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July 31, 2011


Welcome to all our new readers. We are grateful that you've invited us into your inbox.

In this issue, we have:
  • A new tangle: pendrills    
  • A great article, and 
  • Some great feedback  

Rick and Maria  


New Tangle: Pendrills

Maria has always loved the graceful curves of grapevine's tendrils - delicate and strong, a mix of curvy and straight.


For example, here's a gouache on vellum painting she did recently. The original is about 9 inches across.   



Working from that inspiration we offer this new tangle:



A fun mix of straight . . .


and curved . . .






Pendrills . . . watch them grow!








A Great Article

In case you missed our blog entry on it, we want to make sure you get to read this article by Margaret Bremner, CZT, on the Zentangle method and artform.

If you need a good one page article to explain the Zentangle phenomenon to someone, this is it.


Awesome Feedback

Dear Maria and Rick,
Gerry Nichols, CZT gave a class in Naples, Florida today and I LOVED IT!!!!!
What fun you designed. I LOVED the class. As a great granny it was a joy and pleasure to find a new interest.
Gerry is lovely, professional, and..........she gives credit and accolades to the two of you.....numerous praises for your talents, friendliness, helpfulness, your web site, and integrity. She is fun and the entire experience was wonderful. I want more! All in the class want a "....beyond course".
Thank you and I will thank Gerry.


Dear Rick & Maria,

Became interested in Zentangeles a year or so ago, and enjoyed your newsletter and trying new tangles - yours and my own.  Got busy with other things and put my sketchbook away for a while.  Then, while in physical therapy for a pinched nerve in my back, the pain such that I could only sit on the edge of a hard straight back chair, I got out my sketchbook and pens (couldn't concentrate on reading a book) and started back with the tangles.  Oh, the hours that got me through!  My artistic side of the brain took over and pushed the pain aside!  Oh yes, still have to continue with physical therapy for a while, I am sure, but Zentangles have been my lifesaver!

So to those skeptics who say this is only doodling - there is more to it than you can ever imagine!
Thanks. --L




Hi Rick and Maria...july 


Thought your viewers might like this idea for little Christmas gifts. I filled these drawers and boxes with all kind of mini-scissor, threads, needles, pins, etc. for mini-sewing kits. I can't wait to wrap them up and give them out!! --S




Thank you! I'm so very hooked!! Took a class from Diane Lachance, CZT, at Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. This is better than eating chocolate!



Dear Rick & Maria,

I just wanted to let you know that my Zentangle order package has arrived safe and well here in the Netherlands. I have had the pleasure of wishing for this, for many, many *months!* - and now, it has arrived !! :-))))

Now I can look forward to a fantastic day, on the 19th of July, with this being my Birthday gift from my husband. I am so delighted with it, and my husband was also very very pleased, with the effort you put into the contents, the packaging, the box itself, & the adorable little wooden button to close it off with, is so very special, a truly beautiful gift to receive. The cards are of a truly marvellous quality and I'm wrapped with the whole package.

I can hardly wait to get started with this. In a future order, a bit later this year, I'll apply for *more* cards & I have also made up my mind to buy the drop-dead gorgeous,  *** 102 Tangles *** print, by the both of you. It's breath-taking !! :-))))

Well thank you again,
kindest regards,
Mrs. L



I fell in love with your work on the website.  I mentioned you on my blog and in my yahoo art group.  I love the fact it does not matter what skill level you have, it encourages everyone to just enjoy the process of creating.  --P



I just took a wonderful workshop from your newly certified Zentangle instructor, Cheryl Cianci. I enjoyed this guided experience and look forward to sharing it with my students (emotionally disturbed) as a calming strategy. For those wondering whether to take a workshop, I encourage them to do so because it is so much more relaxing to be supported and coached step by step to get an incremental success. I've been interested in Zentangle for a year, and didn't truly understand it until I participated in yesterday's class.

Thanks for training people internationally in this peaceful way to get in the state of mind of growing and connecting, with individual variations combining in a diverse whole. Our group is planning several follow up sessions to take the next steps in this inclusive art form. Appreciatively, --A  (love the Youtube videos to clarify and give closeups of the process).



Hi Rick and Maria, As a high school teacher, I have found that Zentangles are every helpful with students who feel daunted and overwhelmed by an assignment such as an essay, a big project, etc.  i show them that it is like doing a Zentangle= the finished project is very complicated but look at how they start, first the few basic shape lines, then a few more lines, thenwork on one small aspect of it and so on.  Soon there is a highly detailed finished project, like an essay, a Zentangle.  Zentangles are very helpful for situations where students feel overwhelmed by it all!



Thank you for sharing your Zentangle stories with us.


We are grateful to share this wonderful adventure with you!

Thank you for being part of it!


Rick and Maria

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