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November 30, 2011


We are happy to announce the opening of registration for our Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training seminar on February 21-24, 2012.

This is such an exciting event for us and all who attend. It's a time to have fun, make lifelong friends, get deep into what Zentangle is all about . . . and learn how to earn gratitude and income by teaching the Zentangle method.

In this newsletter you will find information about the seminar, relevant links, CZT feedback and how to register.


Rick and Maria  


Certified Zentangle Teacher Seminar Registration
for February 21-24, 2012 

Registration is now open for our
February 21-24, 2012, Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar at Hotel Providence in Providence, RI, USA.

As desire to learn the Zentangle method increases, so does the demand for Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs). We've always known from email feedback how valuable a Zentangle class with a CZT is (see below). And now our CZT program is receiving larger recognition. For instance:

Here are a few reasons why you might come to a CZT seminar: 

  • Create a business teaching the Zentangle method.
  • Bask in the company of like-minded people (existing CZTs often re-attend!).  
  • Learn more about something you love.
  • Buy Zentangle products at wholesale.
  • Understand more about Zentangle by meeting with and learning from its founders.   
Please take a few moments to look through the information in this newsletter and its links. If you have questions, please send us an email.

And please register promptly. Previous seminars have filled quickly.


Schedule Overview


Day One, Tuesday

After arriving and settling in at Hotel Providence, we share dinner . . .




. . . and then enjoy a get together in the lobby and ballroom. Zentangle art is on display and we get to meet and chat informally.




Days Two and Three, Wednesday and Thursday

These are full days of instruction and creativity.  






In the evenings there are optional activities and wonderful opportunities for conversations, making friends and sharing Zentangle creations.






Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided as are coffee, tea and snacks during morning and afternoon breaks. 


Day Four, Friday

After breakfast we have an informal Q&A until noon. We'll answer questions on anything from the business of Zentangle to exploring tangles in more depth.


A store is open throughout the seminar with Zentangle supplies and gifts. During the seminar all items are available at CZT prices.



After you register, we'll send you your confirmation and provide access to more information.  




For more information about our CZT program you can refer to these links . . .


Photo Credits: Daved Levitan 

CZT Comments

Here are some comments about and from our CZTs:

Dear Rick and Maria,


We were so pleased to meet one of your CZTs yesterday.
Our son and family were here visiting from Texas and I had arranged (through your online teacher list) for Susan Smith of Andover to come to the house for a group class.


She was really excellent and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful Zentangle experience.


- Pat





I attended the first of what i'm hoping will be many Zentangle workshops here in Hawai'i.

Lois [Stokes, CZT] did an outstanding job!!   I've visited your website many times and love your videos on youtube.
Not only is Zentangle fun to do, it has come into my life at just the right time.... thank you, thank you.

Keep up the good work and enjoy.... 


- Mary


[ . . . ] Thanks, Rick.  And deep gratitude to you and Maria for not only coordinating the beginning of Zentangles, but nurturing it along so lovingly, with the help of a terrific crew!   
Last week a woman called me and she was crying so hard, she could hardly say hello.  She told me she was so depressed, her Dr. had given up on her.  I sent her a packet with information about all kinds of things, including Zentangles.  She came to last Saturday's Zentangle Class, and attended a support group tonight.  She had been just about ready to give up on herself.  There are so many stories like this, and I am so grateful to be able to reach out to all kinds of people, in all kinds of situations -- happy and sad -- and introduce them to all the possibilities of Zentangle.

Peace, love, and Zentangles!

Carol Bailey Floyd, CZT

Registration Process

We are using an online registration system. When you go to our website, on every inside page you will see an item called Upcoming Events on the left sidebar.


Just click the date link below it and you can begin the registration process. If you have any questions or problems with this process, please email anytime or call 508-234-6843 between 9am and 4pm (EST GMT -5), Monday through Friday. 


Your seminar fee covers all meals and supplies. Most everyone stays at the Hotel Providence and we offer choices of shared and (a limited number of) private rooms. We also offer an option for people who live locally or are staying elsewhere.


Our seminar lodging choices and costs are:

  • Day Student: $955
    Classes, supplies and meals
  • Overnight - shared room: $1,245
    Classes, supplies, meals and a shared room  
  • Overnight - private room: $1,475
    Classes, supplies, meals and a private room  

Hotel Providence is a private 4-star hotel in the heart of Providence. They love having us there and give us good rates. Still, they are more expensive than the retreat center we previously used, which is now closed. 


Everyone who attends agrees that the value received far outweighs the cost. We invite you to join us and become part of this wonderful community.






Shortly after you register, we will send you all the info you need for Seminar.




CZT Seminar Schedule for 2012

We have confirmed our dates for Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminars for 2012. We are doing three and all will be held at the Hotel Providence. Seminars begin on Tuesday and end on Friday.
  • February 21 - 24 (Open for registration) 
  • August 14 - 17
  • September 25 - 28
We will open registrations for August and September when we're settled into our new registration routine.

We've had to raise our prices to accommodate our increased costs with our new facility. We're not sure yet what our costs will be in August and September but we are told by the hotel that they will be a bit more than February.

Our Holiday Tradition

It's been our holiday tradition for several years now to tie a bow and add a card to your Zentangle Kit during this end of year gift giving season. All you have to do is ask for it.

Kit with bow
We'll do this for orders over $30. You'll get a nice bow and Maria will hand letter a beautiful card. Just tell us the names you want for the "to" and the "from", but please, no notes, just names.  

You can type the info in the "Comments" section as you check out online, or tell us when you call in your order.

We are so grateful to be able to share this wonderful adventure with you!

We look forward to making new friends in February!


Rick and Maria

About Zentangle

Zentangle describes an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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