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October 31, 2009

We are grateful for some wonderful articles and reviews that just came out (more below).

We are happy to welcome many new subscribers to Zentangle's creativity, insight and relaxation.

Remember, you can read all our previous newsletters here. We usually teach a new tangle every month. Take a look at what people are saying and creating with Zentangle around the world.


Zentangle in Hong Kong

Fina Man, cZt, lives in Hong Kong. Recently, she was asked to do a Zentangle project.


Fine writes:

"One day, a friend of mine who was looking for ideas concerning the interior decoration of her new shop in a shopping centre approached me. 
"The Zentangle in my blog post flashed across her mind and ....bingo! I accepted her request without delay. The simple reason was that Zentangle was both my favourite and my forte.  I felt very honoured to draw for her shop.

"I could hardly wait to make all the walls my canvas onto which I transferred my concepts of beauty through lines that I drew.
"I drew my favourite tangles on the most conspicuous wall.  Actually all the tangles that I drew were coordinating parts of a whole.
"While I was completely absorbed in drawing on the walls, some shoppers dropped by and asked, "Does this shop sell your drawings?"
"The whole process was a journey of joy. The greatest physical obstacles to be overcome in drawing were the highest and lowest parts of the walls. Still I was overwhelmed by the great pleasure in this journey.


Looks like you aren't stopping with just the walls either. Congrats, Fina!

Zentangle in "Cloth Paper Scissors"


Sandy Bartholomew, cZt, wrote a great article about Zentangle in "Cloth Paper Scissors." As Sandy writes in her blog,

"Anyone who hasn't seen it yet, should run out and get a copy of the Nov/Dec issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine!"


Sandy's article is called "Add Pattern to Journals with Zentangles and Transfers" and it starts on page 80.

If you're in southern New Hampshire, be sure to visit her studio in Warner and pick up a Zentangle Kit. As she writes in her blog:

"If you have been trying to get your friends interested in Zentangle, buy them a Zentangle kit and/or some supplies, and package them with this issue of CPS. I can't think of a more perfect Christmas gift. :-)"

Thank you and congratulations, Sandy!

Zentangle Reviewed (twice!) in CraftCritique

craftcritiqueCraftCritique, a website that writes craft and scrapbook product reviews just wrote two "Vendor Spotlights" about our Zentangle Kit.

It's wonderful when someone "gets" Zentangle just by using our kit. It's particularly neat when that person is a professional reviewer. Our thanks to both reviewers for taking their time to watch our DVD, read our companion guide and create some beautiful Zentangles.

Here are a few snips from Taylor Usry's review:

"When the Zentangle [kit] arrived, I was absolutely blown away by the beauty and simplicity of its packaging."

"When the makers of the Zentangle said they did extensive testing for the best materials, they meant it."

"I couldn't be happier [that] Zentangle found its way to my craft room. The benefits for me personally are tremendous - a creative outlet that allows me to focus, relieves stress, improves concentration, and soothes my nerves. Not bad for such a small package! I also think that the end results are beautiful!"

"I'll be taking this with me on every trip my family goes on. I recommend it without hesitation to everyone!"

Here are a few snips from Heather Strenzwilk's review:

"I had tried unsuccessfully to create Zentangles using information from the Internet. The DVD and companion guide in the kit were what I needed to understand the process and how to replicate the patterns."

"Next I graduated to the tiles. What a difference- the tiles are "mould-made, acid-free, 100% cotton, heavy-weight fine artists' paper with a beautiful vellum surface finish" and were a wonderful surface for the Micron pens. It was very easy to do the pencil shading and blending on their surface too."

"All in all I had fun creating Zentangles. I learned a lot more from the companion guide and DVD than I did from surfing websites for information. The paper tiles are wonderful, and I loved how easy it was to work with them."

Visit the CraftCritique links above to read the complete reviews.


CZT Training
We receive many emails asking when our next Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training will be. We have tentatively scheduled May and October, 2010. Both seminars will be in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. We'll announce further details in this newsletter as we get them.

Zentangle Master Class
We are considering a Zentangle Master Class for people who want to immerse themselves in Zentangle and take it to the next level. We can all enjoy a day (or two!) in a great location. If this idea appeals to you, drop us an email and let us know opinions and thoughts.

Local Zentangle Workshops
We've updated our CZT list to show towns whenever there is more than one CZT in a state. Many CZTs are quite willing to travel to present a Zentangle workshop for your group. Just email and ask.

Once again, welcome to everyone joining with us on this wonderful adventure .

See you soon.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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