Arrival of the trucks
Fire Trucks from Wisconsin arrive to Nicaragua

A very special thanks to the W/NP Firefighters United Coordinators, Dr. Brad Martin & Jaime Delgado, Ken Hundemer with the Denton Operations, Dori Pelley SFC and the entire crew from the US Air Force, and of course most importantly Admiral Denton.  

December shipment   Fire Trucks unloading 

"This shipment shows that the well-being of the Nicaraguan people is still our primary concern and carries a substantial message of U.S. solidarity and support for the Nicaraguan people...Thank you (Admirnal Denton) for what you have done for our country and for your profound sacrifices, but as well for the continuing contributions you make every time one of our DOD aircraft touch down with a load of donated equipment or goods for those most in need.  Through your sponsorship of the innovative and transformational Denton Amendment during your time in the Senate, the world is a much better place for millions."   - Kirk Dahlgren, USAID 
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hospital donations
Very special thanks to Ministry Healthcare in Stevens Point for sharing their items from the Women and Infants Center - they are being put to good use!
Arrival of Fire Trucks
2011 Bike Hike Grand Prize
Learning Center Graduations
Annual Fund Drive
Learning Center Events
Scholarship Spotlight
Winter Travel
News Clips & Articles
Opening Doors in 2012
2011 Grand Prize Bike/Hike Winners  
Nic Bike Hike Winner 
   WI Bike HIke Winner 

Lesbia Saavedra - Los Cedros, Nicaragua       Fidel Asuquo - Stevens Point, Wisconsin


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Learning Center Graduations

On Saturday November 26 the graduation of 65 students took place at the Managua Office, where classes never stopped during the year and still continue. Right now I donīt count on the specific number per skill, but the skills students got diplomas about were Advanced Jewelry, Knitting, Smocking and the courses supported by the Dominicanīs; the Bakery and Advanced Dress Making classes.  Doņa Angelica was honored as the oldest Coordinator of The LCs in Nicaragua.  - Isabel


  Graduation 2011 


Itīs incredible how exciting is for women  getting a diploma that will provide them job opportunities.  Doņa Emilia from the community  of San Antonio came early this day with a very nice outfit and hair cut ready to receive her award from Petronila.
IsabelAs we were taking just group pictures, Lea from the community of Los Cedros asked us to please take a picture of her with her diploma.
graduation ceremony




Graduation in front of MGA office
Annual Fund Drive 

Hands of Jewelry


I have never witnessed more of a "team effort" than what happens day in and day out at Wis/Nic Partners.   


One of my "to do's" is to listen to Hillary Clinton's book tape I picked up several years ago, "It Takes a Village To Raise a Child."   I suspect the theory is much the same as the operation of W/NP, meaing without active participation from a mulitude of sources and directions, the depth of quality and all that takes place simply would not exist to the extent we know it today. 


W/NP has many effective programs/projects and this happens through the generosity of very caring and compassionate people.  90% of our income is personal donations.


Thank you for taking the time to consider a gift as 2011 comes to a close. 


Best wishes for a Blessed Holiday Season,  Amy     Click here for AFD letter

More Learning Center activities and events 

Los Cedros

Doņa Angelica called this reunion a musical presentation from her music class which was amazing to see how those kids played the guitar and the keyboard. This should make all of you proud of your valuable efforts and support youīve given to the LC in Los Cedros. -Isabel
Dona Angelica Music classes

Herlinda Lopez

This was the activity I attended today at Herlinda Lopez Learning Center. It was good to hear from them about the great visit Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton had this year and how proud they felt for her visit.   - Isabel


Herlinda Lopez performance  Herlinda Lopez group

Managua Office

The "Jewelry Summer Course" course is about making earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The students will also learn basic marketing skills and is for our Nica students on vacation, we started on Wednesday Nov. 23 with 9 girls and for sure more will join it on the next session. - Isabel

Jewelry Class

 More photos from the Jewelry Class on Facebook


Scholarship programs
scholarship student 
Everything in my classes is going well in the last quarter of my career. In the photo I am in the pharmacy where I am doing my preprofessional practice.I'm very happy because I am going to relate to the field where I will work. I am happy that you are proud of me and the effort I have made to reach my goal. You all have been my motor to always continue and to do everything with enthusiasm.
Ismara Diaz Garcia of Las Lagunas
Winter travel to Nicaragua

National FlowerJanuary 9 - 18   Winter escape to Managua, Granada, Rivas and San Jual del Sur (2 spots left)

January 20 - 30  Eye Glass Project - fitting and distributing eye glasses in the community of Bluefields 

February 12 -21 Learning Center Trek - great opportunity to see Boaco, Little Corn Island and Granada

March 10 - 18  Health Care Immersion in Managua, Juigalpa, San Juan del Sur and Granada

March 17 - 25  Cultural Tour to Buenos Aires, Esteli, Leon and Managua


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Recent News Clips and Articles

One of the more unusual items in our last shipment is serving a good purpose, see pics below.  Now the kids can go back to playing more ball instead of spending 1/2 hour each day, 5 days a week on cutting the grass for their baseball field.  When they are done with the field, they start all over again from the other side, takes about 3 weeks to cut.  - Jake


baseball field   Lawn mower 
baseball team
General clip about W/NP aired this week by

Brigette Burnett

NewsChannel 7, WSAW-TV

Anchor, Video Journalist, Producer

Opening Doors in 2012

training day

Phase IV of Opening Doors Program officially started Nov 28/11 with a business training day. Seven new Learning Centers participated plus 1 from a previous phase.  Learning Centers are;  Centro Solidaridad y Amistad - Las Lagunas/Boaco, Buenos Aires, Paraiso del Ticuantepe - Managua, Brazos de Amor - Managua, Gracias a Dios - Managua, San Gabriel/Valle Los Aburtos - Managua, Manos Solidarias -Rosita Mine, RAAN North Coast, and El Piņuelar, León.

Some of the areas focused on include: Clothing & shoe sale, sewing (garment construction), jewelry and hand crafts, bakery, cosmetic sale, food sale, medicine sale (this person is authorized by MINSA to sell certain medications in the community), piņata making and tamales, mini store, beauty, vegetables & fruit sale, groceries, sale of dairy products, food for cows, etc.  


They all seemed very enthusiastic and positive regarding their interest in learning about small businesses so we hope it is a successful year for them.   - Mirna


opening doors project

Holiday Gift Ideas
Nicaraguan Coffee, jewelry, gift certificates and many other items that help to support our programs are available at the office.  Please stop by our office or email us today for more information and ideas