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July 7, 2012


We enjoyed a great response to our previous newsletter's two requests:
  1. Many of you answered the short mindfulness survey. Thank you so much! If you haven't participated yet, click here. The study will be active through August, 2012.
  2. Many also offered their suggestions to name and deconstruct our new tangle on this blog entry.

    See the results below!




New Tangle auraknot

What an exciting response! Thank you to all who joined in and posted their comments on our blog

There were so many great choices for names. It was a difficult decision. Sue and Nancy (who work here at Planet Zentangle) did the choosing. Congrats to Mattie Arnold for coming up with the name, auraknot.

The next part was tricky as there is another way to arrive at auraknot, although it does not work easily with large numbers of points, interweaving or exploring multiple point skips (we explain that in the video). We wanted the instructions to be the same for all possibilities.

Congrats to Jeanne Kero, CZT, for figuring our sequence of strokes. Take a look at her "step-out" here.

We were so thrilled with the response that we also put all the names in a hat and picked five so we can send some thank you treats! Results are at the bottom of this article.


For auraknot we have our step-out and a video.

Here's our step-out:

Pre-Strung Tile photoPre-Strung Tile photo

And here's our auraknot YouTube!


Tip: It's MUCH easier to tangle auraknot when you rotate your tile!


Our five additional prize winners are:
  • Sue Jacobs
  • Amy Broady
  • Cafe Crop
  • allison l.
  • alwaysbelieve
We'll contact you for your mailing addresses. Congrats!

Certified Zentangle Teacher Training Update 

Both our August and September 2012 seminars are now full.
We are taking names for a wait list and will get back to you in the order received. Please send your wait list requests to our regular email: [email protected].
We look forward to meeting you and working with you!

Thanks again to all who participated in these two projects.


We look forward to seeing what you create with auraknot! 


Please join us at this blog entry to comment further. 





Rick and Maria

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