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  Take your BACK to School!

September 2011

dr heidi
School is back in session and families are gearing up for busy schedules, homework, after school activities and the hectic pace of our 21st century lifestyles.  To ensure that your child has a healthy and successful year, it will be important for them to have their back aligned and balanced and on track. I wish more parents understood that getting a spinal check-up is just as important as getting a dental checkup.  Most parents I talk to admit to having their child's teeth checked regularly but have never had a spinal checkup for their kids.  The spine protects and encases the nervous system and misalignment's can lead to dysfunction. So a healthy spine equals a healthy body and we all want that for our kids.  For more info visit

This month we are offering spinal checkups and scoliosis screenings for all children related to any of our patients.  We would love to check your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews next time you are in!  (see below for more info) 


Until our next adjustment.... 


Yours in health,    

Dr. Heidi & The InnerMovement Wellness Team 

in this issue
:: Our Team's Credentials
:: Backpacks for Kids: Weight recommendations
:: Share YOUR story to inspire others!
:: Patient Success Story: Lexie V.
:: Stay connected with us
:: How much schooling does it take to become a Chiropractor?
:: Thoughts to ponder...
:: Nutrition News: Kid's Edition
:: 9 Foods your Kids should NOT eat
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The InnerMovement Wellness Team Credentials 

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As this is our "Back to School" issue, we thought it would be fun to share the educational backgrounds and studious pursuits of the InnerMovement Team.   


Dr. Heidi is a licensed Chiropractor with a fellowship in Chiropractic Pediatric & Pregnancy with certifications in fitness, Personal Training, Lifestyle education and NeuroEmotional Technique.   


Dr. Broosan is a licensed Chiropractor, a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a certification in KinesioTaping, who is working towards his certification as a Wellness Practitioner. 


Veronica Sanchez is a licensed Acupuncturist as well as a Registered Nurse and also has a degree in history from Berkeley. 

Flora is trained in medical billing and is currently working on her business degree. 

Krista will graduate as a Surgical Technician in 2012. 

Christy is a licensed Massage Therapist, with a specialty in Bamboo Fusion and is pursuing her Personal Training certificate. 

Victoria is a licensed Massage Therapist with a specialty in Acupressure. 

Maeghan is a licensed Massage Therapist and is pursuing a specialty in Prenatal Massage.  

Backpacks for Kids

Do the math by weight 


Most kids today use backpacks to carry their books and notebooks to school, however it's important to reduce the amount of stress these can cause to the back to avoid painful back and neck injuries. 

Medical professionals advise that individuals carry no more than 10-15% of their body weight on their backs.

This means a child weighing:

  • 50 lbs. should carry no more than 7.5 lbs.
  • 80 lbs. should carry no more than 12 lbs.
  • 100 lbs. should carry no more than 15 lbs.
  • 130 lbs. should carry no more than 19.5 lbs.
  • 150 lbs. should carry no more than 22.5 lbs.

There are also many wheeled backpack options available that alleviate the weight being carried on your child's back.  




to help inspire others to embrace health & wellness and we'll give you 10% off  

your next treatment!  



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Patient Success Story!

by Lexie V.  

(5-star review as posted on 


"My quality of life has improved significantly after only a few short weeks here. Dr. Heidi is wonderful and very informative. She is the closest thing I know to a miracle worker.  I got in a car accident a few months ago and I had been seeing a different chiropractor for about 3 months. My pain was just as bad, if not worse, for those 3 months.

I then moved up to Glendale and switched to Inner Movement. I've only been going for a month and my back and neck pain has already improved significantly. Everyone here really knows what they are doing. I get a massage once a week and they're some of the best massages I've ever had. Seriously, it rivals the Four Seasons spa in New York.

As someone who was really discouraged and never thought I would get better, I HIGHLY recommend Inner Movement. I now know that I will be back to how I was before the accident thanks to Dr. Heidi and everyone else at Inner Movement. I actually look forward to going to the chiropractor every week!"


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How much schooling is required to be a Chiropractor? 


Today, at least six years of highly-specialized college training are required to graduate and earn licensure.  Chiropractic has gained recognition as a comprehensive, scientifically sound force among the healing arts. Only Chiropractic concerns itself with the interrelationship of structure and body functions, and only Chiropractic effectively utilizes natural, drug-less methods of treatment - primarily spinal adjustments.


Look at these typical basic educational requirements for medical school graduates as compared for Doctors of Chiropractic.   





Class Hours


Class Hours




























Obstetrics & Gynecology






Total Hours




Other required subjects for the Doctor of Chiropractic:

  • adjusting
  • manipulation
  • kinesiology
  • other similar basic subjects related to his specialty

Other required subjects for the Doctor of Medicine:

  • pharmacology
  • immunology
  • general surgery
  • other similar basic subjects related to his specialty.

Grand Total Class Hours 




If you have friends who are uninformed or misinformed about Chiropractic education, why not share this knowledge with them. They, too, may benefit from today's scientific Chiropractic care.  

"Thoughts to ponder...

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."  ~ Albert Einstein


"Learning never exhausts the mind."

~ Leonardo da Vinci


"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." ~Chinese Proverb  

Nutrition News:  Kid's Edition

Tips for Picky Eaters 

carrot running

If you're worried about your children's nutrition or struggle with a picky eater, you're not alone.

Here are some tips to help avoid bad eating habits and encourage a lifetime of good nutrition & healthy habits!     

  • Don't buy anything you don't want them to eat.  If it's not in the house, it makes it easier to avoid.
  • Enlist your child's help in the produce section while shopping.  It's a great time to talk about the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.
  • Be creative by incorporating healthy foods into their favorite foods.
  • Don't offer dessert as a reward and even better, redefine fruit or yogurt as dessert.
  • If your child rejects the meal you've prepared, don't prepare anything else as this can encourage picky eating and power struggles over food.
  • No TV during mealtimes.  Not only are you removing distractions, you're removing the possibility of ads for sugary snacks and fast foods. 
  • And most importantly... set a good example by eating a variety of healthy foods yourself.  
9 Foods Kids should NOT eat

by Joe Wilkes  (posted in Team BeachBody)

(click link to read full article)

Note: The following recommendations are for school-aged children. Infants and toddlers have different specific nutritional needs not addressed in this article.

  1. Chicken Nuggets
  2. Sugary cereal
  3. Lunch meat & hot dogs
  4. Juice & juice-flavored drinks
  5. French fries
  6. Potato chips
  7. Fruit leather 
  8. Donuts
  9. Pizza   
baby spine 




   This month InnerMovement is offering  

FREE Spinal Health Check-Ups  

& Scoliosis Screenings*   

to ANY children related  

to our InnerMovement Patients!    


 (*offer valid for InnerMovement Patients only, offer expires 09/30/11)