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Industry News:
American Metal Products introduces two new AmeriVent universal vent kits
for tankless water heaters. Available for both 3" and 4" vented water heaters, the kits feature everything needed for a standard through-the-wall installation. The UL1738-listed components are constructed from AL29-4C® stainless steel.

The kits have an easy-to-use ring-and-tab assembly, and are compatible with various models of Rheem®, Ruud®, Richmond and Paloma® tankless water heaters. The contents for the horizontal installation kit include an adapter, two 90-degree elbows, a 12" length vent pipe, a two-piece 6" to 19" adjustable length pipe, a two-piece horizontal wall thimble, a 90-degree termination elbow with vent screen, and a pressure valve, as well as an 18 AWG thermostat wire for remote-control connection for the 4" kit.


Please call The Calhot Team to order your Tankless Water Heater Installation Vent Kit TODAY!

Featured for the Month:
Cold Water Start:
It is commonly known that prolonged internal condensation will dramatically shorten the life of standard boilers and water heaters.

While Raypak boilers and water heaters can operate without harmful condensation at lower inlet water temperatures than the competition, there are still applications that require reliable protection against harmful condensation caused by frequent, extended, cold water start-ups.

Raypak's Cold Water Start protection system utilizes a proportional three-way valve to bypass water from the boiler outlet to the inlet during start-up,  when the system return water temperature is below the minimum acceptable level.

Raypak's Cold Water Start system:
· Continuously monitors and adjusts inlet water temperature to prevent condensation
· Regulates minimum inlet water temperature during system start-up
· Shuts down boiler if the minimum inlet water temperature is not achieved
· Eliminates jobsite set-up with proprietary self-tuning controller and system-matched  components
· Utilizes proportional three-way valve to achieve bypass
· Allows high-temperature system operation without cycling on high-limit
· Activates alarm if shutdown occurs (option)

Cold Water Run:
For the same reason stated for Cold Water Starts, it is even more important to provide protection against condensation from cold inlet water on systems where the return water temperature to the boiler will always be below the acceptable minimum. Raypak's Cold Water Run system utilizes a variable-speed pump to inject just the right amount of water from the main system loop into the boiler to maintain the optimum inlet temperature. This approach allows the full capacity of the boiler to be utilized to meet the system load, while at the same time continuously maintaining the optimum inlet water temperature to prevent condensation.
 Raypak's Cold Water Run system:
· Continuously monitors and adjusts inlet water temperature to prevent condensation
· Regulates minimum inlet water temperature regardless of system temperature
· Shuts down boiler if the minimum inlet water temperature is not achieved
· Protects boiler from constant low return water temperatures with its proprietary self-tuning controller
· Utilizes variable-speed injector pump to control boiler loop temperature
· Activates alarm if shutdown occurs (o
 Please call The CalHot Team to order your Cold Water Solutions TODAY!
Trade Show:
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IHACI's 30th Annual HVAC/R/SM


Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, California

For more information, please contact the IHACI office by calling
(818) 551-1555 or by e-mailing

Manufacture Profile: 
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J.L. Wingert Company has grown to a position of industry leadership through four plus decades of uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability and value.

The California-based company is recognized as a prime supplier of advanced-design equipment to the water and wastewater treatment industries, and the liquid management trade.                                    

J.L. Wingert offers a full selection of its own manufactured products such as mixers, separators, bypass feeders, coupon racks, glycol feed systems, sample coolers and sludge traps, tanks and tank stands, and custom systems. Among other product lines, they distribute LMI, Myron L, Flowline, SeaMetrics, Griswold and TAH.

Available in four materials and multiple sizes, J.L. Wingert Coupon Racks feature quick disconnect coupon holders that do not require tools for installation or maintenance.  Nylon sample holders do not alter coupon corrosion rates. Between one and six coupons are standard, but J.L. Wingert can customize to any quantity you need; pipe is standard at ¾", but other sizes are available.
J.L. Wingert is one of only 14 master distributors for LMI in the United States.  Boiler companies use LMI electronic metering pumps to introduce chemicals into their hot water systems.  For boilers specifically, J.L. Wingert offers the LMI Boiler Conductivity Probe Assembly, part number 34761, which can handle 400° F at 250 PSI. Also, the LMI Conductivity Monitor/Controller can be used for both continuous feed AND for timed boiler conductivity sampling and blowdown.
 Please call The CalHot Team to order your J.L. WINGERT CO. Products TODAY!
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