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January 25, 2010


Wow! We have so much great news and we're receiving such amazing feedback and images that we have to apologize for the length of this newsletter.

Do take your time to enjoy this information and see what others are doing with Zentangle. May it be as much an inspiration to your creativity as it is to ours.

Here's a quote from John Gardner to get started,

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.*

Zentangle Master Class

Well Tanglers, because we've had a lot of requests, we are planning a Masters' Class for those who just want to "take it up a notch" or two!

We're thinking about maybe in August, a three day class in Newport, Rhode Island. There's a beautiful venue on Newport's waterfront (hint: IYRS). We can go on side trips to Newport's museums and mansions in search of new patterns. We can draw Zentangles on sandy beaches at low tide! We can eat and hang out at night.

Anyone interested? Let us know and we'll keep going ahead with our plans. Email us with your questions or suggestions.

This can be a lot of fun!
Zentangle Show in Ohio - Follow-up

In our previous newsletter, we mentioned this event. Now we have pictures!




Carol Bailey Floyd, CZT, (2nd from right with other Ohio CZTs) began the Zentangle Club at the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio community library. She now calls it the Northeast Ohio Zentangle Club.

They meet the third Saturday of every month and anyone who wants to show up can attend (no charge). "We have kids as young as 4 and as old as dirt." Their first emphasis is to show that anyone can create beautiful art with no expensive or extensive training.


Learn more from the Ohio CZTs' listed here. If you're not from Ohio and are interested in Zentangle classes in your area, just call a CZT.

From Our In Box
Hi Rick and Maria,

I bought your kit with reluctance.  I didn't want to dole out the bucks. Since receiving the kit I have been making art again for the first time in several years.  I love that it is an easy thing to take with you.  I have always drawn the sermon in note form on Sunday morning.  Last week I made a Zentangle to depict the sermon.  These drawings make it easy for me to concentrate on what I am doing and I also remember what was being said in a better manner.
     I really have become addicted to the style of art this has brought to me.  I have always loved tiny things and this fits the bill exactly.  I am thankful for the serendipity of the moment of your discovery and for your desire to share that with the world.                -- M

I got many Zentangle kits for Christmas gifts and created several new addicts.  It was a WOW gift--so thank you.  --K

I just received my new kit and supplies!  I am so pleased with the beautiful box. I work with a lot of unusual papers and this is so special. The instructional DVD is so helpful and peaceful!  I am in the processes of making up instructional sheets for my next ATC club meeting.  I started my club last year for local artists here in Calif.  I introduced them to the zentangle art form ( that is truly what it is) and they have just taken off with it.  We pass around a card every month in the meeting and each one does a design, they sign it and then we do a drawing to see who gets to take it home.  It is a fascinating, creative exspression that inspires us all.  Even though my club is free and I do not promote selling I am sure I will be sending some customers your way.   Thank you so much.   -- M

Thank you so much. I appreciate your sharing of Zentangle designs and ideas. Like many others, I am enjoying it a great deal. In fact, day before yesterday I experienced a morning when I felt totally out of control with pent-up feelings that had no place to go but out. It was clear that I needed to address my behavior before someone locked me up! So I Zentangled. After 4 uninterrupted hours of creating an original design, I realized how calm, centered and peaceful I now felt. Zentangling is now a spiritual practice for me!
Blessings,   -- S

I, too, received a requested Zentangle Kit as a Christmas gift, and am so impressed with the quality and the concept. Keep up the good work! I've also contacted my MN CZT, Kim Smith, and she has very kindly offered to train some of our art mentors at Free Arts Minnesota, to work with the kids in our program. They are all from at-risk families and I just know making Zentangles will benefit them immensely. -- P

Zentangle Goes to School

This is so wonderful, we'll just let this class' art teacher tell her story.

Dear Rick and Maria,

Here are some photos I thought you might like to see.  There are photos of some of the large drawings they did over six weeks that incorporated your Zentangle design process into a combination of other lessons to make a drawing of their own hands drawing something. That something was Zentangles on a gridded piece of paper appearing to lie flat on a table top (using one point perspective). Even the students who don't think of themselves as artists did an amazing job. Thank you again for your ideas.   -- V





Congratulations to all on a great application of Zentangle!

Zentangle Sightings

CHA-boothWe just learned that Zentangle was part of CHA's Consumer Craft Supershow.

Here's a picture, courtesy of Craft Critique.

They did a couple great Zentangle reviews. You can read them here and here.
Zentangle CZT Registration

Registration Form ThumbAs you know from an earlier newsletter, we are now accepting registrations for our May 18-21, 2010, Seminar. You can download a registration form here (pdf).

We are grateful to see how many people understand the potential for Zentangle - both as a benefit to others and as a way to create more income as a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

A description of our first seminar is here. This will give you an idea of the facility and activities. For even more insight you can also read through our previous newsletters that discuss our seminar.

May's seminar is filling very fast so if you want to attend, please get your registration in right away.

Zentangle Idea

Here's a great idea from Molly. She drew her string in pencil. With her pen she drew a grid across all sections. She then drew a different grid-based tangle in each section.

Try it. It's fun -- and beautiful!


We are so grateful for the wonderful adventures we are having with all of you.

Thank you so much!

Rick and Maria


*A Zentangle Kit has no eraser - intentionally!

About Zentangle

Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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