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September 2010 

dr heidi
Hi Everyone!

This month we are 'schooling' you on the benefits of Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a safe and effective alternative medicine therapy that has been practiced in China for thousands of years.  Just like Chiropractic, Nutrition and Massage, Acupuncture treats the underlying causes of diseases rather than simply targeting symptoms. 


At InnerMovement, we offer you a team approach to your health, utilizing the most effective alternative medicine therapies available.  Our Acupuncturists are key to this wellness approach.  On a daily basis I refer patients to our Acupuncture team to treat insomnia, hormonal imbalances, chronic inflammation, bowel disorders, migraines and much more.  After witnessing our patient success stories I have become a regular patient of Acupuncture myself. 

So, whether you are a person trying to learn more about ways to stay healthy or if you are suffering from a chronic condition, I hope you find this wellness newsletter informative and helpful.  Until our next adjustment...

Yours in health,

Dr. Heidi & The InnerMovement Wellness Team

acupuncture  School is in session!
Your Acupuncture Primer

A recent article published on acupuncture in the Huffington Post* stated, ""Some folks, including older Western M.D.s, still talk about whether or not they "believe" in acupuncture. Such thinking is ill-informed and outdated. One might as well speculate about whether to believe in aspirin, morphine, insulin, surgery or an MRI. The question is not whether acupuncture works, but how it works, and whether it is the appropriate therapy for a particular syndrome, problem, symptom, disease or patient. In a clinical setting and performed by a licensed professional acupuncture is effective for a variety of complaints.*"

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a safe, low-risk form of treatment for all age ranges offering a comprehensive natural health care system that can effectively prevent and treat illness,  enhance health by effectively strengthen weakened immune systems, and balance hormones to bring the mind and body back into balance. 

Many people don't know that in California, Acupuncturists are primary healthcare providers and recognized by mainstream medicine, the World Health Organization, the NIH, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) to effectively treat illnesses and support preventative healthcare. The National Institute of Health has stated, "there is sufficient evidence of acupuncture's value to expand its use into conventional medicine and encourage further studies of its physiology and clinical value" and the NCCAM has sponsored countless studies that verify the efficacy of acupuncture for pain, fibromyalgia, post traumatic stress disorder, and arthritis, to name a few.

How Does It Work? Through balancing the meridians of the body through the use of acupuncture needles (made from ultra-fine stainless steel which are pre-sterilized, single-use & non-toxic) and targeted application of customized herbal formulations, acupuncturists can promote wellness by tapping into a complex network of charted meridians that exist within the human body.  The practitioner will assess the signs and symptoms, conduct a thorough medical history, observe the tongue, and feel the pulses in order to assess and properly diagnose the root cause of the chief complaint. A comprehensive, customized treatment approach will be discussed with each patient.

Here's a list of some of the common health conditions that can be safely and effectively treated by acupuncture: gastrointestinal and digestive problems, headaches and migraines, fatigue, insomnia, allergies, anxiety, depression, sinusitis, skin disorders, colds and influenza, high blood pressure, musculoskeletal injuries and joint pain.  Women's health, menstrual irregularities, menopausal issues, and infertility can also be approached from a holistic perspective, using Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Qi Gong Exercise

Breathing exercises are a powerful tool used in Chinese medicine.  Try this ....


Prior to each meal:  2 minutes before you eat, do this metabolic boosting breathing exercise:  For the first minute of this exercise, place both of your hands below your belly button and take a few long slow deep breaths.  Feel your hands rising on the inhale and descending on the exhale-this is focused deep breathing. Do this for the first minute. 


It is important to note, a primary function of digestion is to break food into microscopic bits that can be sent to your cells and combusted with oxygen to release energy into the body.  Over 90% of our energy comes from oxygen + food.  That is why focused breathing is so important prior to each meal. 


For the second minute of this exercise, squeeze all the air out on your exhale by bringing the abdomen toward the spine.  Now do not worry about inhaling; just focus on bringing your belly toward your spine.  Do it as quickly and as comfortably as you can.  Imagine you are fanning a fire with bellows of air to make the fire grow.


After your meal, do the following for digestive health and to increase longevity:  Bring both hands over the left side of your rib cage, below the heart.  This is where the stomach is located.  Circle your hands over the stomach area about 50-100 times moving from the right (liver) side of your body toward the left (heart) side of your body.


Congratulations! You just increased your metabolism! This is also a very simple yet powerful practice you can do each and every day.


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healthy food heart Healthy Nutrition Tip-of-the-Month!

from our Clinical Nutritionist Michelle

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is believed that the balance of hot and cold in the body can maintain health and help overcome a variety of illnesses. The easiest and most accessible way to do this is through food. It is thought that all foods are divided into three basic categories -- cold (yin), hot (yang), and neutral. Too much of one category can throw the body off and put out the digestive fire, weakening and slowing the digestive system.


Take a look at the Yin & Yang foods below.  If you tend to eat foods more regularly from one category you may be creating digestive upset.

YANG:  Foods to Avoid

cold food and liquids, raw foods (especially in the fall and winter), damp producing foods as seen above

Yang (or Warming) Foods

walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, peanuts, beef, lamb, venison, duck, turkey, cheese, eggs, butter, beans, black pepper, cinnamon bark, garlic, ginger, cayenne, chai tea, jasmine tea, chocolate, coffee, garlic, green peppers, chilies, leeks, onions, potato, peanut butter, whiskey, wine.

YIN:  Foods to Avoid

hot spicy foods, stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, sugar

Yin (or cooling) foods

barley, millet, kidney beans, black beans, mushrooms,oyster, clam, crab, octopus, fish, sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, almonds, asparagus, cabbage, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, bean sprouts, artichoke, pea, seaweed, tomato, spinach, broccoli, apple, pear, grapes, pomegranate, pineapple, watermelon, banana, avocado, strawberries, lemons, honey, beer.

To learn more about how to maintain a healthier balance in your own diet, please call us at 818-549-1300 to book your appointment

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Dr. Broosan's

Research Corner

Avoid C-Section
with Acupuncture?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, a pregnant woman needs the right balance between energy (Qi) and blood supply for labour to start. Acupuncture is believed to move your energy and your blood, thereby encouraging labour to start. 

This research article documents Acupuncture's success for Induction of Labor in long term pregnancies.

In another recent study,  a 35% reduction in the number of inductions was shown, (for first-time mothers this was a 43% reduction) and a 31% reduction in the epidural rate. When compared to a local midwifery practice (with no acupuncture) there was 32 % reduction in emergency Cesarean Sections and a 9% increase in normal vaginal births. Read the full study here.

Do you have questions about Acupuncture & Pregnancy?  Please contact us to learn more!

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