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Issue #114


 October 9, 2012

Run with Heart

Brian Boyle's Book I had a curious revelation on Sunday as I watched the kids in our Zoomerang program run around the track. It takes A LOT to get them to stop running (hence the need for mileage toe-kens and gummy worms!). Even after we had rung the "Last Lap Bell" signifying the end of practice, there were a handful of kids that kept sneaking in more laps, grinning from ear-to-ear as they ran. I couldn't help but let them run.


As the kids turned in their popsicle sticks that we give them to keep track of the number of laps they ran, I was amazed by the number of kids who had completed 3 miles during the 45 minutes of practice - kids as young as 5 years old! Earlier in the week I labored through a 3-miler that seemed like a lot of effort, but these kids made it look so easy and fun. It made me wonder, why can't we all run like we did as a kid?


I decided it is because kids know how to run with their hearts. They don't think of it as work or something that is painful. They run because they can. They see each lap as an accomplishment and a step closer to their goal. Words like "can't" or "quit" aren't part of their vocabulary. When they get tired, they slow to a walk or rest for a bit, then head back out for another lap, repeating the cycle until they reach their goal (or the bell rings). Nothing will stop them...not even pouring rain.


Somewhere along the way, we adults lost our tolerance for being uncomfortable and exercise became a lot like work. We found reasons to stop. And even more reasons to not start up again. The good news is that all of us still have the mental capacity to let our hearts conquer our physical limitations


Want proof? Watch part of the ING Hartford Marathon events this Saturday. You'll see athletes of all ages, shapes and sizes going the distance - up to 26.2 miles. Who even commutes by auto that far these days? You can bet that 99.9% of these athletes will experience pain and fatigue, but they will dig deep and let their heart and minds take over. They will finish and have a sweet medal to show for their amazing efforts.


Need a little inspiration to remind you that you DO have the power within you? Come to the store on Thursday night from 7-8pm and meet Brian Boyle. In 2004, Brian had just graduated from high school where he was a champion swimmer when his car was hit by a dump truck and he suffered near-fatal injuries with severely injured lungs. He was in a coma/locked-in state for nearly 2 months.


After waking up, Brian underwent hours of therapy each day to relearn basic skills like eating, speaking, showering, using his arms and walking. But he tapped into his determination and physical conditioning and soon set a goal to complete the prestigious Ironman Hawaii Triathlon. Thirty months later, with an NBC camera crew recoding his journey, he achieved that remarkable goal!


Since then, Brian has completed more endurance events - including Ironman NYC this year in less than 11 hours. On Saturday, he will be joining us to run the ING Hartford Marathon, representing those who are alive today because of those who donate blood to the Red Cross. But first, he's going to share his amazing comeback story and autograph his book, Iron Heart. Perfect Race Day Inspiration!


Live Fit!



P.S. In January I wrote about three FF Peeps who were battling cancer. All three are running and doing well, but I am thrilled to share this wonderful article about Mary Pat's comeback. Like Brian, she has been nominated to the Hartford Marathon's Elite Inspiration Team. You Go MP!

Schuyler's Shoe Review: Asics 2000


If there is a shoe that defines "venerable," it could be the Asics 2000-series. In its 18th version with the GT-2170, it was one of a few shoes like the Nike Pegasus that a parent and child could have run cross-country in the same shoe. And so, like a Hollywood remake of a beloved movie, there was some fear that Asics might be rebooting this shoe without keeping its heart.


Those who were scared of Asics reboot of the series have little to fear. The new GT-2000 takes the series up a notch in cushion and comfort while maintaining the fit, feel, and versatile level of stability that has made the shoe a favorite of so many runners and walkers.


Asics 2000 - MenVisually, the shoe is reinvigorated. In the past few years, many brands have experimented with masking the stiffer medial post that provides pronation control, often using a marbled coloring rather than a dark grey. Asics goes a step further with a matching, color-speckled piece that is almost invisible. Pairing this with colored midsoles dark uppers that don't show dirt and wear, and you get a shoe that looks like the true big-budget sequel to the previous version.


