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October 23, 2011


We're catching up from our recent wonderful seminar and have lots to share:
  • Welcome to our new CZTs!
  • A new tangle punzel from seminar
  • New website coming! 
  • CZT seminar dates for 2012
Thank you for joining with us on this wonderful ride! We are so excited as we look forward to sharing many wonderful surprises that are about to sprout!


Rick and Maria  


Welcome to our Seventh Class of
Certified Zentangle Teachers!

For the seventh time we were privileged to meet some wonderful people, hear amazing stories, see beautiful Zentangle art and make new friends at our Certified Zentangle Teacher seminar.

This seminar was held at our new location at Hotel Providence in Providence, RI and it was a great success.

Australia, Canada, India, Japan, South Africa and United States were represented.

We'll share lots of pictures and stories later, but here's a sample.

In a testament to the growing awareness of the benefits of our Zentangle method, administrators at a college here in New England sent one of their PhDs to become a CZT. They want to conduct clinical trials on the benefits of creating art according to the Zentangle method and they wanted their lead person to become a CZT before working with us to design the study. We found out about this for the first time at seminar. We'll keep you informed when there's something more substantial to share.

In the meantime, please welcome these wonderful new CZTs!


You can see a larger picture here.

We will list everyone within a few days on our new website.
Stay tuned!

New Tangle: punzel

We introduced this tangle at seminar. It evolved as a tangleation of chainging, but it was so different we decided to give it its own name. At seminar we asked for suggestions and the consensus was punzel. (It did look a bit "tangled.") Punzel results in dynamic "how did you do that?" artwork.

First, let's take a look at . . .



The red "dots" in these instructions are not meant to be drawn. Rather, they indicate the visualization process of seeing where the next element begins as you proceed to "draw behind" in a Zentangle way.


Here are some other ideas . . .

These are two Maria did in a recent blog:



Here's punzel (and chainging)on a white tile using a black pen and a white pen:


This are some studies of chainging with white pen on a Zentangle black tile.


And here's punzel on a white Artist Trading Card size tile:


These black tiles and ATC size tiles will become available for sale as soon as our new website is online.

While simple in its basic element, this tangle benefits from a certain level of focus and mindfulness. We encourage you to play with it and explore it. Punzel is an absolute treat to shade and it lends itself to many wonderful "tangleations."


Website Pre-Announcement 

We have been quite busy getting our new website ready. It's possible that it could be online in the next week or two.  


It will look pretty much the same, but it has been totally rewritten to allow us to grow and provide easier navigation and more services.


Since we are so close to moving to our new website, we will list our new CZTs there.




CZT Seminar Schedule for 2012

We have confirmed our dates for Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminars for 2012. We are doing three and all will be held at the Hotel Providence. Seminars begin on Tuesday and end on Friday.
  • February 21 - 24
  • August 14 - 17
  • September 25 - 28
We have not officially opened registration yet because we are still negotiating prices with our suppliers. But we wanted to let people know what next year's dates are as soon as we could. We expect to open registration later this month or early November.

We are so grateful to be able to share this wonderful adventure with you!

Thank you for exploring with us!


Rick and Maria

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