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Issue: # 27 January/February 2011

     Since January is just moving right along, I figured I'd better do a combination January/February edition of the newsletter!

     So Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday season! We've been busy taking decorations down, completing our inventory and planning the year ahead, beginning with Valentine's Day.

     Valentine's Day comes at such a perfect time of year - some pink and red to warm the coldest, dreariest month! We are already receiving shipments to refresh our displays after the ravages of Christmas! It's a perfect time to indulge in either a fake fur

or a silk scarf - with the weather as changeable as it is this time of year, you can change your accessories to suit the day! Need some color to perk you up?
How about some new earrings or
a fun new handbag?   Orange Purse


     Want to be cozy? Light some candles, slip into some snazzy mismatched socks and heat up an animal print neck wrap to sooth those shoulder muscles. Feeling decadent? How about slipping a cupcake or ice cream cone - shaped bath fizz into a hot tub? Add a luxurious soap and lotion from our wonderful selection and you can create an at home spa experience at a moment's notice!

                                  Estrella Soap


  Tintin 2011 Calendars and agendas are now 40% off! This year's theme is signs and brand names. Every image includes a poster or an object that is a brand. Each year there is a theme and it's sometimes hard to figure out what it is! We have a limited number left, so get yours today while ther is 11/12 of the year left to enjoy it!


Tintin Calendar


  If you're on Facebook, become our Fan at Watch
for our Posts detailing special offers for our Facebook Fans during the Holidays!

  And also check out the Wallingford Center Facebook page and become a Fan of the Center to keep up on events, sales and goings-on!


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  Our selection of jewelry is exquisite, our scarves are varied, our purses are both trendy and practical! Soaps abound, Harmony Lanterns spin and Star Lanterns flicker. Step into our wonderful world of American artistry!

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                     Our Hours

Monday - Saturday 10 - 8
Sunday 11 - 5


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 Upcoming Events


Saturday Feb. 12 - Please Join Us...

           Valentine Poster              

    Come make a special Valentine for your Special Valentine!


Any Time: Bring in your old Christmas cards to be used to make new cards for service men and women! My mother-in-law works with a group of ladies who scrapbook new holiday cards out of old for our military! Just drop off those you would normally recycle, and I will send them on, and they will have a new, much appreciated life! 

Saturday February 19:

4 Your eyes Only Trunk Show 



Things to Celebrate!

Jan. 1 - New Year's Day 

Jan. 2 - National Speed Limit Imposed, 1974
                  to conserve energy during the Arab Oil Embargo, the speed
                  limit nationally was capped at 55mph

                                                     55 MPH Sign
Jan. 3 - Drinking Straw Day - Patented in 1888 and made of paraffin-
                  covered paper
             My Very Own Birthday
Jan. 4 - National Spaghetti Day

Jan. 5 - National Bird Day
             Construction of Golden Gate Bridge Began, 1933, completed
                  in 1937                            
                                     Golden Gate Bridge
Jan. 7
- Typewriter Patented 1829

Jan. 8 - World Literacy Day
             Bubble Bath Day

Jan. 11 -
National Thank You Day

Jan. 13 - Frisbee Invented - Patented by Walter Morrison, the Frisbee
                   went into production in 1957. In 1948 Morrison invented a
                   plastic disc based on the pie tins of the Frisbie Baking Co.
                   These pies were sold to many New England colleges, and
                   the empty tin, embossed with the company name, were
                   skimmed across many college campuses. Morrison's
                   plastic design flew farther and with greater accuracy.
                   Originally called the Pluto Platter to appeal to America's
                   growing fascination with UFOs, it was re-named Frisbee
                   when Wham-O (makers of Hoola-Hoop, Super Ball and
                   Water Wiggle) bought the rights in 1955.

Jan. 14 - National Dress Up Your Pet Day
Jan. 15 -
Hat Day - and do we ever have some lovely hats! From exquisitely crafted Soft Fabric Hats, to Hand-Blocked Fur Felt Hats, to Whimsical and Fun Party Hats, we are your source! Need a different size? We work with local milliners who can accommodate!

                       Ann De Vuono Green Hat w/ Pheasant Feathers Deanna Di Bene hat            
Tuzzie Muzzie Hat           

Jan. 17 - Benjamin Franklin's Birth
               Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed
               Customer Service Day - at Crackerjack our goal is that
                    EVERY day is customer Service Day!!!!   

Jan. 18 - Jazz Day
               Thesaurus Day - I love to say this word!

Jan. 21 - Martin King Luther, Jr. Day

Jan. 22 - Answer Your Cat's Questions Day - do cats ask questions?

Jan. 23 -
Measure Your Feet Day
               National Pie Day - when I was little, my grandmother lived
                    with us. She made a pie every Weds. and I loved to watch
                    her mastery of peeling apples and trimming the excess
                    dough from the pie plate. And she would always let me
                    and my sisters make little jam tarts with those scraps.
                    They generally got over-done, but we loved them!

