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Issue: # 43
August 2012

    Our Sale has been going really well, there's been a lot of interest, we've sold a lot, but there are still great deals to be had on some fantastic things!

   And so we are Extending the Sale
through August 12! 
So you still have time to check out some great deals.
Like selected Kristin Ford and Extasia Jewelry ...
Kristin Ford Sale Jewelry

There's soaps and pottery and scarves and more....

And even some Tintin - unheard of!

Tintin Mug Duo

And don't forget to join our new
Birthday Club! Let us help you celebrate your birthday, and receive a "party favor" from Zents, while supplies last. 

Speaking of Zents, each month we feature a different scent - there are ten! This month we are featuring Water, a refreshing, clean scent perfect for summer. Stop by and play with our testers to determine if Water is your favorite Zents scent!

And check the bottom of this email for a coupon to save on this month's scent. 
Things to Celebrate

Aug 1 - Spiderman Day

                World Wide Web Day

Aug 2 -National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Aug 3 -
  Watermelon Day

Aug 4 - National Mustard Day
               President Obama's Birthday


Aug 5 -  Friendship Day 
Aug 6 -  National Fresh Breath Day                         

Aug  7 - Lighthouse Day
                National Night Out

Aug 8 - Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your
                       Neighbor's Porch Night - I love
                       this one! 
Aug 9 -International Art Appreciation Day

Aug 10 - S'Mores Day  - try our neighbor
                        Trophy Cupcake's Chocolate
                        Grahm with toasted
                        marshmallow topping if you're
                        not around a bonfire! 

Chocolate Graham Cupcake  


Aug 11 -  National Garage Sale Day              
Aug 12 - Vinyl Record Day

Aug 13 - International Lefthander's Day                                 
Aug 14 -  National Navajo Code Talkers Day
                   V.J. Day

Aug 15 - Best Friends Day
                  National Relaxation Day - mmmm

Aug 16 - Joke Day

                  National Airborne Day

Aug 17 -
Hug Your Boss Day     
Aug 18 - Serendipity Day   
                  World Daffodil Day   

Aug 19 -
"Black Cow" Root Beer Float Day
Root Beer Float 
Aug 20 - Cupcake Day - another day you
      can celebrate here at Wallingford Center,
      whether it's with a fantastic Trophy
      Cupcake you can eat, or a Soapy Cake
      Cupcake you can wash with!


Aug 21 - Poet's Day

Aug 22 - Be An Angel Day
Aug 23 - National Sponge Cake Day
Aug 24 - National Waffle Day  
Aug 25 - International Bat Night
                  Kiss & Make Up Day
Lip Prints 

Aug 26 -
National Dog Day
                   Susan B. Anthony Day

Aug 27 - The Duchess Who Wasn't Day   

Aug 28 -  Race Your Mouse Around the
                          Icons Day - I'll bet this is a
                          recent addition!
                    Crackers Over the Keyboard Day
                    Dream Day
Aug 29 -
According to Hoyle Day
Aug 30 - National Toasted Marshmallow

Aug 31 - Love Litigating Lawyers Day

Lady Justice


Upcoming Events

It's our 26th Annual 
    Birthday/Anniversary Sale! 
Extended through August 12!  
26th Anniversary Sale

    PLUS the introduction of our Birthday Club - be one of the first to join and receive a "Party Favor" from Zents

July 14 - August 12 - Many of us are having sales this month, so come stretch your dollars and explore the Center!

WC Sale Ad

Mid September- Watch for an announcement of an Extasia Event
 Oct 20 - Annual Afternoon with Kristin Ford - mark your calendars, this is a "not-to-be-missed event"!
Kristin Ford Necks 
     Enjoy the summer, finally, and if you get too hot, remember that the Wallingford Center is comfortably air conditioned!

Thank you again for supporting local and

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

with this coupon 
The August Featured Scent is
        Zents Water Display
Save 10% on your entire purchase of any Zents product in the featured scent!
Offer Expires: August 31, 2012