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Stevens Point, WI  - July 19, 2011    During the past 13 months, volunteers throughout Wisconsin have been collecting items destined for Nicaragua.   A vital mutual, and reciprocal relationship exists between WI and Nic, where people come to realize we need each other to achieve the outcomes that will ultimately affect thousands of people in need. Resources available to Nicaraguans are scarce, but it is with the cooperation of people in Wisconsin and the Funded Transportation program that we are able to share what we have to make the quality of life better for both sides, not just the Nicaraguans, but also people in Wisconsin whereby their involvement helps them to realize the value in reaching out to others and how much of a difference their involvement and efforts can make.


If you haven't viewed the "Miracles Happen!" warehouse video recently, how about doing that to celebrate the current shipment?   It is very inspiring and an encouragement to work extra hard as we make the seemingly impossible, possible.


It is a great illustration of the outcome of collective efforts:


Sherins dream



                                       Waiting for departure....


gaylordsStaff members, community leaders and volunteers administer and coordinate training programs where the supplies sent in the shipment will be used.  Detailed reports and observations include documentation of both qualitative and quantitative measurements to indicate the level of effectiveness for all items sent. The objective is to provide humanitarian assistance and opportunities to develop skills that will improve vocational options, income, self-sufficiency and empowerment for people living throughout Nicaragua.  A parallel impact occurs in Wisconsin where W/NP affiliates who through participation in program development and collaborative efforts collecting items to support the programs acquire an appreciation for the value of helping their fellow man. 

basinetts   wheelchairs


Throughout the year, WI volunteers are on the look-out for resources that can be shared withour counterparts in Nicaragua, the items are dropped off at the warehouse, recorded and packed by volunteers. 


log   donations


The following are specific beneficiaries' of the commodities being sent in this shipment: Fire stations, Paramedics, Learning Centers, Partner Cities, Educational institutions, Community Sports teams, Hospitals, Health centers, and Community Volunteer leaders. Items being sent to support the programs of the list above include: Firefighting equipment, sewing machines and sewing supplies, sports equipment, hospital supplies, general first aid supplies, handicap supplies, bicycles and supplies for repairing bicycles, and many other supplies for the classes offered out of the Managua office.  


Warehouse 1st welder machine

And then what happens on the other end......thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of many people, and the many friends of Sherin Bowen that gave a donation to her memorial fund, we carried out the remodeling vision she drew out on paper the morning of her fall, March 16, 2009.   People in Wisconsin and Nicaragua came together for the good of the group, now the Managua warehouse is much more efficient for receiving and distribution of shipments.  


Here is the video that illustrates before, during and after snapshots of the remodeling process:

unloading in Nic4

One other element we will share in both the loading in Wisconsin and the unloading in Nicaragua is the rain and sweltering heat in the forecast for both geographic locations.


Wisconsin Lift Truck has donated a Forklift for the loading day here, but we are still working on logistics for the unloading in Nicaragua.  Unloading and distribution is a very labor intensive process, we are thankful for the many volunteers who donate their time and energy.  If you want to help locate a Fork Lift  (both to permanently have in the Managua warehouse and/or just for loading day) or pitch in for the rental and other receiving and unloading expenses in Nicaragua, we welcome your involvement.    


unloading in Nic 2 unloading in Nic3

Thanks in advance to everyone in Wisconsin and in Nicaragua that has or will have a part in this shipment, truly a collective effort.  Your donations of time and resources are very much appreciated by many, and do make a difference.

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Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners 
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Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners (W/NP) has a 45 year history of bringing together volunteers and citizens of both countries to create relationships and to work to find solutions to common problems, leveraging international and local resources ultimately improving quality of life for all involved.


Thank you for your involvement , interest and support.