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Well, if April showers bring May flowers, we should have a lot of flowers around next month! (I think I said that last year, too!) 




 What we do have this month is lots of new Spring clothing! We just received some Basic Threads, which features the fantastic linen/tencel blend that is so comfortable.The fabulous Soo Lee top is back in a soft "Blueberry" shade, and there is a new "Flutter" dress - great for Easter and Spring occasions.


Soo Lee Top  


  From Niche, we have a three-season linen tweed skirt and jacket with great detail. Called the Radius Jacket, it has both shape and drape. Ours is in a black/cream tiny tweed, great for pairing with all sorts of colors to change it's appeal through the seasons!   



          Niche Jacket  


  Still to arrive are everyone's favorite skirts, the Comfy Skirt from Bellingham's Texture and Erin MacLeod's creative snap-around wrap skirts in new fabrics. Erin's "masterstroke of genius" skirt fits and looks great on all sorts of women and can be worn over a swimsuit, over tights or leggings or bare legs, with boots or flip-flops. In an ever changing array of fabrics and patterns, many of our customers find it impossible to own just one!


                                                         Erin Skirts

(These are examples of style - they are not current patterns)






For Tintin Fans, we have received more stock on the Snowy Plush, drinking glasses and ceramic mugs. Have you seen the Haddock/Tintin set of two?

Very fun!

Brand new is a Tintin mask, either hand held by the included handle or with elastic to go around the head - for a great price of $6.


And for you collectors out there, come by to see two "life-size" heads of Tintin - one with "natural" color, and one in all white. ($437. and $345. respectively) They are really conversation pieces!  



Tintin busts 




 Upcoming Events

Now Forming -

   Kristin Ford and Extasia Jewelry Clubs


 Join our new Jewelry Clubs to find out about new shipments, trunk shows and special events! Be among the first to see new work, have first pick from trunk shows, and more! Sign up in store, or send us an email!   


And don't forget to Fan Us on Facebook and check the Bits and Pieces Blog on our website for current information! 



Kristin Ford Necks 



Mark your calendars now for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Wallingford Center

featuring The Bubbleman

and Lots of Candy!

Saturday April 23 for info





Wallingford Center is Closed on Easter Sunday, April 24



Things to Celebrate!

April 1 -
April Fool's Day
              National Sourdough Bread Day
              National Fun at Work Day

April 2 - PB & J Day
              Pillow Fight Day
              National Love Our Children Day

April 3 -
Tweed Day - check out the new Niche Tweed!
              Find a Rainbow Day


April 4- National Reading a Roadmap Day
             Gold Discovered in the Yukon, 1896
             Vitamin C Discovered

April 5
- Pocahontas married John Rolfe, 1614
              One Day Without Shoes Day

April 6 -
National Day of Hope
             Tartan Day
             National Caramel Popcorn Day - my favorite!

April 7 -
Metric System Day
              No Homework Day
              World Health Day
              National Coffee Cake Day - another favorite!

April 9 - National Cherish an Antique Day
              Winston Churchill Day

April 10 - National Farm Animals Day
                Safety Pin Day - first credited to the Mycenaeans
                    of 14th Century B.C., the present day safety
                    pin was re-invented and patented by
                    American Walter Hunt in 1849


Safety Pin

April 11 - National Pet Day
                Dandelion Day - a sweet gift for anyone who
                    might be the recipient of a Dandelion or other
                    small flower, Mom's Little Vase is only about
                    3 inches tall!

Little Vase


April 12 - Equal Pay Day
                National Library Day - go check out a book!
                Licorice Day 

April 13 - Peach Cobbler Day 


April 14 - International Moment of Laughter Day 

                National Pecan Day - who likes pecan pie? 


April 15 - First McDonald's Opened 1955 

                Take a Wild Guess Day 

                Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday 

                Tax Return Day 


April 16 - Husband Appreciation Day 

                Teach Your Daughter to Volunteer Day 

                Barbara's Birthday (4 Your Eyes Only) 



April 17 - Ford Mustang Day

                Marianne's Birthday (my sister)     

                Blah! Blah! Blah! Day!!!!


April 18 - Boston Marathon

                National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day

                Passover Begins at Sundown  


April 19 - National hanging Out Day
                Garlic Day - but don't eat too much, or no one
                      will want to hang out with you!
                Jane's Birthday (Crackerjack salesperson


April 20 - Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Day

April 21 -
Get to Know Your Customers Day
                Kindergarten Day
                National Chocolate-Covered Cashews Day
April 22 - National Jelly Bean Day


jelly beans

April 23 - Movie Theater Day 

                Easter Egg Hunt at Wallingford Center

                      - check for info
                International Macaroni Day

April 24 -

                Easter Sunday



April 25 - Twenty-something service Day
                Red Hat Society Day

April 26 -
National Pretzel Day

April 27 - Morse Code Day
                Write an Old Friend Today Day

April 28 - Poem In Your Pocket Day - choose one of our
                     Haiku winners!

April 29 - National Dance Day
                Zipper Invented - wow! Safety pins and zippers
                     in one month!

April 30 - Eeyore's Birthday
                Hairstylists Appreciation Day
                Bugs Bunny Day - What's Up Doc????

Bugs Bunny


April is:

National  Card & Letter Writing Month,

Jazz Appreciation Month, and Kite Month


   Haiku Contest Winners!    

    I was so impressed by the creativity displayed by the entries we received for the Haiku Contest!


   There were several entries from kids, and from adults near and far. Our judges had a bit of a time - it was hard to choose winners, especially in the Nature category - there were a lot of good ones!


   But, without further ado, here are the winners of the First Annual Crackerjack Haiku Contest:



Shopping/ Gift-giving


    Texture crinkle, move

    fabrics, tissue, color

    flavors for the eye.


         by Michelle Ferris






    Clown in my shoe


    A clown in my shoe

    Dancing all in that great joy

    Right inside my shoe


        by Sam Stearns, age 11








    He reaches for me

    Warm hands, gentle laugh, kind eyes

    With him I am home


        by Diane Nichols






    Tent City


    Blue tarps like brave wings

    Hunger hovers in cold bones

    Cupped hands hold brash hope


         by Mercedes Lawry






   Spring's first gooseberry

   how proud and red your curve shines

   in my brother's palm.

        by Catherine 




   Congratulations to all the winners! As I said, there were many excellant poems, and I will include others throughout the rest of the year. And we'll do it again next year, so keep writing!  

 Next Month: It's Our 25th Anniversary!! 



Happy Passover, Happy Easter, happy gardening, happy rainbow searching!

Kathleen Koch

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