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June 10, 2010


We are opening registration for our October CZT training seminar. If you are interested in attending please return your registration quickly. This fills up fast - more information below.

We also have a couple great Zentangle images for you to enjoy.

Registration Opens for October 2010 Training

Registration Form ThumbWe are now accepting registrations for our October 12-15, 2010, Seminar. You can download a registration form here (pdf).

We are grateful to see how many people understand the potential for Zentangle - both as a benefit to others and as a way to create more income as a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

After dinner on Tuesday at the retreat center, you will enjoy dessert and beverages at our home/studio/gallery. It really is a special place and we look forward to welcoming you to our world.

Wednesday and Thursday are full days of instruction and creativity. During evenings there's time to finish "homework," relax by the fireplace and enjoy each others' company and special treats. Friday morning we wrap things up and say our good-byes.

Frequently Asked Questions
We provide a CZT FAQ on our blog which answers many questions.

Descriptions of our Seminar
This newsletter about our first seminar gives a good idea of the facility and activities. Several other newsletters discuss our seminar. BLOG Zentangle entries at the end of May and first of June are all about our recent May seminar.

Oakhurst Retreat Center has opened up another building for us which is ground level and will allow more people to have a private room. These will be available on a first-come, first-served basis for an additional $60 charge.

Rooms in the building next to the mansion are on the ground floor with just a few stairs. Even though these facilities (and our home) are not totally handicap accessible, you will not have to climb an entire flight of stairs to get to your room.

Here's what a CZT from an earlier seminar wrote in response to a question about our seminar:

"Let me tell you, that attending the Zentangle conference was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Maria and Rick were professional (for the business part) and down to earth and the friendliest people I've ever met. We all  (I'm speaking for a lot of people in the class), learned so much. The atmosphere in the class was soothing and relaxing, yet everyone was energized by the amount of information we gathered during our time there. If you've seen and tried zentangle, you'll see experience is not the issue. I am no artist, and the tiny tiles I have when I am finished are amazing. Everyone had so much fun, meeting so many new people from foreign countries and from closeby. The place it was held was the perfect setting in a small New England town, in the fall. What could be nicer!   The days were packed with information, but with timely breakes with delicious snacks. Even the music, was mezmerizing.The food was elegantly simple, and delicious, prepared by the staff just before we ate. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. I don't think you would be sorry you attended."

After you register, we'll send you lots of info and updates to help make your trip and your stay enjoyable and rewarding.

We have kept our costs as low as we can, but have had to raise them to keep them in line with our rising costs. Still, compared to what you would spend for a comparable seminar elsewhere, these prices are very reasonable.

Price includes all supplies, classes and meals. Day students pay $495. Full time students pay $795 which also includes lodging for three nights (12 - 14).

You will have a great time, meet wonderful, talented and passionate people. You will learn from us more of the origins, basics and also advanced Zentangle theories - things you can't get from our kit or website. Certification also enables you to resell Zentangle items for a profit as you will be able to buy them wholesale (half price for most items).

Contacts you make at this seminar will be invaluable in all aspects of your work, not just in Zentangle.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email us or call. If you call (508-234-6843), please call between 9 am and 4 pm EST (GMT -5). Thanks.

Important Note
Our registration system is first-come/first-served. Please do not make travel arrangements until you hear from us that you are confirmed to attend. If you are wait-listed, we will not run your card or cash your check unless a space becomes available. If you PayPal funds and are wait-listed, we will return your funds and keep you wait-listed.

New Zentangles

Here are a couple fun pieces.

This first one is a piece Maria and Rick did.


Here's a Zentangle Maria did last night.


We'll put these up on our blog so you can enlarge it.

Thank you again for sharing in this wonderful adventure!

We look forward to the pleasure of meeting our next CZTs!

Rick and Maria

About Zentangle

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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