Asics 2000 - WomenBut this update isn't all special effects. Taking a cue from the Kayano, the medial post is covered with a soft DuoMax foam for heel-to-toe comfort. The torsional shank-the plastic piece under the arch-is reduced to provide more natural guidance. While the snug midfoot and forefoot fits will be familiar to long-time fans, many of the overlays are now seamless to reduce irritation.


There is no denying that the GT-2000 features some big changes. But when those changes keep what worked about the previous models intact, that's pretty exciting.

Congratulations Schuyler & Tessa!

Schuyler & TessaIn case you need another reason to go to the Thursday Night Track Workouts, there is always a chance that you can find love while running circles at a dizzying pace! 


Last Saturday Coach Schuyler married track enthusiast Tessa in a beautiful ceremony at Holcomb Farm in Granby.  And yes, the groom wore Darn Tough VT socks!  


Schuyler & Tessa - from all of your FF friends and family, we wish you a lifetime of happiness, adventure, love...and lots of wonderful runs together!

Sports Medicine Corner: Sole Inserts

Sole FootbedsOne of the most common injuries runners and walkers experience is Plantar Fasciitis. Almost every hour someone comes hobbling into the store looking for help.   While, stretching, icing and wearing the Strassburg Sock are great treatments, we are happy to announce that we now carry Sole footbeds which have recently been scientifically proven to reduce strain on the plantar fascia by 34%. That may not seem like a lot, but if you are struggling with PF, it may mean the difference between relief that kick-starts healing and a stubborn pain that never goes away.


A cool feature of Sole footbeds is that they are heat moldable (either via your own foot's heat or via the oven) such that it provides customized support and continuous contact points across the entire length and width of your foot. This leads to arch support, equalized pressure distribution in the forefoot and decreased strain on the soft tissues of the foot, ankle, and lower leg. They also help with shock absorption and better align the foot for energy transfer which results in greater power and endurance of the foot and leg muscles.


We will be offering two arry two types of Sole footbeds: the Softec Ultra which has 3.2mm of cushioning making it best for sneakers, hiking shoes and work boots with high volumes, and the Softec Response which has 1.6mm of cushioning, making it good lower volume sneakers and ski boots.


Both feature a moisture wicking top sheet for added durability and will last about 1 year (about two pairs of shoes). They also feature a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, for risk-free trying.


Amy's Gear Corner:

Zombie Pepper SprayZombie Pepper Spray: Yup, you read that right! Sabre Red's maximum strength pepper spray is now available in "Zombie Strength" - strong enough to "heat up their cold, undead bodies". While their packaging may be a little tongue-in-cheek, this fun version of their best-selling Spitfire spray is super compact and quick deploying. Its clever design enables it to fire with less effort and with a more accurate aim whether from the hip or over your shoulder. This small, but powerful pepper spray comes with a quick release key ring and is "equally effective on zombie and human attackers!"


Saucony AMP ProSaucony AMP Pro: Calling all compression junkies or those curious to try the wonders of compression! We just received Saucony's AMP PRO2 Performance wear collection which includes shorts, capris, tights, arm warmers and calf sleeves for men and women. This incredible fabric is made with revolutionary Celliant®, which increases oxygenated blood flow to your muscles by up to 32%, giving you more energy. The graduated compression doesn't feel constricting/sausage-like and the flatlock seams provide next-to-skin comfort. If you're looking for that extra edge to boost athletic performance and enhance your recovery, AMP your workouts with this great product!


Gu RoctaneGu's Roctane: You asked, we listened! We are happy to add Gu's Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel to our sports nutrition line up! Roctane fueled me for all of my long course triathlons this year, including Ironman Lake Placid. I was happy with the results: no GI issues, sustainable energy and minimal muscular fatigue. Plus, just reading the name Roctane, gave me an added mental boost! This powerful gel is made for distance and high-intensity efforts. Each packet has 100 calories, similar to other gels on the market, as well as simple and complex carbohydrates, electrolytes, amino acids and caffeine!


Tadasana HoodyTadasana Pullover (Women): One of our favorite new apparel lines is The North Face's yoga collection. Even if you are not a yogi, you will love the fit and feel of this collection. In a word, this hoody is COZY! Pull-on this incredibly soft, comfortable-fit top pre or post workout, hike or errand running expedition. The cowl-neck is unique and the longer-bodice is perfect with leggings or capris. The "razzle pink" color is subtly cheery - perfect for this time of year and looks awesome with Moving Comfort's Urban Gym long capris.


