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Issue: # 23   September 2010
Is it Fall yet?

Regardless of the weather (see my rant below) we have entered the autumnal month of September. Always betwixt and between, September is the month in Seattle where we say a fond farewell to sandals and shorts and welcome in raincoats and long sleeves!

Clothing ordered months ago is beginning to arrive, which is always exciting! We just received some new Komarov dresses this week and every shipment seems prettier than the last! If you have any kind of special occasion on your calendar, check out these dresses. When I first saw them, I had my doubts - I was afraid they would show every bulge. But the ingenious pleating actually causes them to skim right over some of those less-desirable "body issues" and show off your best features. They are so comfortable, too - no pulling or gapping - you forget you have them on! And they are so feminine - perfect for boosting self-confidence!

                        Grey Dress                  Floral Dress

September is Fall Hat Month and we have some great hats by local milliners! From casual caps to perky toppers, to elegant fur felt blocked pieces, we're the place. Wrong size? Let us work with you to order the hat you love in the correct size!
                          Ann De Vuono Green Hat w/ Pheasant Feathers

New handbag to go with the new hat? We have the perennial favorites by Dana Herbert of Portland made of beautiful tapestry fabrics with great touches like over-sized button closures, or functional interior pockets. New this summer is another Portland artist, Renee, whose bags feature studs and airline cable paired with marine vinyl in all sorts of cool colors.
                                                        D.Herbert Purse

And September is a great month to check out the Maralyce Ferree raincoats. One sided or reversible, these coats are real workhorses - they keep you dry and stylish at the same time. Come in to see the new Fall palette of colors and place an order for the color you love before the rains start in earnest!
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                     Our Hours


        Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
          Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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 Upcoming Events

Wallingford Farmers Market
continues, every Weds. from 3 - 7p.m. - show your support of the Farmers Market and get 10% Off your purchase at many Wallingford Center stores - just present your market purchase!

October 23 - A Celebration of Gems - Our Annual Afternoon with Kristin Ford. On Saturday October 23, Kristin will join us in the store for refreshments and a spectacular collection of her work, including lesser seen one of a kind pieces incorporating precious stones. This yearly event is an excellent opportunity to see what is brand new, choose from a great selection and snag a one-of-a-kind find! The collection will be available through the weekend.

October 31 -Halloween at Wallingford Center - check the website for details!

Things to Celebrate!

Sept. 1 - Titanic found 1985

Sept. 4 - Newspaper Carrier Day
                  Mark Spitz won 7th Gold Medal

Sept. 5 - First Gas Pump Installed
              Babe Ruth Hit Home Run #1

Sept. 6 -
Labor Day


Sept.7 -
Neither Rain nor Snow Day - clearly this day did not originate in Seattle!
             U.S. Nicknamed Uncle Sam
             Grandma Moses Day

Sept. 8 - Scotch Tape Invented


Sept. 9 - Teddy Bear Day
              Rosh Hashanah - Happy Jewish New Year - eat apples and honey to symbolize a
                    sweet new year.
                                                    Apples - three

Sept. 10 - T.V. Dinner
Day - My favorite was Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy - what
                      was your favorite?

                 National Swap Ideas Day
Sept. 11 - Remembrance Day
                National Hot Cross Buns Day - funny, I always associate these with Easter!

Sept. 12 - National Grandparents' Day
                Lascaux Cave Paintings Discovered
Sept. 13 -
Roald Dahl's Birthday, 1916 - did you know James and the Giant Peach is banned
                       in some libraries?
                 Helicopter Day
                 International Chocolate Day

Sept. 15 - Make a Hat Day - or come buy one of ours, made by local milliners Ann DeVuono,
                       Deanna DiBene or Devorah Baber! New Fall hats arriving this month!

Sept. 16 - 18 - Beer Days - I guess it takes more than one!?!?

Sept. 17 - National Apple Dumpling Day

Sept. 18 - Big Whopper Liar Day
                Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement

Sept. 21 - Miniature Golf Day - I always associate this with being on vacation...
                 World Gratitude Day

Sept. 22 - Ice Cream Cone Birthday
                Dear Diary Day - if you need a new journal, I can't tell you how nice it is to write in
                     a beautiful hand bound book by Watermark. The paper is nicely textured, the
                     edges are deckled and we have a lovely assortment of covers to choose from!

Sept. 24 - Punctuation Day - some of us entertain ourselves by spotting "creative"
                     punctuation and spelling! We should start a club. (Or a support group!)

Sept. 26 - Shamu's Birthday Scotland Yard Established 1829
Sept. 29 -
Scotland Yard Established 1829

September is  Apple Month, Fall Hat Month and Library Card Sign-up Month

National Keep Kids Creative Week is Sept. 26 - Oct. 2
Banned Books Week is Sept. 27 - Oct. 2


   Back to School!

I have always looked forward to Fall. As a kid, I didn't mind going back to school, reacquainting with "school friends", pulling out the sweaters and corduroys from storage. I loved the cooler weather, the smell of leaves burning (gasp!), getting new books and making covers for them from grocery bags turned to the plain brown side which could then be embellished as each saw fit.

But this year seems different. Ask any Seattleite - we have had the strangest summer! Yes, we are used to not having Summer begin until Fourth of July at best. And we also know we will go from floods to drought in a matter of weeks. And that the third weekend in July has the least probability of rain. When I see people planting tomatoes, I marvel at the optimism of the human spirit! And of course we expect there to be a period of really hot weather, not the crazy 100 degrees we hit last year, but the 80's for sure and maybe even a day or so in the 90's.

So what happened? Here we are in the first few days of September, with that decidedly Fall feel to the air even on the warmest days, having had about three weeks of summer weather! Yes, Summer did not begin until about a week after the Fourth, but it seemed to end over the first weekend of August when it rained non-stop for both days! And it hasn't been Summer since, even when it's been pretty warm. Well, be careful what you wish for I always say! At least we didn't have 100 degree days; I don't think we got into the 90's, did we? And we had some lovely days that began rather foggy, but then cleared and warmed to perfect upper 70 degree days. But why are there clothes I only wore once or not at all? Why are some little jackets and light sweaters at hand in my closet? Usually I have to search for them in October! I was ironing a couple linen things I'd put in the refrigerator to keep damp, (wanting to get them out and ironed before I lost them in there and they got moldy) and I realized I was probably not going to be wearing them again this season. How sad!

How sad that it's too cold to sit out at night, or that everything is drooping with raindrops, that it's dark earlier and earlier. In the past these things seemed inconsequential - I was excited by the prospect of getting into Fall clothes and shoes with toes, and eating squash and doing inside chores. But not this year. I guess we're never happy with the weather. if it's too cold for you, I'm just perfectly happy. If I'm sweltering and fading in the heat, you're in your element. So I've decided I need to identify those things I feel like I didn't get enough of, so if we have a few nice days this Fall (I'm hoping we have a lot!) I will know exactly what I want to do. So I just might sit outside to eat my breakfast even if I have to bundle up. And I might light all my candles and sit outside some evening for a quick glass of wine. And simultaneously I am reminding myself of all the good things Fall brings - the gloomy days when my desire to cook and bake and sew and organize peaks and I can be immensely productive, the really good apples and squash and cider, wool and sweaters, rich colors, scarves and hats!

Now I'm getting that old enthusiasm back!

Next Month: Gems Galore!

Enjoy the last vestiges of summer and have a good September!

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Thank You for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!