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July  2011

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July begins the second half of the year and kicks off a roster of events both at Crackerjack and Wallingford Center designed to celebrate 25 Years in business!!!


See Upcoming Events below and be sure to become Fans on Facebook

so you don't miss out! 


New Arrivals


We just received the most delicious looking and smelling soaps in the shape of everyone's current favorite dessert -



Created by local soap-maker Ingrid Harger, these will be a sweet addition to your  bathing experience!

Cupcake Soaps  


Available singly or in a gift box of 4 assorted, these look good enough to eat - but don't!



Feeling Smitten's new tempting treats for the bath are these darling pops. Again, do not eat!

And at $3 a pop, you can afford to buy some

to share. 


Bath Pops 



  So that Shower fans

don't feel left out of the bathwater, this Tacoma "bath bakery" has created shower donuts

available in half-dozen boxes of either a fruity selection, or a bakery scented selection.


These single use sugar scrubs will exfoliate your skin

and tickle your senses!



Shower Donuts 


 Stop by today to see and smell! 







 Upcoming Events

July 4th -
CLOSED Have a Fun and Safe Day!

July 9 - SeaFair Kiddies Parade & Wallingford
   Street Fair - beware of street closures! 

      North 45th will be closed from Meridian to Stone Way   

      from 10:30 - 12:30.  Wallingford Ave. will be closed

      from 43rd to 45th beginning at 7a.m. until 6p.m.


July 15 - Annual Anniversary Sale Begins 

It's our 25th!!!!!

25th Anniversary Ad


Come by on the 15th & 16th, special Customer Appreciation Days, to enjoy refreshments, extra discounts and best selection!

See below for a Sale Days Coupon for an additional way to Save.  



 This year the Wallingford Center is celebrating 25 Years too, and so all the stores are joining in on the fun and the Savings. Check out the Website for more!  


2011 Postcard - save these dates 


   Be sure to Fan us on Facebook and check the Bits & Pieces blog on our website for the latest information!

We regularly offer gift certificates through the Wallingford Center Fan Page, and June's winner, Brandy Robinson, enjoyed some child free time to browse and choose some fun things for herself and her daughters. So Fan both Crackerjack and Wallingford Center to stay in the loop! 



Things to Celebrate!

July 1 -
Canada Day - Oh, Canada!  

 Canadian Flag 

July 2 -
National Literacy Day               


July 3 - Jen's Birthday - Happy Birthday to You!!!   

             Idaho Admission Day, 1890


July 4- Independence Day
            Indivisible Day





July 5
- Phineas Barnum's Birthday, 1810                 

July 6 - Cherry Festival, MI

              Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day 


July 7 - Chocolate Day  

             Tell the Truth Day 


July 8 - First Public Reading of the Declaration of 



July 9 - Sugar Cookie Day  



July 10 - Wyoming Admissions Day

               Pina Colada Day

               Don't Step on a Bee Day


July 11 - Swimming Pool Day  


July 12 - Etch-A-Sketch introduced, 1960

July 13 - International Puzzle Day

               Embrace Your Geekness Day 


July 14 - Bastille Day - celebrates the modern nation of


Monet Painting
Monet's Painting of the Celebration

July 15 - Gummi Worm Day 

               St. Swithin's Day  


July 16 - Cow Appreciation Day 

               Hot Dog Night 

               Woodie Wagon Day - remember those?                             

1952 Woodie Wagon



July 17 - National Ice Cream Day  - Mollie Moon's or

                    Fainting Goat anyone???? 


July 18 - Global Hug Your Kid Day  


July 19 - Flitch Day - An old custom from yesteryear

                  developed into the holiday of Flitch Day.

                     Dunmore Piory, England. FLITCH DAY. Beginning in the

                     15th century, the monks offered a "flitch" of bacon as

                     prize for any married couple who could prove to a jury

                     of bachelors and maidens that they had lived together

                     in harmony and fidelity for the past year. Very few took

                     home the bacon.


July 20 - National Lollipop Day 

July 21 -
Monkey Day


July 22 - Rat Catchers Day - I hope we're talking cats here!


July 23 - Gorgeous Grandma Day - I know a few of those!


July 24 - Parents Day - How come we don't celebrate this?

                     (Because the parents would need to organize

                National Drive-Thru Day - hard to imagine a

                     world without drive-thru's, isn't it?



July 25 - Merry-Go-Round Day
               Thread the Needle Day- a traditional church game
July 26 - New york Admission Day - the 11th state was
                    admitted in 1788!

July 27 - Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day - okaaayy....