North Face TunicTadasana Wrap-Ture Tunic (Women): Another great top in The North Face collection is this sophisticated and sleek, yet cozy tunic. Its longer-length and asymmetrical-zip design combines to make it a great cover-up for after yoga, a run or the gym. I love the thumbholes, pockets and cute "petal hem" which makes it stylish to turn heads around town. You will definitely receive compliments when you wear this tunic!

Marathon Checklist & Dress Recommendations

The weather looks perfect for Saturday - a little chilly in the morning, then mostly sunny with temps rising into the mid-50's. Don't let the crisp morning fool you into over-dressing or you'll be roasting and uncomfortable by mid-race.


Shalane FlaniganAn old "Runner's Rule" says to dress as if it's 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature. Therefore when planning your outfit, plan to feel like its 65-75 degrees outside which, for many people, means shorts or capris and either a singlet or short-sleeves. I would also add arm warmers (either official ones or hand-crafted ones made by cutting off the toes in a tube sock). They keep your arms and hands warm (but your armpits cool!) and can be easily scrunched down to wristbands when you get too warm or stuffed in the waistband of your shorts.


Of course, you're going to be cold waiting for the start and don't want to waste energy shivering, so plan on wearing an old pair of sweats that you can toss off right before the start (items are then collected and donated to charity). If you have fans that will be cheering you on, you can always toss your warmer outer layers to them when you see them - or have them bring along a long-sleeve tee for you to put on mid-race if you are too cold.


Here are a few of our other Race Day Essentials:


BodyGlide: Whatever the conditions, BodyGlide can prevent chaffing and blisters. Use it anywhere that you anticipate irritation... it can save you some serious pain. Trust us.


Nip Guards: Men can avoid discomfort and embarrassing race photos by using these comfortable, specially-designed adhesive pads on their chest. The bonus over regular band-aids is that they also come off painlessly after the run.


Lock Laces: During a marathon, your feet can swell up to one full size. These triathlete-loved elastic shoelaces stretch with your feet to keep them from getting squished.


KT Tape: Great for pre-marathon or during your run, KT Tape also works well for recovery because it helps to increase blood flow and decrease inflamation. Stop by our booth to get your sore-spot(s) taped FREE!


Compression Sleeves/Socks: There is a reason why many Olympic athletes from sprinters to marathoners wear compression - it increases oxygen flow to your muscles which acts like super-fuel for your muscles. They also provide shin and calf support which is really nice around Mile 19. Go with the sleeves if you are particular about your sock. Save 20% on all Zensah compression (sleeves, socks, shorts, bras) at our Expo Booth!


Throwaway Gloves: A pair of $2.50 "Magic Stretch" gloves will keep your hands warm at the start and can be tossed at a water stop when you warm up. Get yours at our booth.


Nutrition: Carry whatever nutrition you prefer - Gu, Sport Beans, Clif Shot Blocks, Chomps, Swedish Fish... This way you can time your nutrition to your needs, not the race's nutrition stops which can be easy to miss or worse, will give you the flavor you despise! See the next item for the best way to carry said nutrition.


Race/Nutrition Belt: A race number belt can serve several purposes. Save your favorite running top by affixing your number without safety pins and keep your number visible no matter how many layers you have on (or take off) which is important because your official race photo is tagged with your bib number for quick look-up. Additionally, you can use a belt to carry your nutrition and hydration comfortably.


Sweaty Band: Nothing can sting more than salty sweat dripping into your eyes. Prevent this with the most popular headband in the country. Pick a fun design and your friends can find you in the crowd more easily. Guys - we have Nike's trusty terrycloth sweatband for you (reversible colors!).


TheraPearl: Ice baths reduce muscle inflammation, but can be a bit extreme. Try these nifty ice packs made with frozen "pearls" that conform to your body (think bag of frozen peas, but not edible). Just in - the new Shin/Calf Wrap!

Half Marathon Cheer Zone

Go Runners!We're hosting a special Cheer Zone at the halfway point of the ING Hartford Half Marathon (near Asylum Ave and Trout Brook Drive) on Saturday, October 13 and are looking for individuals and organizations scouts, soccer teams, clubs, bands, etc) to help us make some noise to motivate the runners. No experience necessary - you just need to know how to shout, clap, give high-five's and ring a cow bell. 


