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February 2010 


From my heart to yours!dr heidi

It is said that St. Valentine chose to suffer death rather than renounce his religious principles.  Stories of suffering are common throughout history and one could say that St Valentine was a wise man, brave and heroic for sacrificing everything in the name of his belief.  Perhaps stories such as this have left the impression on us that suffering is brave and heroic, which may explain why so many of us choose to live our lives in pain or discomfort. 

The truth is that we are meant to live to our fullest potential, which should not include pain and suffering. 

I believe that we were each born to fulfill a specific purpose and suffering with back pain can be one of the biggest distractions from that purpose as it affects our entire well-being.  There is nothing romantic or heroic about continuing to suffer from any type of pain (be it physical, emotional or spiritual) when there is someone compassionately willing and able to help. 

It is my heartfelt intent to facilitate your body in eliminating pain.  To connect with you in such a way that you understand your value and continue to take care of your spine and nervous system.  Don't be a martyr.  Don't suffer needlessly.  Take responsibility for your health and by doing so, your first step on the path to wellness.  Until our next adjustment...

Yours in health,

Dr. Heidi & The InnerMovement Wellness Team

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michelle bergerin Monthly Nutritional Tip
Healthy eating advice from our
Clinical Nutritionist Michelle

This month we're focusing on heart health, so I want to highlight Essential Fatty Acids. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are necessary fats that our bodies cannot synthesize and so must be obtained through diet.  The two essential EFA's are Omega-3s and Omega-6s which are very helpful for many reasons including: allergies, depression, diabetes, eczema, inflammation, weight maintenance and heart health. My favorite sources are walnuts, hemp and/or flax seeds, avocados, dark leafy green vegetables and sustainable fish like Alaskan wild salmon or Black Cod.

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21-day Detox & Cleanse Program
 Dr. Heidi recommends every patient do a complete,
 doctor-supervised cleanse once per year.

 This simple, yet effective detox program is a gentle way to eliminate
 environmental and dietary toxins, repair and strengthen your body
 while empowering you to embrace your health.

Program features:
* A nutrient-packed diet with detoxification supplemental beverage
* Detoxifying herbs developed by Dr. Heidi's mentor Dr. Abass Qutab
* Aqua-detox foot baths to accelerate the detoxifying process*
* Wellness massages to help remove toxins from tissues & bring soothing support*
* Individualized support from Dr. Heidi
 *dependent on program level

There are 3-levels of this program to help you achieve your wellness goals!
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stethoscope heart Words to ponder...
from Dr. Heidi

"There are many techniques that a wise practioner can use, my favorite being the power of adjustment.  But without love, an opening of the heart or a compassionate connection with the patient, healing is not possible."

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