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April 21, 2012


In this issue we have a nice assortment of ideas, tips and even a TV news segment on Zentangle. 



ABC News Attends a Zentangle Workshop 


Darla Williamson, CZT, had some last minute guests at her recent Zentangle workshop in Birmingham, Alabama, a crew from ABC-TV.

To watch this short segment on Darla's class, go to:

If you don't see the Zentangle video, just type "zentangle" in the search bar and then click on the small image of the video to play, as in the image below.


That must have been fun. Congratulations, Darla!

Zentangle at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival 
We recently received this email:

Hi Rick, Maria, and Molly!


My ZIA [Zentangle Inspired Artwork] won the art contest for the 2012 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! 
They changed it a bit and used 1/2 of the composition but it looks nice on the catalog and on the website (sheepandwool.org).
I'm anxious to see the t-shirt they promised to send me this month and the poster. This is a huge festival and people come from all over the US to attend and artwork submitted for the poster contest comes from all over the world (the prize is $1,000).  I'm sure they chose the design because of the uniqueness of Zentangle!!!!  The t-shirts, aprons, caps, totes, etc. will be available on line this year (for the first time, I believe) so it should give a lot of exposure to Zentangle!!!


The catalog is 210 pages!!  And they gave me a whole page on page 21 - I'll send you a snail mail copy (plus they put another photo of one of my watercolors on another page!!)  Very generous of them!!


Thanks to your "invention" (and letting me come to training seminar at the very last minute....)- I got to win this honor - THANK YOU!!


Deanna Williford, CZT

That's awesome Deanna! Congratulations.


Tangle Tips for Mi2

Mimi Lempart, CZT, created a fantastic new tangle called Mi2.


This tangle is great fun to do and can be interpreted in many ways.


To learn more about this tangle with links to further instructions, please see this blog entry.

Thank you again, Mimi! 

Comments and Letters

From Sweden:

I must tell you how I got in contact with Zentangle. I am in a process where I an thinking of entering a monastary and to get my mind on something else I was looking at art on blogs and you tube, thats when I found you. I started right away and sat almost the whole night in my bed doing Zentangle, and I could feel my head and mind going in the same relaxed mood as it does when I meditate or pray. And as a bonus to that I also got a nice little peace of art, that I made :) with guidance of course.

Thank you again for sharing this beautiful art of yours. -L

Skickat från min iPad


How does one know when they have become a Zentangle addict?? Well, I found out last night. I opened a quart of frozen yogurt and as I began to eat it I realized that I was tangling with my spoon, creating patterns on the surface. Frozen yogurt Zentangle!!!     - Nonnie


This week I taught two Zentangle art classes in the public school classrooms of teacher friends of mine. The first was a 3rd grade in the urban setting from which I retired last year. Behavior problems, attention problems, learning problems galor. These children worked with me without incident for 50 minutes, which I found astonishing. Their focus and willingness to keep trying was amazing. Their teacher was so pleased at their behavior and reception of the Zentangle concept that he intends to use this lesson as a choice for them when they are finished with their work and waiting. 

The next class was a group of alternative high school students who have been removed from traditional classrooms. Their teacher proclaimed success when she noted that "they were quiet for 70 minutes, no one left the room, there was no "lip" and they clearly enjoyed themselves." My own observations focused on their comments during the class. "This is really relaxing!" "I am ADD and I didn't thnk I had the patience to do this." "I am going to do this at home."  They were also complimenting and encouraging each other in very appropriate ways.


Did I mention that both of these classes took place on the last day before Sping Break! 

I am so excited to continue on this new path.  Thanks for all you do for children and adults too.


Nancy Van Rooy, CZT


I am a huge fan of your creations, website and blog! I am fairly new to tangling and want you to know that I love it! Thank you both for creating this fun and inspiring art form!


I live in Joplin, Missouri where last May an F5 tornado ripped through our town. One of the major buildings hit was our St. John's Hospital. My mother lives in a Senior apartment building right behind it. The tornado paused for a few minutes right at St. John's, just sitting and churning totally destroying the hospital and causing a lot of damage, injuries and a few deaths. The Hospital was a total loss. But the way it was situated, St. John's blocked a lot of the winds and such from my mother's apartment building. She was on the second floor in the hallway, holding her apartment door closed with her body. The Hospital blocked so much damage and when the tornado took off again, it changed its direction. We lost 163 souls that night. But my mother was safe and unharmed. I thank God everyday for her still being with us.


I am telling you this story, because it has inspired me to do a Zentangle. I have attached a photo of the finished piece. It is an abstract of St. John's Hospital with many of your patterns included. This is an 18 x 32 inch piece done in ink and watercolor. This is first watercolor I have attempted. It took quite a while to complete, but I really enjoyed it! Thank you both for your talent and inspiration.   - CT


[image cropped to show detail]


I arrived home today after work and my package was waiting on me. It was such an experience unveiling it and touching this magical product. You have really made the packaging an experience! Steve Jobs would be proud! :D 

I hope to meet you guys in August! Namaste! - D



I work as an Occupational Therapist in a mental health hospital and have been introducing the Zentangle method with clients. I'm very interested in doing the training, developing understanding and skills and applying it more in my work.


I see so much potential in its use within mental health and enabling people to connect with a sense of creativity. A number of clients have reported being able to relax and self regulate more than any activity or option they have tried. -P


Both our August 2012 and September 2012 CZT training seminars are already over 1/2 full. If you are considering this opportunity, we encourage you to register soon. Detail trail begins here.

We are grateful to share this wonderful adventure with you.




Rick and Maria

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Zentangle describes an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from structured patterns.

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