               Walk on Stilts Day


July 28 - Hamburger Day 

               National Chili Dog Day

               Beatrix Potter's Birthday

Peter Rabbit 


July 29 - Rocket Day 

               Rain Day - we've had enough of those this year!

               Lumberjack Day


July 30 - Henry Ford's Birthday, 1863 

               Cheesecake  Day


July 31 - Jump For Jelly Beans Day!!! 




July is:

National  Grilling Month, Tour de France Month,  

and Smart Irrigation Month


   Fourth of July    



Fourth of July brings so many nostalgic images to mind.


I grew up in a suburb of Detroit that was considered a village. I'm not sure of the definition of a village, but I suspect that it has to do with population (did you know that areas of North Dakota are now considered frontier again, based on population per square mile?). It was a small area of homes built in the 1930's, with a few businesses, churches and an elementary school. We contracted with our neighbor "town" for police, fire and library. We didn't even have our own post office, and this continues to cause confusion today. If I print out a mailing label based on the zip code, it prints out Franklin, Michigan. I cross it out and write Beverly Hills, otherwise it will go to the wrong post office and who knows when my mail will arrive!


The one time of year when I was especially aware of the boundaries, and even the existence of our village, was at Fourth of July.


Every Fourth of July there was a parade which began at the neighborhood parochial school and wended its way through the streets to the public elementary maybe a mile away. It was led by a fire engine, and perhaps a police car, with lights going and siren sounding, on and off. Then came the classic cars! These were always gleaming, polished vehicles of yesteryear, often with drivers and passengers in appropriate costume. And then came all the area kids! We rode our bikes, decorated with red, white and blue crepe paper woven around our spokes, draped from the handlebars, streaming from our grips. The bike decorating could occupy hours of preparation and the task became to do something better than the year before - more sensational and glorious! Crepe paper, old playing cards attached with clothes pins, streamers and stars all came into play, and we decorated our bikes whether we were riding in the parade or not. Those bikes were ridden with such pride until all the vestiges of décor broke into fragments left in our wake.


You could also walk in the parade, dressed as your favorite historical character, super hero or anything else you desired! One year I dressed as Little Red Riding Hood because the woman across the street from us lent me a great red cape. Or we would resurrect our Halloween costumes, or because it was warmer than Halloween, we could wear a ballet costume without a coat over it!


Some people actually put real floats together, either using a car or even a wagon. My sisters and I and a few friends dressed as beauty pageant girls one year, complete with swimsuits and sashes, and sat in my parents' red Pontiac convertible as my dad drove through the parade. He found that experience stressful! I think we had our pictures in the paper that time, which was very fun.


And there were prizes and ribbons in all sorts of categories, and there was so much excitement leading up to this usually sunny warm day. It began around ten in the morning as I recall, and by the Fourth of July we had relaxed into our less hurried summer life, so being up and in costume and in the schoolyard by nine-thirty or so seemed really early and exciting of its own accord! I remember being nervous as the judges circulated through the undulating mass of kids, handing out ribbons and praise.


Then it was time to begin our parade! We walked down our familiar neighborhood streets lined with residents sitting in lawn chairs near the curbs, waving at kids they knew. You would just follow the crowd, keeping track of siblings and friends who were often initially separated by the judging, but knowing that you would all end up at the same place. And before too long, just when it was losing its novelty and, I think, because I lived a block away from the start, I suddenly didn't know any of the people lining the streets, and that wasn't as much fun, it was over. We were at the public school playground and the task became to get your Popsicle, donated by the area milkman, and find your parents to go home.


The rest of the day was occupied with fried chicken and potato salad, family and good family friends. It seemed long, and fun. In the evening we would roast marshmallows and light sparklers, (always leaving them overnight on the damp grass) carefully lit by my dad, who diligently, with my mom, kept the four of us separated as we wrote our names in the night air, to see our arcs of light suspended in the darkness for a fragment of a second. Usually there were fireworks somewhere that we managed to see, and I would watch out of my bedroom window even after I was in bed to see if I could catch a glimpse of even one more.


A friend here in Seattle mentioned to me the other day that she misses her family terribly on Fourth of July. As it happened, our parents were close friends, and my family often spent the Fourth with hers, and I said I felt the same way. Perhaps it's because it isn't a gift-giving holiday, perhaps it's because it's in the summer, which has its own magic for kids, but maybe it's because we celebrate the ideals upon which our country was formed - and those ideals find expression in these simple pursuits by reminding ourselves of where we live and with whom, and how life is good.


 Next Month: August Already?    



I hope you are able to come by during the Sale, especially the Customer Appreciation Days, so we can thank you for helping us achieve this milestone.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 




Kathleen Koch 

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts 


Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!


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