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Armstrong Limited, a leading supplier of high quality, high-efficiency HVAC and fluid-handling equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications introduces the Design Envelope 6800 IVS Booster System to the North American market.

Faced with unpredictable supply pressure and varying system demands, many building owners and designers choose to boost water pressure using a combination of pumping and control.

The Armstrong Design Envelope Booster Packages provide users with a reliable supply of domestic water.

 The Design Envelope Booster is ideal for retrofit applications in large structures, such as schools, hotels, hospitals, and residential and commercial buildings. The Booster System provides significant savings in a number of areas, ranging from installation, operations and energy costs.
The Design Envelope Booster uses vertical multi-stage pumps, giving the unit a smaller footprint, compared to a traditional booster system.
The space-saving design of the Design Envelope package requires a smaller housekeeping pad, leading to a reduction in material and on-site labor costs.
The Design Envelope Booster System is factory pre-set to the building's initial design load and factory tested to ensure a quick and trouble-free installation.
The Armstrong Design Envelope 6800 IVS Booster System utilizes variable speed technology, which means the pumps change speed in order to meet system demand.
Unlike a constant speed system, the variable speed pumping technology ensures pumps do not run at full-speed unnecessarily, variable speed operation saves energy and reduces wear on the pumps. In addition, the Booster unit does not work against a pressure regulating valve, so there is no wasted energy. There is a no-flow  shutdown and optional tank, allowing the pumps to be turned off when there is no demand. All these features help to reduce energy use and lower operational costs.

Two unique features of the Design Envelope Booster System that can save you money are Soft-Fill and Pressure Setback. The Soft-Fill application is used during the start-up of the booster or after a power outage and reduces the occurrence of water hammer. This is a result of air in the pipes, compressed by water pressure, which can damage fittings and system components with the risk of flooding of the building. The Pressure Setback application reduces energy consumption by reducing the system pressure setting at low flows. This allows compensation for overly conservative friction loss calculations.

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Featured for the Month:


  Hi Delta
Sealed Combustion Pool Heaters

Decades of expertise and technological innovations went into creating the Hi Delta pool heater, a product which incorporates features sought after by engineers, installers and end-users alike. The patented burner "security blanket," an ingenious enhancement that provides a perfected air-gas pathway for complete combustion, makes the Hi Delta the most adaptable sealed-combustion pool heater on the market today. Adding to the Hi Delta's ease of use is the Universal Diagnostic Board (UDB). This key enhancement allows a local technician to quickly review the unit's entire fault history and make any necessary repairs or adjustments.

Every Hi Delta is factory-fire tested, assuring reliable start-up upon installation. When installed indoors, the Hi Delta's versatility is revealed in smaller vent diameters, direct-venting and the convenience of stacking without an increased footprint.
Key Features:
18 models from 300,000 to 2,340,000 BTUH

Pool Heaters - 85% standard
b) 98% condensing system available
(See Hi Delta with CHX)

c) 105ºF minimum inlet water capability

d) Cupro-Nickel fin tube heat exchanger

e) Bronze headers standard

f) Sidewall venting ready; No extractor needed for most applications

g) Ducted combustion air-ready; Optional TruSeal™ CSA-certified direct-vent available

h) Status display and advanced diagnostic lights for easy troubleshooting

i) Meets all NOx regulations


a) SureRack - Seismic-certified rack for two boilers (See Cat. 1000.16)

b) Y-200 Boiler Sequencer - Provides additional functionality for multiple-boiler installations. Compatible with LonWorks® Building Management Systems (BMS) (See Cat. #5100.22)

c) Cold Water Solutions - Protect heater from harmful condensation during start-up and continuous-run cold water applications. (See Cat. #1000.19) Models 302A-2342A.
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Manufactures Profile:
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The company was founded by Ted Field in 1927 in Evanston, Illinois and moved to Kinston, North Carolina in 1977.
Field Controls first specialized in large, custom-built draft controls. Field expanded its product line to include venting, combustion and air purification products. The company remains the worldwide leader in the manufacture of draft controls for oil, gas and solid fuel applications.
In the late 80's Field developed and patented the premier sidewall power venting product, the SWG Sidewall Power Venter.

The SWG is the first choice among service managers and contractors for sidewall venting combustion products from furnaces and boilers.

For direct vent applications, Field produces the Field Direct Venting System which offers unique benefits to the installer and homeowner.
To solve combustion air problems, Field manufactures the CAS Combustion Air Systems. Built for oil and gas applications, the CAS series provides adequate combustion air via the Field Airboot® or FurnaceBoot™ (oil) or the Fan-in-a-Can® (gas).

In the 1990's, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) became a major focus for the HVAC industry. Field Controls manufactures a complete line of ultraviolet air purifiers under the brand name UV-Aire®. UV-Aire products use ultraviolet light to kill and reduce airborne particles such as mold, bacteria, viruses and fungi. These thoroughly tested systems are available for forced-air oil, gas and electric systems. There are also two portable models that combine high efficiency filtration with UV light for homes and offices that require extra protection or do not have duct systems.

Field also makes Draft Inducers, Air Booster® duct boosters, GVD Gas Vent Dampers, Clearwave Water Conditioners, The Eliminator® foundation vent fan, and the 20+ Condensate Pump.
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The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is an international organization whose sole objective is to advance the arts and sciences of HVAC&R to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.

ASHRAE's sponsorship program allows leading companies such as yours to develop a unique affinity with the Society's 53,000 volunteer members. The Society's membership includes consulting engineers ,contractors, manufacturers, manufacturing representatives, architects and other industry related professionals. These industry leaders work to establish recommended design and operating practices for systems and equipment used around the world in all facets of HVAC&R.

There are no exhibiting opportunities at this event; however, sponsorships are available.
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