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Issue: # 3   September 2008

I can't believe that September is here yet again. The weather in Seattle has not helped us to hold onto Summer - it has seemed more like November of late! But there are still vestiges of Summer every Wednesday afternoon from 3 to 7 at Wallingford Center's Farmers' Market. If you haven't come by yet, you have until September 24th to stop by and choose from all sorts of fresh and many organic vegetables, fruits, pastas and flowers. I personally find it rather overwhelming and would suggest coming with some menu ideas and a large basket!

I would also like to invite and encourage you all to come to the Art Walks. This is new in Wallingford, begun in May, and occurs every first Wednesday of the month through October, from 6 -8p.m.So far this year Crackerjack has hosted milliners Ann DeVuono and Deanna Di Bene, printmaker Paul Kidder, and jewelry artist Cecelia Otto. We have great fun sipping Champagne and sparkling cider, chatting and laughing. Please join us! It is a great opportunity to see more of an artist's work than we might normally have in the store, plus you can meet them, and associate the name with a face.

Our Annual Kristin Ford Trunk Show is slated for Saturday October 25th. A great time to do some shopping for yourself or to get a start on gifts, Kristin always brings a dazzling array of jewels, including many one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings. So mark it on your calendar, bring a friend and make an afternoon of it!

After reading the article "Moving into Fall" below, print out the coupon at the bottom of the page and come in to see what's new!
Upcoming Events
Ann DeVuono

Art Walk - First Wednesday of the Month 6-8 pm
September 3 - Andrea Savar - French Inspired Jewelry with charms and natural stones. Andrea will have some brand new, one-of-a-kind pieces to choose from!

October 1- Andrea Silverman - Contemporary Silver Jewelry Designs.

Wallingford Farmers Market
Wednesdays from 3-7pm in the parking lot.

Kristin Ford Trunk Show - Sat. October 25th
A Dazzling array of gemstone earrings and necklaces for Fall and Winter!
Crackerjacl LogoMoving into

September is a funny month in Seattle. The kids go back to school, the calendar tells us it's Fall, but we are often still having days that feel like summer. At some point though, the air changes, and summer clothes just don't seem the right choice anymore. Having grown up in Michigan, where the change from Summer to Fall is a bit more dramatic, I still relish the thought of Fall clothes. Fall, more than any other time of year, seemed full of promise - a time of new beginnings. Maybe it was the beginning of a new school year, a new teacher, classroom, perhaps even moving upstairs to the school's second floor. Or maybe it was the freshness in the morning, the clearer, less humid air, the new smell of leaves burning at the curb and the sound of them underfoot. It, more than any other, seemed a season for new beginnings. And on top of that, the annual ritual of shopping for new clothes! Since I wore a uniform to school, I didn't need to buy a lot, but it was fun to get that new outfit you wanted desperately to wear on the first day of school regardless of the lingering heat. And new shoes! Definitely fairly practical "school shoes", but lots to choose from - black and brown, suede and smooth, buckles and ties. This was when tennis shoes were worn for tennis and not much else, and Sunday shoes were black patent Mary Janes (which also doubled as Party Shoes). If you were really cool, and old enough to walk properly in them, you could get some with straps that could pivot to the back of the shoe and transform the Mary Janes into flats!

But there was nothing like Fall clothes! Something of the new "in" color or style that would propel you confidently into the cooler weather and that new classroom. For me, there is nothing more attractive at this time of year than the yummy colors and textures of Autumn: the rich, deep burgundies, greens and browns, the cozy softness of sweaters, the structure of pleats, the warmth of wool.

 And they're already starting to arrive at Crackerjack!

We just received a new shipment of last Spring's popular fleece Empire coat from Basic Threads translated into a Fall palette of Copper, Pine, Plum and Currant. Later in the season we will receive the same coat in a boucle sweater fabric in both a soft brown tweed and a blue. And in the fleece they've introduced a new style, straighter cut with a hood - very cute!

Maralyce Ferree has a great new fabric called popcorn fleece which we'll be seeing in a pumpkin and a raspberry coat, as well as the ever popular, and Seattle essential, rainwear. Now is a great time to come in and try on rainwear. We can order the color, size and style you want, and you can even put it on layaway until you need it. Maybe if we are all prepared for the rain, it won't happen for a while. Sort of like the philosophy about washing your car and the rain!

We have also just received our new Erin MacLeod wrap skirts. If you haven't seen these yet, stop by and try one on. Erin is a Portland designer and she has come up with the most brilliant skirt! It has snaps all around the waistband, so one size does fit just about all of us! Or, as her tag says, it fits the size you are today. You can have it sit at the waist, or at the hips - whatever you  feel like. She did some summery, stretchy fabrics earlier in the year, and for Fall has done some in an organic cotton that's cozy soft, with some vertical welt seams that give it the appeal of a kilt.

And of course there are everyone's favorite Comfy Skirts from Bellingham's Texture Designs. In black, of course, but also Pomegranate and Dijon, made of the same organic cotton blend, and still with the hidden pocket at the yoke. Trendy fingerless mitts, and scarves made of bits of color ensure that nothing goes to waste (waste not, want not!).

We will be premiering a new line this season, from an L.A. designer -Komarov. The fabrics in this line are amazing! Some of them look like a photograph that's been printed on Shibori type pleated fabric. It was very hard to choose, but we decided on some great pieces in a black and white and brown palette. These were ordered last Spring, so it will be exciting to see them again! And if I remember correctly, they are machine washable to boot!

Niche has some new pieces, some you've seen before, but in new colors, and some new takes on old favorites. There is nothing like their fabric for drape and movement - it feels wonderful on. And again, rich hues of eggplant, shark (not navy, not grey, not black), and raspberry, with one blouse in both cream and periwinkle. And they have some coats made from a soft, all recycled content fabric that we'll have as well.

Oh, and then there are all the fabulous scarves (don't get me started!) and hats to top off your new look, many of which are made by local artisans. (Check our archives for past articles on these two subjects.) And purses in both leather and fabric, and jewelry, and, and, and!

Oh my! I do love Fall!

Next Month: Planning for the Holidays.
     I am so drawn to the handmade - it has so much more "presence" than the manufactured. And the reason for that is that we sense the artist, the person, behind the work. It is made by human hands, and that is something we can all relate to. Plus, by buying American hand made, we are not only ensuring the survival of American Craft traditions, we are supporting people in our economy, who, in turn support their local economy and who traditionally have a very light footprint on the planet.

     Crackerjack has been celebrating the handmade for 22 years - thanks for joining in the celebration!

Kathleen Koch
Crackerjack Contemporary Crafts

Any one regularly priced clothing item, through the month of September!

(coats, skirts, dresses, tops, pajamas)

Must present coupon at time of purchase. One coupon per customer please!