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 About Blue Ribbon Corp.
Blue Ribbon began by becoming a direct distributor of gauges and thermometers to satisfy the needs of OEMs, which required high volumes of low cost quality products. Since that time, BR has grown into its own name brand of products with our main manufacturing facility producing Pressure Transmitters & Level Sensors. We have also partnered with other companies to design gauges, thermometers and accessories to our own specifications.
We have combined our knowledge and experience with industry demands to produce quality products with competitive pricing, in some cases below that of our competitors, while providing service exceeding customer expectations.
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VISION: Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our customers, come to know them and their customers as individuals - allowing us to apply our knowledge
and expertise to give them the best product at the best price for their unique application while maintaining an unsurpassed level of service.
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Home to the breathtaking Sandia Mountains and to the world's largest hot air balloon festival, Albuquerque is the perfect place for ASHRAE to set its sights
on Raising Efficiency to New Levels.
Join the Society as it builds on efforts to provide technical guidance to increase the efficiency of buildings and systems. From pending publication of the nation's first code-intended standard for green buildings to release of a new version of its energy conservation standard to expansion of the Building Energy Quotient program, the sky is the limit when it comes to energy efficiency.
The 2010 Annual Conference also offers you the opportunity to help take your career to the next level through a variety of educational courses and the technical program, which focuses on a wide-range of programs and papers addressing the energy efficient system design for high elevations and dry climates.
Join ASHRAE as we move onward and upward to improve energy use around the world.
With a focus on energy efficiency system design for high elevations and dry climates, this year's Annual Conference features more market-based papers and programs than in previous technology-driven ASHRAE conferences. In addition, the conference includes traditional full-length Technical Papers as well as a new Conference Paper format. Preliminary program submissions include energy efficient design and operation of data centers, central chilled water plant innovations, and latest research on refrigeration system and components and design applications for sustainable buildings.

Industry News:

 Vendors Address Product Shortages
By Bob Miodonski
December 1, 2009
Communications, training and technology hold the keys to improve the flow of products from manufacturers to wholesalers to contractors.
A panel of manufacturers reached this consensus Oct. 23 during the Connect 2009 meeting sponsored by the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors - National  Association in New Orleans. "We can't wait for the economy to improve to make changes in the supply chain," said Legend Valve Vice President Robert Vick, who moderated the discussion.
The format for "Determining Roles for Success" allowed each manufacturer to address separate topics such as green plumbing products, Building Information
Modeling and product availability. The panel then opened to questions from PHCC members in the audience.
Manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors all play a part when products are not available when customers need them, Vick said. "For manufacturers, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what wholesalers want to add," he said. "There's no consistency in what contractors buy from  supply houses. Inconsistency of flow results in shortages. "Manufacturers have to commit to higher fill rates, wholesalers have to stock more variety and contractors have to order more than a day ahead."
Products not being available create an ongoing source of stress in the supply chain, InSinkErator Vice President Dennis Broderick said. Another six months probably will pass before product mix, availability and demand come into balance.
"There's a need for increased communications to reduce surprises within the supply chain," he said. Builders continue to approach manufacturers about buying direct, Broderick said. Contractors must do a better job of communicating their value to builders. "Contractors have to understand what builders want and explain how the supply chain works," he said. In a follow-up answer during the Q-and-A period, Bradford White Vice President Bruce Carnevale emphasized the point to PHCC members.
"It's incumbent upon you to sell the value of your service to builders," he said. "I fight that battle every day with builders. I tell them you can remove the company
from the supply chain, but you can't remove the function." Carnevale also encouraged contractors to communicate more openly with manufacturers to develop new products.
"It goes back to communication," he said. "It's very important to our R-and-D process to know what your needs are for products that haven't been invented." Anvil International Vice President Dean Taylor agreed. "Our best ideas come from you," he told PHCC members. "Communication is important. Training is important for contractors and wholesalers so you can make the right choices for your customers."
Contractors should take advantage of online training opportunities for their employees and themselves, American Standard Brands CEO Don Devine said.
"We need to use online training and the Internet more than we do today," he said. "We can deliver an enormous amount of training in a decentralized fashion at a time that works for you. Take time to increase your Internet capacity and aptitude." Contractors' familiarity with technology should extend to BIM, said NIBCO Chairman and CEO Rex Martin. Building owners are driving contractors and architects to use BIM on large, complex construction jobs to make the process better, faster and cheaper. "The ease of use with BIM will go up and cost will go down, and building owners will demand BIM be used on smaller projects," Martin said. "It could be used in the future in residential construction if big builders can use it to reduce costs."
About 750 people attended Connect 2009, including 400 contractors. The event included educational seminars, product showcase, PHCC business meeting and day of service. Next year's meeting
will take place Oct. 13-16 in Las Vegas
The CalHot Team is always here for you and your product needs.

Featured for the Month:

Modulating Vertical Boilers

Raypak has taken the design technology for modulating boilers to the next level with the all - new MVB.

By precisely matching the latest control and combustion components, the optimum fuel air ratio is maintained throughout the entire range of load-tracking operation, even with low and fluctuating gas pressures. A 4:1 turndown capability (503-2003) ensures the exact input to match the heating demand and maximizes efficiency at all firing rates.

With all copper and optional bronze waterways, these boilers provide the ultimate in corrosion resistance. 
Key Features:
12 models from 500,000 to 2,000,000 BTUH
Up to 85% efficiency (Cat.1*)
Up to 88.4% part load (Cat. IV)

Small footprint design, less than 5.4 square feet, fits tight spaces and easily replaces larger boilers
Advanced diagnostics and easy component access make service simple
No boiler condensate drain required (proprietary design)
All models indoor/outdoor certified
Complete cabinet protects all controls and wiring
Meets all current Low NOx regulations, including the new 2010 SCAQMD revisions
Suitable for altitudes up to 10,000 ft.
(derate above 5,000 ft.)
*Category I with vertical vent, category III with horizontal venting and no extractor. 
Please call The CalHot Team to order your MVB TODAY!

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