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January 2011 

dr heidi

One of the most powerful teachings I've been gifted to receive was the teaching about grace.  Grace means that there is a divine energy (that has many names) moving through us at all times.  This is the energy that grows the sapling to a fruit-bearing tree and allows the bird to find food and a nesting place.  This divine energy is always there supporting us toward our highest good.  But we, as conscious human beings, get lost in "doing".  We worry and strive, denying that we are exactly where we need to be, forgetting to connect to the ever-present grace guiding our way.  I find that when I meditate, I can drop the fears, the striving to be better and the toxic thoughts and in that space I can connect to grace.  Much like the sapling, I grow towards my full potential naturally. 

Interestingly, this teaching applies to our bodies as well.  I have learned, along with  modern science, that the body has a state of grace called homeostasis.  Homeostasis is an innate process that continually keeps the body moving towards health, as long as it is not interfered with.  Toxins in our food source and environment have become one of the leading contributors to ill health.  This is because they take the body away from its natural state of grace "homeostasis". 

So as meditation can help us cleanse the mind, I participate in and recommend to all of my patients, a thorough body Detox once per year to help cleanse the body.  Remember, we have all we need to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, we just need to remove interference and return to our natural state of grace.   Until our next adjustment...

Yours in health,

Dr. Heidi & The InnerMovement Wellness Team

  Creating Health from the
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It has become the consensus among natural health care providers that toxins are one of the leading contributors to ill health.  Since 2006 I have been educating myself on detoxification.  After many seminars, books and experimentation I now offer a simple, safe and effective Bio-Detoxification program for InnerMovement practice members to decrease the harmful effects of toxic overload. 

Where are the toxins coming from?

What I see clearly is that in this industrial, chemically-dependent world we live in we can't help but be bombarded with harmful toxins each day!  Did you know that the shampoo you use has chemicals that have been linked to early puberty and Breast Cancer?  And that the Fluoride in your toothpaste is deadly in large doses and is linked to Osteoporosis?  And that every vegetable you and your family consume (unless organic) is sprayed with lethal pesticides categorized as #1 acute toxins by the EPA?  And that our chicken and beef are pumped with antibiotics that clear our GI tract of helpful bacteria that serves as our primary immune response.  And that the majority of food, in the middle isles of the grocery store, have preservatives and chemical additives that have an accumulative toxic effect on the body.   And that the Industrial agent used to manufacture the plastics we store food in (Acrylamide) is a known neurotoxin and is linked to causing cancer.


How do our bodies become toxic?

On a daily basis we are hardly aware of the numerous toxins we ingest, breathe in, slather on our bodies and sometimes consciously consume.  The liver is primarily responsible for filtering toxins from the body but it is also dually responsible for processing carbohydrates.  If the liver gets overloaded from too many toxins or too much sugar (Each year the average American consumes 150 lbs of sugar and 566 cans of soft drinks ("liquid candy")(1))), the body becomes overwhelmed and cannot filter the toxins out of the body nor process the sugars appropriately.  This leads to fat storage, weight gain and internal toxicity.  If you have seen the movie "Super Size Me" you have seen the effects that toxins we ingest have on the body.  Symptoms such as frequent headaches, fatigue, constipation, joint pain, digestive upset, increased frequency of colds and flus will begin to arise.  When the body is in this toxic state the internal environment is more susceptible to overgrowth of yeast and harmful bacteria, parasitic infections, food allergies, and viral infections.  If the toxicity is not decreased it will eventually begin to destroy the intestinal lining and can lead to a more serious condition called increased gut permeability (leaky gut syndrome).  Once this occurs it can be a slow road back to health because the body is unable to absorb what it needs from the foods you eat nor can it filter the things that cause harm.

How can I cleanse the toxins from my body?

Ask Dr. Heidi, who specializes in Bio-Detoxification, about this simple, yet effective detox plan which combines a nutrient packed diet, with a detoxification beverage, weekly detoxifying foot baths and cleansing herbs to help your body eliminate toxins, prevent disease and jump start your weight loss program.