                                             Pie Crust
Jan.24 - Eskimo Pie Patented
              My Birthday Observed - working retail and having a birthday
                   at the beginning of January is not much fun, so a few
                   years ago I decided to celebrate a few weeks later - much

Jan. 25 - Macintosh Computer Day - I have never had anything but
                   Macs. My first was a Mac Plus I bought in 1987. They were
                   having price wars in L.A. and my friend Kathie's brother
                   who lived in L.A. and knew computers offered to bring one
                   for me when he visited for the holidays. I plugged it in and
                   have never looked at another brand. Of course in those
                   days I think you needed to learn another language to use
                   a computer, and with a business to run and a baby on the
                   way, there was certainly no time for that! I still have that
                   old Mac Plus in a closet waiting for the trip to "computer
Jan 26 - First Electric Dental Drill Built

Jan. 27 - National Chocolate Cake Day
              Mozart's Birthday

Jan. 28 - National Kazoo Day

Jan. 29 - Carnation Day - the flower for January
              National Puzzle Day

Jan. 30 - National Croissant Day

Jan. 31 - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - do you think the big bubbles
                  or the little ones are more fun to pop?

January is

International Creativity Month


National Skating Month




Feb.1 - Robinson Crusoe Day

Feb. 2 - Groundhog Day

Feb. 3 - National Carrot Day
            Chinese New Year


    Chinese Take Out   

Feb. 4 - Bubblegum day


Feb. 6 - Superbowl XLV


Feb. 7 - John Deere's Birthday, 1804 - he developed the first  

                   self-scouring steel plow in 1837. Raised in Middlebury VT,

                   now home to Danforth Pewter, which we have carried for

                   years. Here's their Tractor Keyring, also, I think, available

                   in green:


                                      Tractor Keyring

              My sister Maureen's Birthday


Feb. 8 - Boy Scout anniversary Day


Feb. 9 - Toothache Day - good thing the electric dental drill was

                 invented last month!


Feb. 10 - Umbrella Day


Feb. 12 - Abe Lincoln's Birthday

               Barbie Dolls First for Sale, 1959 This is the one I chose, even

                     though by the time my mom let me have one, the

                     "bubble" cut was the newest! 



                                       Barbie Doll


Feb 14 - Valentine's Day

               Women's Heart Day


Feb. 16 - First Check Written - I'm starting to feel very old-fashioned

                      writing checks!


Feb. 18 - Pluto Discovered - okay, is it a planet, or is it not? Has this

                      been decided "officially"?????


Feb. 20 - National Cherry Pie Day


Feb. 21 - Presidents' Day


Feb. 22 - George Washington's Birthday

               Pebbles Flintstone's Birthday, 1963


Feb. 24 - Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day


Feb. 26 - National Pistachio Day


Feb. 27 - International Polar Bear Day


Feb. 28 - Red Spots of Jupiter Day (sto rms on the planet)

               National Tooth Fairy Day - we were just talking with a

                     customer the other day whose daughter wasn't quite

                     sure about believing in fairies. I would think if you had

                     your own national day, you were pretty real, wouldn't




February is Library Lovers Month,National Black History Month,

and American Heart Month







   Haiku & The New Year!

     It's a new year, and the dismal time of year to boot, brightened only by the very occasional ray of sunshine and the reds and pinks of Valentine's Day. It seems the time of year to read and write and contemplate life. Which makes me think of poetry, and Haiku poetry specifically. The condensation of words and thought has always been appealing, and seems a challenge.

     The Japanese word "haiku" means "playful verse". In English it is written in three lines, the first and third being five syllables long, and the middle line being seven syllables. It is important that the poem contain a "kigo", or season word. It is felt that the seasons convey emotion that we all can relate to - objective emotions associated with different seasons. Successful haiku will also contain contrast or comparison achieved with a "kireji" or "cutting" word which cuts the poem into two parts. You want to avoid either a too obvious relationship or one that is too obscure. Choose the words most perfect to spark emotions (not ideas) that you want to communicate. Haiku are based on the five senses, things we can experience. So use objective sensory description. Haiku are about emotions expressed through concrete images. It has been called "unfinished poetry" because each one requires the reader to finish it in his or her own heart. 

So shall we have a poetry writing challenge?

Write and submit your best attempts at Haiku Poetry in any or all of the following categories (be sure to tell us which category you are entering):
     Moving (as in emotionally moving)
     Shopping/ Gift-giving

Entries must conform to the haiku pattern of three lines, with the pattern of five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables.

Entries can be submitted via mail, dropped off at the store or emailed to

Entries must be received by midnight February 28,2011. 

One winner per category will receive a Crackerjack Gift Certificate for $25.00.

Winners and runners-up will be published in this newsletter and posted in the store. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any poem that is not appropriate to the ambiance of the store, or that does not conform to the guidelines.

                                                    Bonsai Tree


 Next Month: The Winners!



Look for love in all the right places! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!