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Issue: # 41
May 2012

      M ay in Seattle is often the prettiest month, in my opinion. We have all the various blooming trees as well as the tulips, narcissus and other Spring bulbs. After months of grey, rainy weather punctuated only here and there with some sun, it seems a riot of color. Add a sunny, cloudless day, and we don't know what month we're in, or where we are! It's rather disconcerting. You notice, as if for the first time, how late it is light out - something that goes unobserved during a rainy day, when our heads are tucked under hoods and we are running to avoid the raindrops.
     So May seems particularly special, and the appropriate time 
to celebrate Mothers and those women who have provided mothering, guidance, and support in our lives!

       Let us help you find the perfect gift, be it Jewelry (we just received a beautiful new collection of Kristin Ford) - 


or Body Care,

Estrella Display

or any of innumerable treasures from our shelves, sure to please! 


Bonsai Tree

Second Annual Haiku Contest Extended!
We have decided to extend the deadline for our Haiku poetry writing contest!
Last year we received some fantastic entries, and so would like to invite you all to submit this year, either a hard copy dropped off or mailed to the store, or via email to: crackerjackcrafts@gmail.com.

Winning entries will receive gift certificates to the store which we can tailor to "in store" or online, depending in the winner.

There were some entries last year which everyone liked, but were disallowed because they didn't follow correct form. So count your syllables carefully! Remember, it's 5 - 7 - 5 syllables, and the poem often incorporates a juxtaposition of images. This year, there are no set categories, except for a special Tintin category, so use your imagination! We will also post entries on our Facebook page and invite comments and votes from our Facebook  Friends.
So get your poems to us by midnight May 31.
Good Luck! 
Things to Celebrate

May 1 - Batman Day - my son's first love!
                National dance Day

May 2 - Robert's Rules of Order Day

May 3 - 26th Anniversary of Crackerjack! 

May 4 -
No Pants Day

                 Star Wars Day

May 5 - Kentucky Derby Day - check out
                   Ann De Vuono's new Spring hats
                   if you're going to the Derby (or
                   even to watch on TV)

        May 5 is also Cinco de Mayo and the
        Birthday of Judy from 4 Your Eyes Only

May 6 - World Laughter Day
                 Nurses Day 
May 7 - Accountant's Day

May 8 - National Teachers Day
                 No Socks Day - if you need socks,  
                       do we have the socks for you! 
Solemate Socks

May 9 -
Receptionist's Day
                 National Night Shift Worker's Day

May 10 -Windmill Day 
May 11 - Eat What You Want Day - I guess
                          one day wouldn't hurt!

May 12 - Hug Your Cat Day
                  Limerick Day - "There once was a
                           gal from Seattle....

May 13 - Mother's Day

May 14 - National Chicken Dance Day
                  Stars and Stripes Forever Day

May 15 -
Nylon Stockings Day - Who else
                         remembers the advent of
                  Straw Hat Day - and another
                         lovely Ann de Vuono Hat!


May 16 - National Sea Monkey Day
                   Biographer's Day

May 17 - World Telecommunications Day -
                       we even know how to spell it!
May 18 - International Museum Day - did
       you know that Detroit is home to one of
       the nation's top five art museums? You
       could spend days there...
Entry of Detroit Institute of Arts 
        ......I did.

May 19 - Artichoke Day

May 20 - Neighbor Day
                   Weights and Measures Day

May 21 - I Need a Patch for That Day

May 22 - National Maritime Day
May 23 - National Taffy Day - we have the
                     best salt water taffy by Spokandy
                      - just 25 cents for three pieces!

May 24 -
International Tiara Day  - every
       girl needs one! We have some exquisite
       wrapped and crocheted wire crowns
       embellished with pearls and gemstones -
       each is unique - made by Barrie
       D'Angelo, a former employee!

May 25 - Cookie Monster's Birthday

May 26 - International Jazz Day
              HarmonyLantern - Jazz Our favorite Harmony Lanterns, available in a multitude of patterns - check on our website for more! 
May 27 - Cellophane Tape Day
                   Indianapolis 500 Day

May 28 - Memorial Day - we are open
                         from 10 to 5! 


May 29 -
International Day of United
                         Nations Peacekeepers

May 30 - National Senior Health and
                         Fitness Day

May 31 - What You Think Upon Grows Day
                          - ain't that the truth? 

Upcoming Events

May 3 - Our 26th Anniversary!
We are not only celebrating 26 years in business, but the 10th Anniversary of our co-worker and friend, Ewa, whom many of you know as our resident Extasia expert!

Ewa & Kathleen with Anniversary Cake

May 13 - Mother's Day - don't forget that most extraordinary person!

May 31 - Deadline for Haiku Contest submissions 
Enjoy this most lovely month of Spring - flowers blooming, time pampering Mom (or being pampered), feeling the not-too-hot sun on your skin!
And thank you for supporting local and handmade!

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

The May Featured Scent is  
Petal Zents
Save 10% on your entire purchase of any Zents product in the featured scent!
Offer Expires: May 31, 2012