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New Year = New You!

January 2012

dr heidi

It's a New Year and time for our 3-week Detox Initiative!  Every year, we at InnerMovement both promote and participate in, a full 3-week Body Detox

The Detox Program consists of 3 Steps:
Step 1
focuses on reducing inflammation and uncovering hidden food allergies by eating a diet full of vegetables, fruit, lean protein, good oils, nuts & seeds.  In Step 1, we avoid all gluten and dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, refined oils and soy.  

Step 2
begins after 7 days of eating clean with the BioDetox shakes and herbal supplements.  Step 2 is a thorough 14-day detoxification program designed to eliminate toxic buildup in the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and colon.

Step 3 ends the program focusing on regeneration & repair, continuing the Nourishing shakes and adding a few key supplements needed for tissue repair.  Step 3 is designed to provide necessary building blocks for the body to repair any damaged cells or tissue that may have occurred as a result of toxic buildup.

I highly recommend that every patient commit to a thorough Detox once per year, not only to feel better but also as preventative measure.  It has been strongly documented that cancer as well as many other immune and inflammatory illnesses are caused by environmental toxins damaging our cells.  I personally believe that prevention is the only real "cure" because once our systems have been compromised by devastating illnesses, there are limited options available to bring the body back to full and vibrant health.

Please t
ake the time to read more, get educated and decide for yourself.  I am happy to be available for discussion or questions you may have regarding the 3-week Detox via email to: [email protected] or by calling our office at: 818-549-1300.

Until our next adjustment.... 


Yours in health,    

Dr. Heidi & The InnerMovement Wellness Team 

Start the New Year with our 3-Week Detox Program! 
Biotics detox 

 3 Steps to Better Health!  

Our comprehensive program includes a detoxifying diet plan, meal replacement, detoxifying herbs, Aqua Detox Foot Baths and nutrient-dense supplementation to replenish, repair and regenerate your body  

& includes FREE program support by Dr. Heidi!  


Total Cost step 1 and 2 (complete detox):    $286

             add of Step 3 (regeneration/repair):    $399 

 click HERE for more details   

offer valid thru 02/28/12.  


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:: 3-Week Detox Program - Special Pricing
:: Toxins in our environment - are you at risk?
:: Detox Program - Patient Success Story: Susan M.
:: Share YOUR story to inspire others!
:: Thoughts to ponder...
:: The Importance of Organics (video)
:: Nutrition News: Lean Green Smoothie
:: Our THANK YOU for helping a family in need
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Toxins around us

The numbers are staggering   


We are exposed to 6 million pounds of Mercury and the 2.5 billion pounds other toxic chemicals EVERY YEAR.


In fact, there have been 80,000 toxic chemicals released into our environment since the dawn of the industrial revolution, and very few have been tested for their long-term impact on human health.    


According to the nonprofit organization Environmental Working Group, the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood.

We at InnerMovement feel strongly that that everyone understand the role of nutrition in health and disease, the dangers of toxins and the importance of detoxification to create better health.

If you are concerned that toxins are compromising your health, click HERE to take our simple Toxicity Self-Test.  


Patient Success Story!

by Susan M.    


"When I was embarking on the detox program I was really scared. It can be intimidating with the limitations on what you can eat. I loved it though. It gave me the opportunity to really find other great and healthy foods to eat. It also made my body feel great. A lot of the pain that I often feel went away. It is a great program that helps you maintain your health the rest of the year."

 (review as posted on  

Share YOUR STORY  to help inspire others  and we'll give you 10% off  

your next treatment!   

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Thoughts to ponder... 


"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

~ Buddha   

"A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison." 

~ Francis Bacon      


 "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

~ Virginia Woolf 

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The Importance of Organics

Simple experiment = big lesson     

My Potato Project; The Importance of  
My Potato Project; The Importance of "Organic"

A child's experiment turns into a lesson on  

the toxins in our food supply.


Nutrition News
Fruits & Veggies in one glass!   
healthy food heart

Lean Green Smoothie  
  • 1 1/2 cups filtered water
  • 1 small head organic romaine lettuce (chopped) 
  • 3-4 stalks organic celery
  • 1/2 head of organic spinach OR a handful of organic kale leaves
  • 1 organic green apple (cored & chopped)
  • 1 organic pear (cored & chopped)
  • juice of 1/2 fresh organic lemon
  • 1/3 bunch of parsley
  • optional:  small knob ginger, peeled 


Place water in blender, then add romaine, mix on low speed until smooth.  Then add spinach or kale, again process until smooth.  Next add celery, apple and pear (and ginger if using), blend on medium-high speed.  Add lemon juice and parsley last.  Mix until well-blended and enjoy! 

Thanks to you...
A family in need celebrated Christmas!     
We reached out to you in December after hearing a story from one of our patients Susan B., a social worker, who told us of about a single Mom in East L.A. who had been the victim of domestic abuse and would not be able to provide Christmas for her four children.

Well, we were overwhelmed by your generous response and are happy to report that the family did indeed have a very merry Christmas - thanks to your warm hearts and sense of community. 

We are happy to share the letter we received from our patient and Social Worker Susan B.:

Dear Dr. Heidi and staff, 
I bit ago I gave the Christmas packages to my client's mother, and she said "Oh, my gosh - I can't believe it!!!"  She thanked me many times, telling me that she had told the kids that
they wouldn't have Christmas this year (which I already knew from what her daugther privately told me).  The mother was full of joy, and it's all thanks to the wonderful, kind, and generous 
kind, and generous people who have made a wish come true for a very grateful single mom!  She now knows that there are some unseen angels (you!) who have made this all possible.


May God bless you, and have a very Merry Christmas! 

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