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Issue: # 24  October 2010
   Join us in acknowledging American Craft Week! As a craft retailer for almost 25 years, this is a week near and dear to our hearts. It has been the mission of Crackerjack to bring to Seattle a wide variety of finely crafted, American artist made jewelry, ceramics, glass, clothing and accessories, wood, bath and body, and, and and! We are committed to supporting crafts artists in an effort to keep our American craft traditions alive and a viable life choice. Your patronage of Crackerjack supports not only a small local business, but local, regional and national crafts artists as well! 
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  Fall clo
thing and accessories continue to arrive! We have the newest from Niche, including this beautiful long blouse - great over a very slim skirt or leggings -


  And for all the Tintin fans - great news! - we just received the 2011 Wall Calendar in two sizes - $33.00 for the large, and $28.00 for the small, which is perfect for an office or any place where space is at a premium. The agenda is $37.00 and has the same pictures as the calendar, and a page per week format with empty pages for notes at the back along with a pocket and a place marker. Call or come by to scoop yours up - last year we sold out. These also make great gifts for the Tintin fans on your list!

                 Tintin Calendar

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                     Our Hours


        Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
          Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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 Upcoming Events
October 23 - A Celebration of Gems- Our Annual Afternoon with Kristin Ford. On Saturday October 23, Kristin will join us in the store for refreshments and a spectacular collection of her work, including lesser seen one of a kind pieces incorporating precious stones. This yearly event is an excellent opportunity to see what is brand new, choose from a great selection and snag a one-of-a-kind find! The collection will be available through the weekend.

October 31 -Halloween at Wallingford Center - Sunday 3-5.  Join us for a Green Halloween celebration featuring trick or treating for all sorts of good for you goodies, kid-designed buttons, pretty gems, little toys and traditional candies! Don't miss the photo op, or schedule a professional photo shoot with our own Mud Puddle Photography!

November 12 - 14 -Best of the Northwest Art and Fine Craft show at its new home: Smith Cove Cruise Terminal Pier 91. Come visit your favorite Crackerjack artists, and if you are, or know of an artist wishing to exhibit, there's still room! Contact the Northwest Art Alliance here!

Things to Celebrate!

Oct. 2 - Redwood National Park Est. 1968
               Peanuts 50th Anniversary

Oct. 3 - Mickey Mouse Club Debuted 1955
            Blessing of the fishing Fleet Day

Oct. 5 - National Apple Betty Day
             Long Walk Day - sounds good!
Oct. 6 - National German-American Day
             Balloons Around the World Day - isn't that a pretty image?


.7 - Cabbage Patch Kids Debuted 1983 - remember those? And the lengths people went to
                  get one that one holiday season?

Oct. 9 - Leif Erickson Day

Oct. 10 - Tuxedo Day

                                Guy in Tux
Oct. 11 - National Sausage Pizza Day
               Columbus Day Observed
Oct. 12 - Farmers' Day
               1st Columbus Day, 1866
Oct. 13 -
White House Cornerstone Laid
               U.S. Navy Birthday, 1775 - did you know the U.S. Marines are even older? And
                     Hello to my nephew Donald, one of our newest Seabees!
Oct. 15 - National Grouch Day - some people don't limit themselves to just one day, do they?

Oct. 16 - Sweetest Day - I know I've mentioned this before, I don;t think this is celebrated
                    here much, but it sure was a big deal when I was in high school in Michigan. I
                    wonder if it still is? Anyone know?

                                                 Chocolate and Rose

Oct. 18 - Ivory Soap Day - So did you here the one about the pirate ship aground in heavy
                    fog? The night watchman is alone on deck and hears an eerie, quavering voice
                    say "It flooaats, it flooaatssss,". After awhile of this, he's really getting scared,
                    and finally goes down and wakes up the captain. The captain is very irritated to
                    have his sleep disturbed, and tells the watchman so, but finally goes up on deck
                    himself. He, too, hears the voice. "It flooaats, it flooaatsss...." So the captain
                    calls out "What floats?"  "Ivory Soap floats." I never did really understand why
                    that was such a great selling point - so you don't slip on it in the tub?
                National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Oct. 20 - Rubber band Invented
Oct. 22 - First Xerox Image Produced, 1938

Oct. 24 - National Bologna Day
Oct. 25 - Picasso's Birthday 1881

Oct. 26 - Two Gray Whales Freed From Ice 1966
Oct. 27 -
Make a Difference Day

Oct. 28 - Daylight Savings time Ends - boo hoo!
               Fall Back Day (same thing!)

