Onward to Nicaragua!October, 2011
Onward to Nicaragua
loading container 2 
Shipment update
Farmer to Farmer
Library Activities
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Shipment update

On Tuesday, October 25th, 2 large Sea Vans departed the W/NP warehouse carrying material goods for Nicaragua. The logistics of this shipment are made possible by the very generous support of several local corporations; Moodie Trucking, Onvoy Corporation, Ferrell Gas and Wisconsin Lift Truck.  Without the support of these generous corporations, Wis/Nic Partners would be very hard pressed, if not impossible, to fulfill their mission in Nicaragua.  These corporations are vital to our ability to move material goods to our Partner Country and they deserve our very special thanks for their contributions.  


loading day 

The weather was a little cold and wet, but we all felt it was well worth the efforts to see the warehouse go from full to empty, with the exception of 11 pallets that will have to wait for next time.
fast packing to get ready    loading the containers
Getting ready and packing Friday/Saturday made for smooth loading on Sunday.
loading container    unthawing
Thanks everyone - it's a team effort all the way down the line to make this happen.
Click here for more loading day photos on the WNP Facebook page
Farmer to Farmer
Farmer to Farmer 


Here is a link to the three part interview Arlen did with Martha at the local radio station in Medford, Wisconsin.  


Click here and then when you get to the webpage:


Scroll down then click on the part 1 part 2 and part 3 to listen.

Library activities 
Pictured below are Liz and Jordan, students from UAM University who have volunteered to help with the Sherin Bowen Library at the Managua Office. 


Playing games with the kids  Puzzles

They are working with our staff to put a together a program that anybody can easily follow who would like to volunteer either here at the office, or at any of the library project locations.   While working on the development planning of the program, they also had time to play some card games and puzzles with the kids. The kids were delighted to play with them and were already asking if they are coming back!


Please send any puzzles/games/books you might have to the W/NP office:

Room 129 Nelson Hall, UWSP, Stevens Point, WI  54481

715-346-4702     (and we will get them to the libraries)


Global Giving project updates

W/NP has two projects posted on Global Giving, below are links to project updates:


Pillow case class prep     Bakery class


Click here for project report "Students becoming teachers"


Delivering school desks     volunteers


Click here for project report  "Give a Hand to the Education" is alive and well!


A very special thanks to our amazing Youth Ambassadors who continue to spread the spirit of volunteerism!

W/NP Annual Meeting - December 3, 2011
Save $$
Let us know ASAP if you are planning to join the W/NP Learning Center Trek February 13 -23, 2012, and want to get in on the reserved group tickets.   wnp@uwsp.edu
Cut off date for the group airline ticket price is November 14th