If you are interested, please park at the UConn campus on Trout Brook Drive or on Lawler Rd by 8:15am so you can be in place for the first runners who will pass through the Zone shortly after 8:30am. The last of the runners should arrive by 9:45am (these are the athletes who really need our support and encouragement). 


It's just 90 minutes of your day, but it will mean the world to thousands of runners.  Join us!

Marathon Medal Engraving - Just $10

Medal EngravingWe will once again be a drop-off point for Swahn Engraving's marathon (& half marathon) medal engraving service.  For just $10, you can get your name and finish time engraved on the back of your medal.


We will offer medal collection through Sunday, October 21.  You must pay via cash or check (made out to Swahn Engraving) - NO credit cards accepted.  Turn-around time is 7-10 days.


Did you run a different marathon, but still want your medal engraved?  No problem!  Swahn will engrave any medal as long as it has space on the back.

KidsCard - On Sale Now!


Over the past six years, the Center Kidscard has raised over $150,000 for Connecticut Children's Medical Center thanks to the support of people like you! This year, over 75 of West Hartford Center & Blue Back Square's best stores and restaurants (including Fleet Feet Sports) are participating which means they will give you 20% off your purchases when you present your KidsCard.


Kidscard shopping days will run from October 25th through November 3rd.  The card is sold for $50 and 100% of the proceeds go to the Neonatal Intensive Care Units at CCMC.


Click here to purchase your card online at or stop by Fleet Feet Sports beginning October 18th to purchase one.  Once you have the card, use it as many times as you'd like to save on jewelry, home decor, clothing, great meals and so much more throughout West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square.

Watch this video to learn more about the card and follow Kidscard on Facebook to keep up-to-date on new participants, special deals and more.

Featured Race:  Love Your Body 5k

Saturday, Oct 20 @ 10am

Love Your BodyThe Love Your Body 5k Run/Walk is one of our favorite races because they have the coolest shirts, a beautiful location (West Hartford's Reservoir 8 on Route 4 - fall foliage should be peaking!) and an empowering atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of women, no matter our shape, size or speed.


Pre-registration is $25 either online or via a mail-in application before October 15 - or you can register on race day for $30.  T-shirts are only guaranteed for the first 200 registrants so don't delay, sign up today!

Featured Race:  Little Manchester Road Race

Saturday, Nov 17 @ 10am

Don't Wait: Race will "sell-out" soon!

Little Manchester Road RaceFleet Feet Sports is proud to partner with the Manchester Road Race Committee, Henkle & Stop & Shop to host the 3rd Annual Little Manchester Road Race - a miniature version of the famed Manchester Road Race just for kids on Saturday, November 17 at 10:00am.  This non-competitive run is open to all kids aged 12 and under and features three separate races: ½ Mile, 1 Mile and 2 Miles.  All pre-registered kids will receive a sweatshirt, medal and post-race treats.


The races will start and finish at the Bennet Academy soccer fields in Manchester - just 1/4 mile away from the Manchester Road Race Expo which is also being held that morning.   Parking at and around Bennett Academy and their fields are plentiful. 


Registration will be capped at 500 kids (there are only 175 slots left) so don't put off signing up.  There will be no race-day registration.  Click here to register your child(ren) or learn more about this fun run by clicking the logo above.


In lieu of an entry fee, kids are encouraged to help us fill the Manchester Food Bank's pantry by bringing 2 canned goods with them on race day.

Spicy Tomato Sauce & Poached Eggs

By Aubrey Schulz 

Get Out & Play - & Soak-up Vitiman D

Currently I am away from home and my familiar kitchen with its well-stocked pantry. I am spending the week dog sitting at my parents' house while they are out of town. Around dinner time, I started opening cabinets and the fridge to see what I could find. What's an easy meal I could make to feed just me? I learned some of my pantry-stocking-up skills from my mom, so I was pleased to find a can of diced tomatoes and eggs on hand.