Oct. 29 - Internet Created - it's hard to imagine life without the internet, yet it is so young!
                    The changes and adaptations we've all seen and made are truly phenomonal!
Oct. 30 - Checklist Day - this one is near and dear to my heart! I am truly lost without my
                    book. One day I left it at home and called to ask my husband to find it and look
                    to see what I had to do that day! 

Oct. 31 - Halloween - have a fun one!

                                           Jack O' Lantern         

October 1 - 10 is American Craft Week
celebrate with us

American Crafts Week

October 1 - 7 is Get Organized Week


   Gems Galore!
The last of October brings Halloween, of course, the holiday when you can dress up as a witch or a princess. I always need to remind myself that this is a costume, and what I'm looking for is impression, not couture, not longevity, but something for a few brief hours. It is the fantasy, the fun, the creativity and the challlenge that make it especially enticing. There are costumes that need explaining, that are plays on words. There are the classics - witches, pirates, gypsies (one of my "go to" costumes), princesse and goblins. There are the costumes that take your breath away - the fairies with almost real wings, the mermaid with a tail who still manages to walk! And the ones that really creep you out - the too convincing gore, the little girl next door dressed as her grandmother that you don't recognize, the monster of the year. At Wallingford Center we see the cutest children's costumes - babies as teddy bears and zebras, Snow White and Cinderella. I especially love the families who dress to a theme. One year Mom was Mary Poppins, and Dad and the two kids were chimney sweeps. Another family were all parts of Thomas's train!

Fun abounds, but what I really want to do is immerse myself in gems!

Yes, you heard me right. While others are planning their Halloween costumes and parties, we are planning our Fourth Annual Kristin Ford Trunk Show, this year dubbed "A Celebration of Gems"! Saturay October 23 is the big day, especially if you want to meet the artist herself. Kristin will be in attendance from 12:30 to 4:30 to personally introduce her latest gems. Kristin designs for each season, so for Fall and Holiday expect to see richly hued garnets, carnelian, peridot and kyanite, smoky hues of topaz, sparkling crystal against black onyx. You never know where Kristin's inspiration will take her, or what wonderful stones she has found. She never ceases to amaze me with her exquisite creations, many of which are one-of-a-kind. It's a veritable rainbow laid out on a table for your selection!

As well as more necklaces than Aladdin and more earrings than Cleopatra, Kristin will be showcasing her very limited edition Aliahlia Collection. Named in honor of her most precious gemstone, her daughter, this Collection features Tahitian pearls, sapphires, colored diamonds and other precious gems, 14K gold and sterling silver. Each of these pieces is a stunner!

I'm often surprised by what I'm attracted to, or end up purchasing. And I think that's where Kristin's magic lies. It is truly as if the jewelry speaks to you, calls out to you, chooses you. Kristin is the Jewelry Fairy and we get to be Princesses with lovely jewels!

To enhance the celebration, refreshments will be served, conversation will be stimulating and laughter will be light! And I hope you'll be there to join in our pre-Halloween festivities. Come be a jeweled princess!

The details: Jewelry will be showcased on Saturday October 23 through Sunday October 24. Kristin will be in the store on Satuday from 12:30 to 4:30. Refreshments served Saturday afternoon.


 Next Month: Turkey Day!

Fall is a busy time, but I hope you'll indulge yourself and join us on Saturday the 23rd. If you can't make it to meet Kristin, come by on Sunday to treat yourself to a visual feast of gems!

Hope to see you,

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!