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Issue: #30May  2011
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We had a lot of fun celebrating the Royal Wedding a few weeks ago!


Thanks to all of you who came by and shared a bit of cake and a love of hats. Ann De Vuono outdid herself with some gorgeous creations, including some fancy headbands, or "fascinators" as the Brits have dubbed them. And she's kept them coming.

Stop by and see these darlings - a great addition to a summer dress, an evening suit, for the mother of the bride!


Wedding Cake   





Diana & Friend - Royal Wedding
Two of our hat sporting customers!



Crackerjack Royalty
Crackerjack Royalty modelling fascinators!



New in the store is a very clean jewelry line from Melissa Stiles of Portland, Oregon. Made of stainless steel and colored resin it is a bold fresh look!  


Stubborn Leaf Necklace  


3 Bird Stubborn Necklace  




New Tintin:






Tintin Waving - a new, slightly larger figurine, is joined by a sitting Snowy and Captain Haddock!


Captain Haddock figurine 




 Upcoming Events

It's our 25th!!!!!


     And so stay tuned - we plan to celebrate all year with artist events, our annual Anniversary Sale in July and other promotions!


     Be sure to Fan us on Facebook and check the Bits & Pieces blog on our website for the latest information! 




25 Year Logo




Things to Celebrate!

May 1 -
  National Dance Day
              Save a Rhino Day


May 2 - Play Your Ukulele Day
             Roberts Rule of Order Day

May 3 -
Crackerjack's 25th Anniversary!!!

                             25 Year Logo            


We will be celebrating with all sorts of events throughout the year - keep posted!



May 4- Star Wars Day - remember seeing the first movie,
                 and how cool the special effects were? The
                 words going back into space? The creatures in
                 the bar scene? R2D2 and friend????

May 5
- Cinco de Mayo - don't have too many Margaritas!
             Judy's Birthday (4 Your Eyes Only Optical) - an
                  easy one to recall!




May 6 - No Diet Day - 'cause you blew it yesterday????  


May 7 - Home-brew Day 

             National Babysitter's Day - when I babysat (a 

                   million years ago) I made 50 cents an hour, 

                   generally regardless of how many kids there 

                   were. Everything I wanted to buy I translated 

                   into hours of babysitting - that album at

                   $3.99 was 8 hours of babysitting - did I really

                   want it that badly????   


May 8 -

            Mother's Day 

 Yelow Flowers 


May 9 - Accountant's Day


May 10 - Windmill Day
May 11 - National School Nurse Day

May 12 - Hug Your Cat Day
                National Nutty Fudge Day

May 13 - It's a Friday! Usually a Good Day for me!  


May 14 - International Migratory Bird Day 

                National Train Day 


May 15 - Straw Hat Day  


May 16 - First Envelope Made 

               National Sea Monkey Day - okay, what are these



sea monkeys




May 17 - First Merry-Go-Round Built  

               World Telecommunications Day 



May 18 - Turn Beauty Inside Out Day - not sure what this

                     means - intriguing though - any thoughts? 

                Rooster Day



May 19 - Boys Club Day
               Devil's Food Cake Day - that's a good one!

May 20 -
Levi's Blue Jeans with Riveted Pockets Patented
                    in 1873
               National Bike to Work Day

May 21 -
National Endangered Species Day

May 22 -
Neighbor Day

May 23 - National Taffy Day
               World Turtle Day
               Bifocals Invented

May 24 - Brothers Day
               Morse Code Day - this chart makes the dots and

                     dashes concept make sense! 




 morse code




May25 - Cookie Monster's Birthday Day

May 26 -
National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

May 27 - Cellophane Tape Day

May 28 - International Jazz Day

May 29 - Indianapolis 500
               Rural Life Sunday

May 30 - Memorial Day


May 31 - World No Tobacco Day
               What You Think Upon Grows Day

May is:

National Salad Month, Bike Month, Egg Month, 

Barbeque Month, and Photo Month


   It's Our 25th Anniversary  

    Hard to imagine, but true - Crackerjack is officially 25! 


    We are so pleased to be celebrating the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Crackerjack!


     It seems unimaginable, and a lifetime, that we have survived so many ups and downs, changes in technology, artists who have come and gone, trends that have appeared, and then, as suddenly disappeared. Remember bolo ties? We had some beautiful ones back in the 80's for both men and women. I wonder if they will re-surface soon?


     So many memories and faces! My first employee, Tamara, a student, now lives in the neighborhood and has children of her own who are fast approaching the college years. And the two regulars, who would browse the store on their weekly "coffee day" who told me they had their ears pierced so they could buy earrings at Crackerjack - what a compliment! The customers and employees who became more than that, who came to my baby shower, whose weddings I've attended, and the customers whose children I've seen graduate from the stroller to high school, to college and beyond. There are several of us who remember being pregnant at the same time, and who keep up on what the kids are all doing. Several of my longest personal friendships are with other merchants, current and former, who I met at the Wallingford Center. This has been one of the joys of owning and running a small business that has stood the test of time - the personal relationships, the sense of being a part of the larger community.


     Over twenty- five years I have certainly seen some major changes in how we have all done business. In the beginning, orders were written out, copied and mailed. Then it became standard to fax orders, which saved several days. Now everyone wants to email everything - instantaneous! Someone still needs to print things out, but even shipping seems faster than in the "old days". We are selling online, keeping in touch with our customers and colleagues via email and Facebook. We accept coupons redeemable through an App on your phone! Amazing - who would have thought?


     For twenty-five years, I have owned and operated a small shop. After twenty-five years, I am now in the habit of saying "store" - somehow it sounds more serious than "shop" -because I take what I do very seriously. When I look at the statistics for longevity of small businesses, I am astonished! According to the Small Business Administration, small employer firms with fewer than 500 employees (well, we're way below that!) have a survival rate of only 50% after five years, 33% after ten years and only about 25% after fifteen years. So Crackerjack has certainly survived the odds!


     Some other interesting statistics I found: small businesses employ about half of all private sector employees and pay 44% of total U.S. private payroll; they generated 65% of net new jobs over the past 17 years, create more than half of the non-farm GDP and are 52% home-based. Of the 27.1 million non-farm businesses in 2007, women owned 7.8 million businesses which generated $1.2 trillion in revenue, employed 7.6 million workers, and paid $218 billion in payroll. Pretty good arguments for supporting small local businesses, aren't they?


     And while "store" may sound more significant, what has always been at the core of the business philosophy we employ at Crackerjack is the customer service and attention one associates with a small shop. It is those personal relationships on both sides of the desk that distinguishes a store like Crackerjack from a big box store or one that is a part of a national chain. It is also the relationships we have with the artists whose work we sell - they are people, not just vendors. We talk with them - some we know personally, we know their stories, their processes. We are a part of their community, as they are of ours! I know this is a large part of what has helped Crackerjack to thrive and survive for twenty-five years - the support of our loyal customers and our fabulous artists!


     So join us this year as we celebrate not only our success as a store, but the success of all the artists who are able to continue creating because we are able to showcase their work and make it available to our clientele. Because it is a celebration of you as well - we couldn't have done it without you!



 Next Month: Dads, Grads & Weddings!  



Enjoy the sun when it appears! 

Kathleen Koch

Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts


Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!



Save $10.00
on Hats over $50.00  

In honor of the Royal Wedding, get $10.00 off any Hat over $50.00!


Offer Expires: June 15, 2011   Must present coupon at time of purchase.One coupon to a customer, please. Purchase not eligible for Customer Appreciation Card stamps.