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April 2011

dr heidi 

Thanks to technology we are more "connected" than ever which means information on a global scale has become immediately available to us.  As a result, when health disasters occur around the world we are saddened, concerned and fearful, left wondering what we can do to help. Most of us don't realize that the most powerful thing we can do for others is to continue doing our best to create health and harmony within ourselves.  The turbulent energy created with the Japan disaster is being felt by all of us whether we are aware of it or not.  Our patients are experiencing more neck pain, illnesses, tension and emotional instability in the past month.  When we remember our connection to the earth and to each other, this is hardly a surprise.  


So at times like this, we all need to be even more committed to our personal well-being. Investing in our personal health, helps promote global wellness by serving as inspiration to those around us to be healthier and more at peace.  And the vibration of that message can be felt within our local communities and around the world.  Ghandi said it best when he said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world".  So if you are hoping for healing in Japan, heal yourself.  If you are looking for peace for your husband, bring peace within yourself.  If you are looking for your child to be well, bring wellness to yourself.  And so on....


And as Spring is a time of renewal, there is no better time to renew your commitment to your health not only for yourselves, but also for those around you.  Be the Change!   

Until our next adjustment...  


Yours in health,    

Dr. Heidi & the InnerMovement Wellness Team 

in this issue
:: Dr. Broosan's Research Corner: Cellphone Effects on Brain Activity
:: April is National Foot Health Month
:: Celebrate Earth Day with these local events
:: Patient Success Story
:: Aqua Detox Special
:: Nutrition News: Your Liver, Your Filter
:: InnerMovement Wellness at the Downtown Dash
Health Research Corner

with Dr. Broosan

Cellphone Effects on Brain Activity

Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a studcellphone illustrationy showing that the use of cellphones alters brain activity in the part of the brain near the antenna.  Though "experts" are urging people not to draw any conclusions regarding cellphone use and cancer, to the unaltered mind, there is no way that this radiation can be anything but detrimental to our health.  While experts figure out exactly how much of a link there is between cellphones and brain cancer, you can use some caution (and common sense) to be on the safe side.   


For more information and suggestions, read the following article in the New York Times. 


April Health Observance 

Foot Health Awareness Month


In support of the American Podiatric Medical Association's "Foot Health Awareness Month"), we are pleased to support TWO of our wellness partners:


Orthotics by Dr. Chang


Your feet are the foundation of your body, literally carrying you throughout your life.  Unfortunately ill-fitting footwear can create pain or postural imbalances that can result in chronic back or neck pain, tension headaches, hip or knee pain, bunions fatigure and your overall health. Using METASCAN dynamic software, your feet are scanned 150x per second to create a 3D diagnostic to determine the best custom orthotics for you.


Special Introductory Offer just for InnerMovement patients!

$45 Initial Foot Exam  

& Dynamic Scan

to book your appointment or for more information, please contact:

Kay Chang, D.C., L.Ac.

(818) 240-6163

435 Arden Ave., Suite 460

Glendale, CA 91203



Also, please visit our friends at:

A Runner's Circle

runners circle  

for custom fittings on the highest quality running & athletic shoes  


 A Runner's Circle
3216 Los Feliz Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039-1509

(323) 661-8971 

April 22nd is Earth Day!

Local Events 

earth day

Go Green Expo: April 15-17


California State Parks Restoration: April 16


Los Angeles State Historic Park:  April 16 & 17 


Topanga Earth Day:  April 22-24


World Fest:  May 22


Green Events in Los Angeles 

too many to list!  check the site for dates and information.

Patient Success Story!

posted on YELP by Denise M. 

"Dr. Heidi is amazing! Four years ago I sustained a severe shoulder and neck injury.  I did not want to have injections or surgery and instead I turned my healing over to Dr. Heidi.  She truly has "healing hands"! I  live in Orange County and she is sooooo worth the drive!  She also took care of me throughout my two pregnancies.  Now I bring my whole family in to see her!  Her passion and enthusiasm for her work and clients is evident and the reason her practice is thriving!"


 Share YOUR STORY to help inspire others & get 10% off your next treatment!  



(click on YELP logo to visit our page!) 

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Aqua Detox Special!

detox foot bath to relax & rebalance   

foot detox


Special Introductory  



  (reg. $50)  


We're so sure you'll love it,  

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Nutrition News

Detox your body's natural filter -


detox food image
Your liver is your body's filter and responsible for purifying your bloodsteam. by removing a wide range of micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites along with dead cells, chemicals and drugs.  That's a big job! 

If that wasn't enough, the liver is also responsible for:
* The production of bile which is stored in the gallbladder and released when required for the digestion of fats. 
* Storing glucose in the form of glycogen which is converted back to glucose again when needed for energy.
* Playing an important role in the metabolism of protein and fats. It stores the vitamins A, D, K, B12 and folate and synthesizes blood clotting factors.

So, just as you change your water filter at home or your oil filter in your car, your BODY FILTER - the LIVER - needs to be cleansed on a regular basis.  Eating a diet high in fiber and living foods will help keep your liver filter clean.

This month's recipe for Steamed Broccoli Soup is an easy and delicious way to encourage the detoxification process in your liver.  Click HERE to download the recipe card.  Enjoy!
Spring Cleaning



According to the National Alliance of Health, when pooling ALL research to date, it is said that 90% of all cancers are caused by environmental toxins.

  • Why you should detox?
  • How can you effectively detox?
  • Is it safe? 
  • The 6 most widespread toxins.
  • Where do the toxins come from?

In this special WEBINAR, you will learn about the latest information on environmental toxins and you can safely improve your health with a detox plan!


Date:  Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Time:   4:00 PST


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Want more information on our Doctor-supervised detox plans?  

Call us at (818) 549-1300

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Glendale Downtown Dash

Did you see us at the finish line? 


dash 2011







Congratulations to all the race participants!  We had a great time at the race finish line providing massages, spinal screenings & health information!  It was great to see so many of our patients and meet new friends too! 

dash 2011 - 2

We'll be back next year to help you get prepared so remember to see us for your pre- or post-race adjustment & wellness massages!

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Supplies a wide spectrum of anti-oxidant nutrients to help your body "quench" free radicals, the compounds that cause biological damage to cells.  (90 capsules)

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mothers day frame


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