A simplified variation of this warming, spicy egg and tomato sauce recipe came together. I enjoy the runny taste of poached eggs. When the shells are cracked into the simmering tomato sauce you don't need to worry if the eggs look less than perfect by spilling their whites throughout the sauce (in boiling water it is another matter). As the chef, you can certainly adjust the level of spice to suit your table.





  • 2 T olive oil
  • 2 T butter
  • 3 jalapeños, stemmed, seeded, and finely chopped
  • 1/4 teaspoon red chili flakes (optional, for extra kick; alternatively throw in another jalapeño)
  • 1 small yellow onion, chopped
  • 5 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 T paprika
  • 1 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, undrained
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 6 eggs
  • 4 ounces ricotta cheese
  • 1 T chopped parsley (optional)


Warm pitas, for serving



  1. Heat oil and butter in a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Add jalapeños and onions and cook, stirring occasionally, until soft, fragrant, and starting to brown, about 6 minutes. Add garlic, red chili flakes, cumin, and paprika, and cook, stirring frequently, until garlic is soft, about 2 more minutes.
  2. Add crushed tomatoes and their liquid to skillet along with 1/2 cup water, reduce heat to medium, and simmer, stirring occasionally, until thickened slightly, about 10 minutes. Season sauce with salt.
  3. Gently crack eggs over sauce so that eggs are evenly distributed across sauce's surface.
  4. Add tablespoon-sized dollops of the ricotta cheese around the eggs.
  5. Cover skillet and cook until yolks are just set, about 3 minutes. Using a spoon, baste the whites of the eggs with tomato mixture, being careful not to disturb the yolk.
  6. Sprinkle shakshuka with parsley and serve with pitas, for dipping.



Here is another way to enjoy poached eggs



Aubrey Schulz is a certified nutrition and triathlon coach with Get Out N Play .  She works with clients to help them reach their nutritional and athletic goals, both in the kitchen and out on the road.   This winter she is teaming up with Lake Terramuggus Triathlon Director Bill Honeck for a destination marathon training program. The group training program begins in November and culminates with a March marathon. 



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Wed, Oct 10 @ 6:30pm

Adidas Oktoberfest Run

Adidas Shoe Bar featuring Glides, Bostons & the Sequence


 Hooker Oktoberfest Beer!

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Thurs-Fri, Oct 11-12

Hartford Marathon

Healthy Lifestyles Expo

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Thurs, Oct 11 @ 5:30-7pm

Marathon Race Day Q&A

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Track Workout

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Meet "Iron Heart" Brian Boyle

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Marathon Recovery Clinic

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Sun, Oct 14 @ 5:30pm

Yoga for Runners

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Thurs, Oct 18 @ 6:30pm

Track Workout

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Sun, Oct 21 @ 5:30pm

Yoga for Runners

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 Stacy Provencher

We now have a Sports Medicine Director & Certified Athletic Trainer in the store!  Stacy will be available during the below hours to offer free injury assessments and help fit customers with medical issues and injuries. Appointments are encouraged, but not necessary. 


To contact Stacy, call 860-233-8077 or email her at


Learn about common injuries and treatments in Stacy's Sports Medicine section on our web site.


Tues: 2-7pm


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Injured?  Select Physical Therapy can Help!

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Select PT Hotline

Injured?  Don't know whether you can run/play sports or if you should really see a doctor?  Come to our FREE Injury Assessment Clinic and see one of Select Physical Therapy's certified Athletic Trainers.


These free clinics will be offered every other Saturday.  No RSVP necessary - but you can call us to reserve a time (860-233-8077).


Can't make the clinic or need an assessment sooner?  Call and leave a message or email Brian at Select's Free Injury Hotline:




Injured Runner

 Iron Heart Book Signing

Oct 11 @ 7-8pm

Brian Boyle's Book  


Join us on Thursday, October 11 at 7pm in the store to meet Brian Boyle and hear his triumphant comeback story and purchase an autographed copy of his book, Iron Heart. If you are running Hartford, Brian's story will inspire you to keep going when the going gets tough.


Brian will have copies of his book for sale and is happy to inscribe them for your favorite athlete. 

 ING Hartford Marathon

Healtly Lifestyles Expo


Oct 11 & 12 @ 11am-7pm


Whether you are running or spectating, visit the Fleet Feet booth at the ING Hartford Marathon Expo and save big!


