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Issue: #31June  2011
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June brings visions of summer, but everyone I talk to, no matter where in the country, is still experiencing cool temperatures and rain.  


But that does not keep the graduations, weddings and Father's Day from happening! Stumped on what to give? here are some ideas: 


We have just gotten in some beautiful marquetry wood boxes that are very reasonably priced. The pictures on the lids are made up of various woods which have been cut and pieced together. And the same man makes wooden pens as well!    


 Marqart Box




A "cool" gift for Dads and weddings are the Vermont soapstone Whiskey Rocks. There are nine rocks in a muslin bag. Keep them in the freezer to chill your whiskey, gin, white wine, etc. without dilution!




     Whisky Stones



   For graduates, there are so many choices! Jewelry for girls is always welcome and we have so many styles to choose from: Kristin Ford jewelry comes with a tag which identifies the stones and their meanings for each piece, Colette Penketh has a fresh young style incorporating color and natural shell and wood into her necklaces, Jennifer Lenel's style of silver work is clean and modern - I could go on and on!



Kristin Ford Display 





     And who wouldn't love a photo of the city they are leaving, perhaps to go to college or onto their dream job? Douglas Tostenson's wonderful Seattle photos, some taken from his own deck are not your average postcard photo of Seattle!


D. T. Photo - In Town 




So come by and let us help you find the perfect gift for any of your June ocassions!  





 Upcoming Events

It's our 25th!!!!!

    Stay tuned - we plan to celebrate all year with artist events, our annual Anniversary Sale in July and other promotions!


25 Year Logo



July 15 - 31 - Anniversary Sale

   It's our annual Anniversary Sale, and this year is extra special because it's our 25th!

   And there will be sales throughout the whole Center, too! 


   Be sure to Fan us on Facebook and check the Bits & Pieces blog on our website for the latest information! 



Things to Celebrate!

June 1 -
  Say Something Nice Day
               Heimlich Maneuver Day

June 2 -
I Love My Dentist Day
              National Running Day

June 3 -
Donut Day
              Egg Day


June 4- Drawing Day
             First Ford Made - 1896



On June 4, 1896 in a tiny workshop behind his home on 58 Bagley Avenue, Henry Ford put the finishing touches on his gasoline-powered motor car. After more than two years of experimentation, Henry Ford at the age of thirty-two, had completed his first experimental automobile. He dubbed his creation the "Quadricycle," so named because it ran on four bicycle tires. The success of the little vehicle fueled Ford's automobile ambitions, leading ultimately to the founding of Ford Motor Company in 1903.  


June 5
- World Environment Day
              Hot Air Balloon Day 


June 6 - National Yo Yo Day 

              Drive In Movie Day - that was so fun - we would 

                  pack the whole family into the car, kids in pj's, 

                  and one by one we'd fall asleep after the family  

                  movie and during the second feature, which I 

                  always remember as a WWII story!  



June 7 - National Chocolate Ice Cream Day 


June 8 - First Indoor Swimming Pool Built 

              National Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day - it's a 

                  doughnut month! 


June 9 - International Young Eagles Day - sponsored by the

                  EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) gives

                  kids ages 8 to 17 the opportunity to fly in a

                  general aviation plane with one of 4200

                  volunteer pilots. 


Seaplane Landing 


June 10 - Iced Tea Day - people in the Midwest seem to
                   drink more Iced Tea, than they do here - it
                   was always the harbinger of summer!
June 11 - The Wicket World of Croquet Day - I have a
                   regulation croquet set (did you know there was
                   regulation croquet?) and the wickets are not
                   the soft bendable wires of the backyard
                   games. They are hard quarter-inch steel in a
                   rectangular shape which give the balls only
                   about a half inch clearance!

June 12 - Magic Day - that's a fun one!

June 13 - National Juggling Day

                My Son Asher's Birthday




June 14 - Flag Day  - proclaimed in 1949 by Harry S.  

