July 2012
The month of July brings the Annual Golf Event and a feature about the infamous Gaylord boxes.

Not only are the boxes invaluable for transporting donations, but see how they are further being used in physical therapy workshops



Mix a little Golf to raise funds with Gaylord boxes....and what do you get?   


  • Funds raised from the golf event help keep projects going 
  • Shipping continues and new opportunities  develop

Working together for the good of others is a win/win


Wisconsin Swinging for Nicaragua!
Golf Event  July 25th
60 % of participants have returned for this annual event that takes place at Winagamie Golf Course, southwest of Appleton, on the last Wednesday of every July.           Sign up today!  
For information contact Judy Miller at Judyjmi54911@aol.com  
You can also print out the entry form to bring with you on Wednesday,  click hereto look up event info on W/NP postings page. 
Hope to see you next Wednesday!!
So just what is a Gaylord Box? 

pallet-size box used for storage & shipping of bulk quantities.

Many years ago W/NP switched from packing containers by individual boxes to using Gaylord boxes.   
1999 before warehouse in Stevens Point      Ellis Stone Construction Co. helping out


Special thanks to the following for their part:
Onvoy Corp, Walworth WI  (Gaylord Boxes)
Moodie Trucking , Stevens Point  (transport of boxes)
Ferrellgas, Stevens Point  (propane gas)
Worzalla Publishing, Stevens Point (banding material)
Campus Cycle, Stevens Point  (bicycle boxes)
Whites Crossing,  Wiggins, MS (trucking)
Funded Transportation Program, DC (containers)
Crowley Liners Services (container transport)
Wisconsin Lift Truck, Wausau, WI   (forklift for loading) 
Alfinsa Customs Agency, Managua Nic  (documentation)
Moving Gaylords from Walworth, WI to Stevens Point to Nicaragua  
Container loading in WI, unloading in Managua warehouse,
after cargo is distributed, the Gaylord boxes continue to be useful in many ways, ......  




The Gaylord boxes from the shipment were used to conduct the physical therapy workshops and the construction of adaptive chairs for children with disabilities.  Special thanks to Lilliam (Rosa) for coordination of this project.


Thanks much for your support of W/NP!  
Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas, Inc.
Room 129 Nelson Hall, UWSP
1209 Fremont Street
Stevens Point, WI  54481