Newton Shoes: $20 off + free socks & nylon shoe bag


Timex Watches: Free Heart Rate strap with any GPS watch (including the all-new Pink Marathon GPS watch that will make its worldwide debut at our booth!)


Zensah Compression Socks, Sleeves, Shorts, Shirts & Bras: 20% off


Experia Socks: Buy 3, Get 1 Free (can mix-and-match sizes, styles and colors)


FREE Kinesiotaping! To ensure that the tape stays on for race day, we recommend that you shave the part of your body you would like taped and refrain from using lotion.


Plus, we'll have your favorite nutrition products, Body Glide, Nip Guards and a new selection of beautifully handmade 13.1 & 26.2 shirts by Elisabethan.

Marathoners Q&A

w/Dr. Dauphinais

Oct 11 @ 5:30-7pm

At the EXPO!

Dr. Dauphinais   

Are you running the Hartford Half or Full Marathon on Saturday?


You've logged all of the miles in your training and you're ready to go, but the things you do over the next few days and during your run can affect the outcome of your race. You might be wondering, how much should I eat and drink in the days leading up to the race? Should I use water or an electrolyte supplement during the run? Will compression sleeves during the run help me, what about after the run? What about that nagging pain you've had in your ankle or leg during training, should you get it checked out after your race, or will the pain just go away when you stop training?


Dr. Karl Dauphinais of ProHealth Physicians in Farmington will be joining us at our expo booth to answer any medical related questions you might have about race preparation and recovery.


Dr. Dauphinais is board certified in internal medicine and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine. He is also an experienced triathlete and has competed at the Triathlon World Championships, Hawaii Ironman, and Boston Marathon. He will use his medical background and personal experience with endurance events to answer any questions you might have about how to care for yourself pre, during, and post race.

 Marathon Recovery Clinic

Oct 14 @ 11am-1pm


 Recovery Clinic

Come roll out the miles at our special Recovery Clinic hosted byFleet Feet Sports and Select Physical Therapy at Select PT's West Hartford office (29 North Main St).


Select's physical therapists and athletic trainers will be offering injury assessments, ice and heat treatment for sore muscles, foam rolling/stretching to flush the lactic acid from your sore muscles and release trigger points, tasty treats and a replay of FOX-CT's race coverage on the big screen.


The massage therapists from Therapeutic Bodyworks will be offering massages for $1/min and you can drop off your medal to get engraved with your name and time by Swahn Engraving for just $10 (medals will be returned to you within 1 week).


Mark your calendars, grab your running partners (or come alone and meet new ones) and give your body, mind and stomach some post-race love! Everyone in attendance will get a certificate for 10% a Dartfish Gait/Motion Analysis and be entered to win a sweet Recovery Gift Basket valued at $200.


First 50 runners in attendance will also receive a cool "Run Hartford" car magnet!

 Sports Bra Sale

Oct 17 @ 10am-7pm

Moving Comfort Fit Fest   


It's time for our quarterly Cupperaware Party sponsored by our friends at Moving Comfort and Enell (makers of Oprah's favorite sports bra)!


The latest research shows that more than 50 percent of women experience breast pain when exercising due to excess movement. Whether you are running, walking or jumping, your girls move in a Figure-8 pattern: up-down and side-to-side. This movement strains your Cooper's ligaments which can lead to premature sagging and back problems, not to mention the chafing that makes showering not so fun after a workout.


It's time to show your girls some love and support - and not with one of those cheap over-the-head sports bras that smooshes instead of controlling and enhancing! Join us on Wednesday, October 17 for a special sale on Moving Comfort & Enell Sports Bras. Save 10% on one bra or 20% on two or more bras - plus, you will receive $5 in Fleet Feet Bucks for each bra bought that can use be used towards any apparel purchase that day (e.g. buy three bras, get $15 to put towards that cute top you've been eyeing).


Email Chaz at

or call the store at 860-233-8077 to make an appointment to get professionally fit for a sports bra and we'll reward you with a gift of appreciation as well.

