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July 16, 2010


More wonderful feedback, stories, images and . . .
Our first official Zentangle print!

102 Tangles of Zentangle

Not too long ago (back when we had only 102 named tangles!) we created a large piece of Zentangle inspired artwork with at least one use of each of those 102 tangles.
We now have prints available for you.
102 tangles 
102 Tangles of Zentangle
is both beautiful and a great resource with so many tangles in one place. The quality, detail and creativity in this print are exquisite.
Printed on fine art paper, 102 Tangles of Zentangle is a 13 x 13 inch print of Zentangle artwork created and individually signed by both of us.
See a larger image and order prints here.
Nine Days of Naptime
Molly created an amazing Zentangle Ensemble which she title Nine Days of Naptime that we serialized on BLOG Zentangle.
We invite you to take a couple moments and appreciate what she created. Here's the entry for the completed piece which has links for larger images of every day.
Zentangle Comments
What a great way to refocus on my art and doodle in a controlled manner.  From now on, when I hit an artist's block and can't think of anything to paint, I'm going to do a Zentangle.  I'm also thrilled to have introduced Zentangle to my children, ages 4 and 8.  Although the 4 year old's attention span isn't quite as long, my 8 year old really got into it.  I'm looking forward to seeing more Zentangles from him.  Hope you don't mind us sharing your link on our blog.  We love looking at all your inspiring pieces. 
Thank you!   --GB      
Hi Rick and Maria,
Thank you for sending my Zentangle kit out so quickly - it took less than 10 days from ordering it to it arriving here in the UK.
I am finding the tangles so useful to unwind, and getting lots of compliments on them from friends. The kit was great to give me more string and tangle ideas, and also to start me drawing my string in pencil rather than pen so that all the areas merge into one. I want to work on shading next.
Cheers,   --

I took a beginning Zentangle class with Gerry Pearson Nichols, CZT a few months ago. Great fun! This was one of the first I tried after the class.
When the class was offered I had never even heard of the word Zentangle. But it's fun to try new things. I'd say the sky's the limit!   --BH


Saskatoon Express Article

Margaret Bremner, CZT in Saskatchewan, Canada wrote an excellent article about Zentangle for the Saskatoon Express.
Please follow this link to a PDF of page 28 of their June 2010 issue to read this article (with permission of Saskatoon Express).

Thank you again for sharing in this wonderful adventure!

Please join us at BLOG Zentangle for (almost) daily postings.

Rick and Maria

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Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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