       1,641 38.1%  
Panama City       550       528 4.2%            112            97 15.5%  
Pensacola    1,565    1,599 -2.1%            362          339 6.8%  
Punta Gorda    1,481    1,400 5.8%            216          196 10.2%  
Sarasota-Bradenton    4,060    4,269 -4.9%            789          858 -8.0%  
Tallahassee       789    1,012 -22.0%            212          214 -0.9%  
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater    13,138  11,534 13.9%         2,848       2,346 21.4%  
West Palm Beach-Boca Raton    3,902    3,450 13.1%            859          744 15.5%  
Totals   70,138  57,143 22.7%        14,957      11,661 28.3%  
Median Sales Price         June June Percent  
Cities         2009 2008 Change  
Daytona Beach          $133,400  $170,200 -21.6%  
Fort Lauderdale          $204,800  $305,400 -32.9%  
Fort Myers-Cape Coral          $  87,900  $172,400 -49.0%  
Fort Pierce-Port St. Lucie          $109,900  $160,800 -31.7%  
Fort Walton Beach          $193,400  $223,800 -13.6%  
Gainesville          $178,300  $204,900 -13.0%  
Jacksonville          $162,100  $197,000 -17.7%  
Lakeland-Winter Haven          $120,000  $151,100 -20.6%  
Melbourne-Titusville-Palm Bay           $117,300  $166,400 -29.5%  
Miami          $211,400  $293,200 -27.9%  
Naples -- Marco Island                
Ocala          $107,800  $150,500 -28.4%  
Orlando          $149,000  $219,500 -32.1%  
Panama City          $195,000  $198,800 -1.9%  
Pensacola          $148,500  $159,300 -6.8%  
Punta Gorda          $145,600  $141,000 3.3%  
Sarasota-Bradenton          $162,700  $233,500 -30.3%  
Tallahassee          $177,200  $199,000 -11.0%  
Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater           $139,400  $178,700 -22.0%  
West Palm Beach-Boca Raton          $250,300  $334,300 -25.1%  
      Weighted Average Median Price    $150,951  $209,009 -27.8%  
Florida Associaiton of Realtors
Stewart Title Guaranty Company

Florida Association of Realtors
News of Interest
Contact: Marla Martin
Communications manager
Florida Association of REALTORS®
P.O. Box 725025
Orlando, FL 32872-5025
407-438-1400, ext. 2326

Fire Up Your Brain!  Don't miss FAR's Convention August 19-23!


FAR President Discusses Short Sales at Fla. MBA Convention
Florida Association of Realtors® (FAR) President Cynthia Shelton, CCIM, CRE, recently participated in a panel discussion at the Florida Mortgage Banker Association's Annual Convention. She had the opportunity to describe the challenges of short sales from the Realtors' perspective (long approval process, frustrated buyers) and their impact on the market (properties that end up in foreclosure or eventually sell for less than the short sale price rejected by the lender).

Shelton is a broker and director of investment sales with Colliers Arnold in Orlando. She is a member of the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, the Central Florida Commercial Association of Realtors, The Women's Council of Realtors, Commercial Real Estate Women, the CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) Chapter, Counselor of Real Estate (CRE) and the International Council of Shopping Centers.


FAR Launched Community Outreach Effort
For a limited time only, first-time homebuyers have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a Florida home of their own with a helping hand from Uncle Sam - the federal $8,000 tax credit for first-time buyers.
Florida Realtors® and the Florida Association of Realtors® (FAR) designated July 12-18, 2009, as "Welcome Home Week: Making Homes Affordable" to spread the word about the tax credit and the new Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program, plus raise awareness about other homebuyer programs and foreclosure prevention resources.
Under the Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program, first-time Florida homebuyers can obtain tax credit bridge loans to access their federal tax credit before they complete a home purchase, enabling them use that money upfront for downpayment and closing costs. Once buyers submit their returns to the IRS and receive their tax credit, they repay their loans to the state.
"We want Floridians to take advantage of this important program, which will help stimulate the state's economy as well as the real estate market," said 2009 FAR President Cynthia Shelton, CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member). "By helping qualified first-time buyers come up with the funds needed to purchase a home, this initiative will play a vital role in overcoming the largest financial barrier to homeownership."
Realtors can start letting potential homebuyers know about the program, as it takes time to close on a home, and local housing authorities may be taking applications now. But the key is to check with your local SHIP (State Housing Initiatives Partnership) office and find out its policy and application process for the Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program. To find your local SHIP office, go to:
FAR offers a great resource page on with more information about the Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program and $8,000 tax credit, as well as more on downpayment programs, videos, radio ads, an IRS form, posters, flyers and advice. Check out the new Homebuyer Center at:


FAR Launches 'Face of Foreclosure' Project, Website
Across Florida, people are struggling to deal with some of the aftershocks caused by the current economy, including the alarming rise in foreclosed homes now devastating families and communities. To gain a better understanding of foreclosure, the people who are affected by it and the impact it has on their lives, FAR has initiated "The Face of Foreclosure," a project aimed at gathering as much meaningful information as possible on this monumental, complex problem.
"Florida Realtors launched the 'Face of Foreclosure' website, <> , in an effort to better define the true face of foreclosure in Florida," says 2009 FAR President Cynthia Shelton. "Our goal is to ask consumers - especially those who have personally experienced foreclosure - to visit the website and take a survey to help us compile this vitally needed research. We are discovering that in most cases, many victims of foreclosure believe they were never more than a loan number or a case number. They have a story to tell - a story that we all need to hear. Through this website, Florida Realtors are asking the questions that will reveal these personal experiences of foreclosure."
FAR recently received a $97,000 grant from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) to assist with foreclosure prevention and promote foreclosure prevention awareness. As a result, FAR purchased statewide radio announcements to educate consumers about foreclosure prevention resources, and will continue to provide educational materials and support efforts aimed at foreclosure prevention.
In conjunction with these efforts, FAR has undertaken a research project that will foster a more thorough understanding of foreclosure trends throughout the state of Florida, says John Sebree, FAR's vice president of public policy. "As part of this project, we are currently examining the past three years of Florida foreclosure data from numerous sources, which we expect will shed light on some of the reasons for disparities in foreclosure information reported in the media," he said.


FAR's Convention & Trade Expo
Florida's largest real estate expo kicks off Aug. 19 and continues through Aug. 23 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando. It's an event you don't want to miss, with education seminars, tips about marketing, real estate trends, and info on the latest technology for the industry. Find all the info you need online at , including a schedule, registration details, presenters and vendors participating in the Trade Expo.


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Since 1952, the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida (MBAF) has integrated the state's diverse real estate finance industry into a unified service organization.  The MBAF is committed to promoting sound and ethical business practices in the mortgage banking industry; providing a powerful and responsible presence in Florida's legislative arena; educating its members in the most up-to-date practices and methods, so members can grow and mature in their careers; serving as a forum for communication and social interaction among peers; and adapting to change in a mercurial business environment, in order to help mortgage bankers succeed in that environment.

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