Fueling Fitness to the Plus

w/Dr. Paul Stricker

Nov 9 @ 7:30pm

Essex Town Hall

(Essex, CT)

 Dr. Paul Stricker

Whether you are an athlete, coach, a weekend warier or a couch potato, this lecture by Dr. Paul Stricker will profoundly affect how you view exercise and eating well since "fit" doesn't always mean healthy. Learn about the nutrition/disease connection and how better nutrition can benefit athletic performance and overall health.  Discover the science behind nutrition in athletes and what happens to our bodies at a cellular level.  You will also better understand the dangers of oxidative stress and how we can neutralize it to avoid injury, sickness and improve recovery time and athletic performance.


Dr. Sticker is one of only 150 doctors in the US who is board certified in both sports medicine and pediatrics. He is considered one of America's Top pediatricians and was a physician for the US Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Dr. Sticker has authored numerous medical publications and a book for parents and coaches entitled "Sports Success Rx! Your Child's Prescription for the Best Experience" which uncovers ways to decrease the pressure in youth sports and increase the positive benefits of playing sports.


Above all, he is entertaining, engaging and brilliant. He will challenge you, no matter what your current health status is, with new goals and to live life to the plus.


For more information about this FREE talk, call 860-575-2478.

Wed Night Fun Runs
6:30pm (at the store) 
Fun Run Crowd

Join Duncan & a great group of Fleet Feet Friends for a casual fun run each Wedensday night at 6:30pm.  We go between 1-5 miles (a route for all abilities).  All paces (including walkers) are welcome to join us. 

It's a great way to meet new friends and running partners.  


Meet at the store.  Now that it is dark when we run, please wear reflective gear and lights so everyone is seen and safe! 

Note: Fun Runs are canceled during snow and thunder storms and when roads/sidewalks are too icy and dangerous.  Check our Facebook page on Wednesday's for status of run.
Thursday Night Track Workout
Track Workout

Track workouts are back!  

Check us out on NBC30!

Do you feel the need for speed?  Or maybe your workout routine needs a little spice.  Join Coach Schuyler each Thursday for a fun track workout.  Last week we had almost 100 people - from beginners to more experienced runners!

Join us every Thursday - 6:30pm at the University of Saint Joseph Track.   Please park in the upper parking lot (NOT the O'Connell Gym lot or we risk losing our permit to use the track).


 These workouts are designed for runners of ALL abilities.  The goal is to introduce you to different types of running (intervals, hills, tempo runs) and help you get stronger and faster.  This is your opportunity to get professional coaching for free - and meet some great fellow runners. 


Can't make it to the workout? Email Schuyler to receive his Weekly Workout email so you can still get your speed-fix in!

 Yoga for Runners

Sundays @ 5:30pm

at Fleet Feet

Just $10/Class!

 Yoga for Runners

 Yoga to Complement

Your BASE Training Period


If you have been to our Yoga Class lately at Fleet Feet, you will notice how informal and relaxed we are. We joke, ask questions, and chat. We are genuinely taking it easy. Assuming that you are finishing your Peak Training Period, any exercises that you are doing should complement your running, tapering, and racing. This is NOT the time to take on major strength training or aggressive stretching.


So, what are we going to do when our Peak Period has ended? This is when we go back to the beginning and focus on our Base Training. The longer slower miles and low intensity running allow room for stronger training. We will begin to raise the heart rate in our practice, core work will become more challenging, and we will further increase flexibility and range of motion.


Remember, the intensity of your yoga practice, or any other training that complements your running, should be in inverse proportion to the intensity of your current running. In the low intensity of the Base Building Cycle of your training you can benefit from a stronger yoga practice that includes a strong flow through the strength building poses. The heat of a strong yoga practice during your Base Cycle will complement your work for aerobic gains and also develop muscles, tendons and ligaments by promoting full range of motion. At the same time, you will build your core strength and promote balance. 


Come check out our class - Sundays at Fleet Feet 5.30pm!


Meghan is a certified yoga instructor and a certifiably crazy ultra-runner. Catch up via her blog, Facebook pageTwitter (@MegColFanning) or email:


 Just $10/class - A portion of the proceeds will go to FoodShare

Please bring a Yoga mat, blanket or towel, and wear comfortable clothes.

 We are very informal and we laugh as much as we can. Let me know if you are a beginner, have any injuries, and where you are in your training cycle.
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