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August 24, 2009

We are so thrilled with the outpouring of enthusiasm for Zentangle. We hear from "tanglers" all over the world who basically say the same thing, "It just feels good to put pen to paper."

It is such a wonderful thing to to share your art with others and Zentangle is a great way to do it. You can show others your Zentangles, or trade them, or gift them, and often you just want to hold onto yours. Whatever you feel, with Zentangle you have this intimate little gallery you can easily carry with you and share anywhere. How wonderful is that?

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful Zentangles and the wonderful stories that go with them.

In that spirit, we think you'll enjoy this month's challenge, beautiful Zentangle art and stories in this newsletter.


Zentangle Challenge

In the spirit of our intro above, here's this month's challenge:

Create a Zentangle - Give it away

Sharing your art is a wonderful gift that benefits both receiver and giver.

Here's our suggestion:
  1. Create a Zentangle you love.
  2. Take a walk.
  3. Give it to the first person you speak with.
Tell us your stories!

Last month's challenge was to create a Zentangle with your non-dominant hand. In our first challenge we received many submissions. For this one, none! We understand because doing this can feel awkward and the results can appear unsteady. Also, it takes longer!

We encourage you to occasionally try this exercise. Even though your results may not look as good as with your dominant hand, there's great value in trying this - if only to becoming more at ease with not doing everything "just so."

Here's ours.


Rick found himself thinking too much about what string to draw, so he used a pre-strung tile and then a Legend and icosohedron to choose his tangles.

Zentangle CZT™ Stories

Since we are able to seat a few more students in our upcoming seminar (more on this below), we wanted to share some stories from people who took this same seminar and are now teaching Zentangle. Here are a couple more emails we just received:

Sandy from Beezink Studios in New Hampshire writes:

Hi Rick and Maria,

I need more kits! (Cool!)

I'm doing a "Tangle Share Party" for everyone who has taken classes with me since April. I want them to bring the tiles and journals, etc that they have been working on - to show off. I thought we could work on a giant tile, maybe an ensemble, trade some patterns and have a raffle.

I can't believe how many classes I've done - and I hadn't really planned on teaching when I took your CZT workshop! (I'd love to take it again!) It really is exciting to see how happy people are to learn this. A lawyer from my class said Zentangle saved his summer vacation. It rained the whole time his family was at the beach. He taught his 7 year old daughter to tangle and they collected shells and covered them with Zentangles!

I'm attaching 2 more Zentangles from the round robin challenge I'm in. The second one has little jellybean tangle-people that my 2 year old daughter drew. I stole... ahem... was inspired by... her creatures and tangled their hair-dos too.



- - = - -

Howard and Mickey Weitsen, CZTs from outside New Orleans (email) write:

Rick and Maria:

Here is an example of a letter from one of our attendees responding to our emailing of the class photo and "mosaic" of tiles from the workshop. By the way, we have the second class this coming Saturday; so we're doing it all over again!
Love, to everyone. Howard

Dear Howard and Mickey, 

Thank you for a wonderful Saturday morning. I am certain that I will be Zentangling during every available moment. It was a joy being with you and a delight to be exposed to this most intriguing and beautiful art form. Please keep me in mind when you schedule more workshops.  -S



We always are surprised and delighted to see how people interpret the same instructions in their own ways, and then how beautiful the resulting mosaic of everyone's Zentangles are together.

Zentangle Email

Here's a sampling of our email treasures:

Thank you so very much for sending the Zentangle kit. It arrived safely and I think the new box design is beautiful! I am off to camp this weekend so it arrived at a perfect time.  Peace! LC

I'm very much enjoying the newsletter (new subscriber). It is very interesting and inspiring. It is also great to be able to access the archive so I don't now feel I've been missing out! Thanks, R

Just to let you know that the kit arrived yesterday. I love the green box and everything in it.  Thank you for bringing such wonderful tool to this world.  Off to practice now :)  Cheers, J (from Australia)

I received my Zentangle kit the other day, and I absolutely love it!  I am so impressed with the quality, professionalism, and creativity of how you packaged the kit -- your simple yet striking logo, the beautiful paper on the outside and inside of the box, the unique string closure with the elegant wooden button (what a perfect touch!), how everything fits perfectly into the small boxes on the inside (including the mini DVD) -- there are so many special touches to this kit that it is a work of art all its own.
Your instruction book is a delight to read, worded simply with excellent written and visual instructions.
I have already made a few beginning Zentangles.  They are so much fun! Fondly, M

Zentangle Teacher Certification Seminar

Great news!

We've been able to add a row of tables and can accommodate a few more students. (Facility is switching to narrower tables.) Please contact us right away to confirm space availability. You can download your registration here. (pdf format)

If you're getting this newsletter for the first time, you can learn more about our teacher training seminar here. (Although this info is from our February 2009 seminar description, everything, except price, applies.)

If you have any questions, just email or call us.

Thanks again for being part of this wonderful adventure with us.

Remember, we archive all our newsletters here so you can read them any time.

See you soon.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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