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Issue: # 26 December 2010
  How did this happen? Is it really December? Don't you feel as though things start going faster and faster until we're experiencing life at warp speed???

  Let us help you with some of the load. We're extending our hours until 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday beginning Saturday December 11. Come shop with our helpful sales staff who are great at suggestions for even your hardest to shop for relative. Each evening, enjoy a glass of sparkling cider and a cookie or two while we gift box and beribbon your selection. Take a turn at our Holiday Spinning Game for a chance to win small prizes, discounts and coupons! Our goal is to make your holiday shopping as easy, pleasant and relaxing as it can be, so that you walk out with a gift ready to give and your nerves intact! On Sundays we will be open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.


Don't forget the Stocking Stuffers! We have lots to choose from, including Bami Ballen, the surprise balls hanmade in Oregon and Poof Balls, now in a two tube option as well as the bigger set with six tubes.

                       Poof Balls                 2 Pack Poof balls                      Holiday Surprise Balls                    Christmas Bami

     Our selection of jewelry is exquisite, our scarves are varied, our purses are both trendy and practical! Soaps abound, Harmony Lanterns spin and Star Lanterns flicker. Step into our wonderful world of American artistry!

                                                         Crave logo

      At last, the Crave books are here! Pretty and pink, these books showcase some of the best independant, women owned businesses in Seattle. And guess which of your favorite stores is included? An added feature this year is a discount offer from many of the stores, making the $19.99 price a steal!

                                           Colored Ornaments

Last weekend was our benefit for the Wallingford Community Senior Center, and did we ever have a good time! Several thousand dollars were raised through the Silent Auction which showcased lots of great things from local businesses. In addition, many businesses donated a portion of their sales for the day to the Center. And best of all, all funds were matched, dollar for dollar, by a grant!

                                                       3 Silver Balls


  If you're on Facebook, become our Fan at Watch
for our Posts detailing special offers for our Facebook Fans during the Holidays!

  And also check out the Wallingford Center Facebook page and become a Fan of the Center to keep up on events, sales and goings-on!


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                     Our Hours

Holiday Hours
Beginning Saturday December 11:

  Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.

         Sunday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  Christmas Eve: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  Christmas Day: Closed

  New Year's Eve: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  New Year's Day: Closed


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 Upcoming Events

December 11 - Crackerjack stays open 'til 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 'til 6 on Sundays until Christmas Eve. So relax, we'll be here for you!

  Join us in the evenings for impromptu music, a chance to spin for a prize, sparkling cider and cookies!

                         Candy Cane

Things to Celebrate!

Dec. 1 - Hannukah Begins at Sunset
                 Rosa Parks Day 

Dec. 4 - National Cookie Day

Dec. 5 - AFL-CIO Day
             International Ninja Day - for all you ninjas out there!
Dec. 6 - St. Nicholas Day - the inspiration for Father Christmas and
                  Santa Claus was this 4th Century Bishop of Myra, who
                  as a young man decided to devote his substantial
                  inheritance to works of charity.

                                St. Nicholas
Dec. 7
- Pearl harbor Remembrance Day

Dec. 10 - National Salesperson Day - Come in and meet some of the
                    nicest salespeople you'll ever interact with!

Dec. 11 - International Mountain Day
- we sure have some beauties
                    right here!

                                  Mt. Ranier

               Day of the Horse - 2nd Saturday of Dec. per Senate Res. 452
Dec. 12 - Poinsettia Day - Do you say poinsett-i-a or poinsetta? Either
                    is correct according to Webster's!
Dec. 13 - First Susan B. Anthony Dollar, 1970 - I wonder if I have one
Dec. 15 - National Lemon Cupcake Day

Dec. 17 - Wright Brothers Day - There's a great historical village in
                   Dearborn, MI,
Greenfield Village
which has the Wright
                   Brother's workshop as well as many wonderful homes and
                   stores and all sorts of things. It's one of my favorite
                   places, and I always try to go when I'm visiting my family.

Dec. 18 - Bake Cookies Day - I always have more plans than time, but
                   maybe I'll get to it this year before Christmas!

Dec. 21 - Crossword Puzzle Day - the first one was published in 1913 -
                   come by the store to pick up a copy and see if you can
                   solve it!
                National Haiku Poetry Day - watch for rules and guidelines
                   for our upcoming Haiku Poetry Contest in our January
                World Peace and Winter Solstice - busy day!

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve

                               Santa in Sleigh
Dec. 25 - Christmas Day
               A'Phabet Day (No "L" Day)

Dec. 26 - Boxing Day
               National Candy Cane Day
               National Thank You Note Day
Dec. 28 & 29 - National Chocolate Days - two days for chocolate!


Dec. 31 - First Night
               Leap Second Time Adjustment Day (not always needed, but
                     if the clocks need to be adjusted the scientists do it on
                     June 30 and December 31)
               Make Up Your Mind Day
               No Interruptions Day
               Unwind for an Hour of Peace Day
               World Peace Meditation Day
               New Year's Eve

December 1 - 7 is Cookie cutter Week

   The Holidays

     What is it about the holidays that evokes in so many of us a desire for a Norman Rockwell experience? It seems so ingrained in our collective unconscious - the desire for friends and family gathered around a groaning table of food, elegant cocktail parties to rival anything Martha Stewart could dream up, cards sent to arrive before the big day, gifts wrapped so beautifully, you hate to unwrap them.

    Is this a self-imposed pressure? A search for the ideal? A desire for magic within our ordinary lives? I just think it might be that so much of it all is fun.

     I just spent a precious few hours with a friend (instead of working on this newsletter) wandering in a few small locally owned shops, carrying our lattes with us. We enjoyed looking at possible gifts for her two daughters and my son, oohing over beautiful cookies and candies, pretty cards and special ornaments and nativity scenes. We bought a few things, most notably (no pun intended) some Christmas cards we both solemnly swore to send out - this year - before Christmas. I always joke that old friends probably think I'm dead and gone, it's been so long since they've received a card from us. I told her my new Mantra is "you don't have to write a long note". The idea of sending a card without a long letter just seemed wrong to me, especially because I wasn't a frequent writer. So I think now I can embrace the idea of a quick line or two. We'll see. Of course, there will be the few people I will need and want to write a letter to. Maybe I can do a three or four to one ratio - one letter to three with just a line or two.

     And then there are the cookies I'd like to bake, and the gifts to wrap - I found myself obsessing over the gift wrap selection at the grocery store the other night on my way home from work, where I'd stopped to buy something for dinner and ended up doing a full shop, because, after all, I was there, and why come back tomorrow?

     I love all the lights at this time of year - I always have. I love the idea of just driving around with a thermos of hot cocoa to look at them. Not very green, I know, and besides, I haven't found anyone yet willing to go with me. Of course, there are no lights on my house yet, or a tree inside waiting to be decorated. But hey, it's still early days.

Now when I'll find the time to do any of this remains to be seen. But I do have plenty of stamps! I just wish I could squeeze an extra week in there someplace!


 Next Month: The New Year!

May you be blessed with Family, Friends and Peace during this Season of Joy!

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!