Our 3-Week Aqua Detox, Diet & Weight Loss Program!

"Allopathic science has found between 50 and 170 toxic substances in the blood that weren't there 50 to 100 years ago."

"As seen on Oprah Dr. Oz reports that 30 known carcinogens were found in the blood of newborn infants tested in the US."

Biotics Bio DetoxBiotics NutriClearBiotics Whey ProteinAqua Detox

Our simple, yet effective Detox program eliminates the guesswork by making it easy for you to follow while ensuring your body gets all the nutrients it needs to restore a vibrant state of health.

Safe, detoxifying herbs are combined with a fortified protein beverage are used in conjunction with our guidelines for healthy meals and snacks.  To further encourage the elimination of toxins, we add our Aqua Detox foot bath weekly to be enjoyed while you relax at our wellness center. 

Program Cost (includes):

30 packs of Detoxifying Herbs

3 week supply of Nutri-Clear Detoxifying Beverage

3 week supply of Whey Protein Powder

3 Aqua Detox Foot Baths

*plus email support

for only $299


We're also happy to combine Chiropractic Adjustments, Acupuncture Treatments and Wellness Massages to aid in the restoral of your optimum health... please feel free to inquire on how these treatments can boost your Personal Detox Program!

Need a New Health Goal for the New Year?
downtown dash 09
This year's Glendale Downtown Dash will be held on March 13th and
InnerMovement Chiropractic & Wellness
will be there!

This 5k run/walk through the heart of Glendale offers a fun, family atmosphere with 100% of the proceeds from this event support the Stroke Services at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center.


Did you know?

Stroke is the 2nd leading cause of death in the San Fernando Valley and the leading cause of adult disability in America?

Please come out to support this important cause and get involved in creating a healthier community!  We'll be on-site providing spinal screenings & health information!

And to help you get race ready - come visit us at InnerMovement Chiropractic for a pre-race adjustment OR schedule a post-race rehabilitative massage at our Wellness Center!



Our friends at ALL ABOUT YOU WELLNESS BOOTCAMP are also offering their 8-week race preparation program.

Whether you're training for the DASH or just want to reach new fitness goals... our friends at ALL ABOUT YOU WELLNESS BOOTCAMP has a special offer (below) just for YOU -

our wellness community!


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Toxins & Cancer:
by the numbers

chemicals are produced in North America

Over 3,000:
chemicals added to our food supply

Over 10,000:
chemical solvents, emulsifiers & preservatives used in food processing

new chemicals introduced each year


  A study in the The British Medical Journal says that 75% of most cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors.

(British Journal of Cancer)


A report by the Columbia University School of Public Health estimates that 95% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental toxicity. (Mailman School Columbia)

Toxins may play role in neurological disorders:

45% of high fructose syrup tests positive for Mercury

How to
in your food

* Avoid processed meats.

* Opt for organics!  Meats, vegetables & fruits.

* Stick to low mercury fish & be careful with farmed fish.

* Avoid artificially colored foods

* Reduce your consumption of canned foods

* Cut back on meat & dairy products

* Don't drink soda or beverages with artificial sweeteners

* Only drink milk labeled with "NO rBGH"

* Avoid manufactured snacks

* Use stainless steel or cast iron cookware

* Use glass storage containers instead of plastic

Client Success Story!

"Dr. Heidi and her staff are a great bunch. They are friendly and professional. Dr. Heidi has really fixed problems I've had for awhile and made me focus in fixing my posture, yes, I slouch.  

All that said, Heidi's team of massage therapists, acupuncturist, and receptionists are awesome and this is the place to go and get your back fixed."
- J.D.

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A New Year's Gift For YOU all about you
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At Inner Movement Chiropractic, your health is always our number one priority.  To help you make 2011 your healthiest year yet, we are offering all* of our patients a
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This holistic fitness program is appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels.  You'll improve your strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness in a friendly, supportive environment.  And... once you complete your free week, you will be eligible for their Introductory Special: $99 for one full month of workouts.

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