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Issue: # 7   January 2009
      I hope everyone enjoyed the snow! Having grown up in Michigan, I love the snow and have no anxiety about driving in it, but I must confess that even I got very tired of dealing with it. It is quite different to have snow in a city used to removing it and which is relatively flat. Here in Seattle, the impact is tremendous, and the timing for retail businesses was disastrous.

     The upshot, though, is that we are now able to offer some great discounts on Winter Coats and Clothing! See the details below, and check out the sales at Yazdi and 4 Your Eyes Only as well.
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Saturdays - now open until 8 p.m.!

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Upcoming Events

Saturday Jan. 17 - Feb. 1
Winter Coat & Clothing Sale
     Savings up to 60% off selected merchandise. Coats and clothing from this Fall - limited quantities - shop early!

Monday Jan. 19
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday Jan. 20th
Inauguration Day - order Obama cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes!

Monday Jan. 26
Chinese New Year - we have some wonderful handmade wood chopsticks held together by a block of wood which doubles as a chopstick rest, and red tapers to add color to your celebration! 

January is Tintin's 80th Birthday Month! If you haven't yet discovered the charms of this Belgian comic character, perhaps that needs to be one of your New Year's Resolutions! We have all the classic comic books, as well as books on the artist and limited edition products produced by the artist's family.

New Year's Resolutions
Welcome to 2009! January is such a good time to get organized, re-evaluate, reflect and make plans for the year ahead. We have finished our inventory, completed most of the year-end tasks, taken down the Christmas trees and taken a breath! Which brings me to the subject of New Year's Resolutions. Never one to rush into anything, I am still thinking about what I want to commit to. Of course there are the perennial favorites - get more exercise, lose ten pounds, re-organize every drawer and closet in the house. But at this most grey time of year, I think what we all need is some cheer! And so this year I am resolving to celebrate more. Not only the big things like birthdays and Valentine's Day, but the littler things like a productive day or an exquisite sunset, or finding something I'd thought was lost. I want to focus not only on self-improvement, but on the positive things in life - and actively seek them out. This is sort of a scary time, with all the negative economic news, the floods and snow - it's beginning to feel like the biblical plagues! So now, more than ever, let's celebrate the good things of life that we are often so busy we overlook, or take for granted. Stare negativity down, and join us at Crackerjack as we plan this year's celebrations!

First up is our Winter Coat & Clothing Sale beginning this Saturday, January 17, through Sunday February 1. Shop for some great deals with savings of up to 60% off coats and clothing you can wear now! While you're here, plan to check out 4 Your Eyes Only Optical's sale also beginning Saturday, with frames on sale for as low as $50.00! And Yazdi's Annual Winter Sale is going on now through the end of the month.

Also, beginning this month we will be staying open until 8p.m. on Saturdays so you can shop later. Stop by, shop for yourself or a gift, and have dessert at Trophy Cupcake - make an evening of it - celebrate!

NEXT MONTH: Valentine's Day
Again, thank you for your continued patronage of a local independent business and for supporting American handmade!
Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts