May 2012 
Preconception Health and Health Care Update


This is the 27th issue of a bi-monthly communication for individuals interested in improving the health of women and infants through preconception health and health care.
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National Women's Health Week:
Time to Promote Preconception Health
Don't forget National Women's Health Week, May 13-19, 2012.  The nationwide observance is coordinated by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Women's Health. Members of Congress and elected officials across the country will be issuing proclamations
The tenth annual National Women's Checkup Day will be held next Monday, May 14, 2012.  The day is dedicated to encouraging women to visit their health provider to receive or schedule checkups. To learn more visit:  
The opportunity for preconception health advocates is to add the message that preconception health screening should be part of every visit for "every woman, every time".   The Institute of Medicine has recommended that preconception care should be part of well-woman visits and preventive services. Let's put it into action next week. 

CDC New Preconception Website


Exciting news - the new preconception site is live!  To visit click here:  This  updated site was prepared by the Centers for Diesease Control and Prevention (CDC) in consultation with the national Preconception Health and  Health Care Initiative.  Visit now and check back soon to use a new resource center (with brochures, fact sheets, program abstracts, etc.) to be added in the near future. 
New Resource on States' Preconception Health Activities 
An outstanding team from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Maternal Wellness conducted  key informant interviews nationwide and has compiled information about preconception health initiatives in several states.  They found that states are using innovative strategies and partnering with other programs, agencies and collaborative groups to maximize tight budgets and promote preconception health.
The full report, Nationwide Initiatives on Preconception Health, and the companion document, Preconception Health Nationwide Initiatives State by State Summary, can be downloaded from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Maternal Wellness website under the What's New Section using the following link:  
Issue: 27

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