                   Truman. On June 14, 1777 the Continental

                   Congress proposed that the U.S. have a  

                   national flag instead of the British Union Jack.

                   Betsy Ross, who owned an upholstery business

                   and made flags for navy ships in Pennsylvania

                   showed George Washington how to make

                   5-pointed stars and contributed to the final

                   design of 13 stars on a blue field, and red and

                   white stripes. A quote often attributed to

                   George Washington: "...We take the stars from

                   heaven, the red from our mother country,  

                   separate it by white, in stripes, thus showing

                   that we have separated from her..."  


Betsy Ross Flag 


June 15 - Fly a Kite Day 

                Power of a Smile Day  


June 16 - Fudge Day                               


June 17 - National Flip-Flop Day 


June 18 - International Picnic Day - is it a picnic without

                   fried chicken, potato salad and deviled eggs? 


June 19 -

                      Father's Day



                Lou Gehrig's Birthday 1903 His accomplishments
                    on the field made him an authentic American
                    hero, and his tragic early death made him a

Lou Gehrig

June 20 -
West Virginia Admissions Day
               American Eagle Day

June 21 -
Baby Boomers Recognition Day
                Go Skateboarding Day
                First Day of Summer
June 22 - U.S. Department of Justice Established 1870
                     After the Civil War the amount of litigation
                    involving the U.S. and the expense of
                    retaining a large number of private attorneys
                    led to the creation of the DOJ. An executive
                    dept. of the government with the Attorney
                    General as its head, it handles the legal
                    business of the U.S. It is the world's largest
                    law office and the central agency for
                    enforcement of federal laws.

June 23 - Let It Go Day

June 24 - Celebration of the Senses Day
                International Fairy Day 



June 25 - National Catfish Day
                Great American Backyard Camp-Out Day
June 26 - Toothbrush Invented 1498

June 27 - National Orange Blossom Day
                Helen Keller's Birthday

June 28 - Paul Bunyan Day

June 29 - Camera Day - let's all go out and take pictures!

June 30 - Handshake Day
                Meteor Day



June is:

National Dairy Month, Rose Month, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, 

and Perennial Gardening Month


   Dads, Grads and Weddings!   


 It's funny how you can go for years without being invited to a wedding and then you have three in one summer! Same with graduations - one year you have none and then another you have some from high school and some from college and then there's the occasional pre-school graduation as well!


And Father's Day is squeezed in among all the end of school year celebrations, but the teachers seldom have time to do a Father's Day project with the kids before they are dismissed for the summer. I always felt there was a lot more emphasis on Mothers Day than on Fathers Day. And let's face it, Dads are harder to shop for, it seems. Women often have a wider range of "likes". Even if cooking is not their favorite thing to do, a pretty tea towel is appreciated for its ability to brighten up the kitchen. Same with nice soaps and lotions. And who can ever have too much jewelry? But men? Not so easy! We were choosing the marquetry boxes I mentioned above and I realized either a man golfs, or he does not. And if he does not, he probably would not particularly like a wooden box with a golfer pictured on the lid. But would he like a sailboat even if he does not sail, or own a sailboat? See what I mean? Men are just more specific, I think, in their preferences. Even if my favorite flower is a peony, I would still like roses or daisies or lilies.  


And who doesn't like to receive a gift? So we have chocolates and whiskey stones and wood boxes and Zents soap (which is emollient enough to shave with) and cheese slicers and pocket knives and journals and wooden salad tongs and poof balls and garden stakes and wine stoppers. And don't forget our extensive Tintin collection - a must-have for a lot of our male customers!


I know Crackerjack is sort of "girly" looking, but we try to have some great things for the men on your list too!  Who knows?  You can rack up some Customer Appreciation stamps on a Fathers Day gift to use on something later for yourself.  And maybe he'll come shop for you  at Crackerjack next time he needs a gift! 




 Next Month: Fourth of July!   



We're busy planning our sale and all sorts of events for our 25th. I hope you are all able to come celebrate with us! 

Kathleen Koch

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts


Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!



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