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June 30, 2009

In this issue we introduce our monthly Zentangle challenge.

Folks send us such wonderful stories and images that we wish we could share them all. Here are a few we think you'll enjoy reading (even if it runs a bit longer than usual).



Just when you thought you'd done it all . . .

We introduce you to a new monthly feature, our Zentangle Newsletter Challenge.

Once a month we'll give you suggestions on ways to create your next Zentangle a little differently.

This month's challenge:

Create a Zentangle using just one tangle.

Although you're using just one tangle (i.e., pokeroot, hollibaugh, static, etc.) to fill spaces created by your string, feel free to morph that tangle in different ways.

Best of luck! We hope to see what you do and maybe include them in our next newsletter.

Zentangle CZTs in Action

Zentangle attracts wonderful people. We certainly had only wonderful people come to our previous Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) Seminar!

If you are interested in having a local Zentangle workshop, please contact one of our CZTs listed here.

Here are a few stories about what to expect at a Zentangle workshop from our CZTs:

Kathy Joss, Utah
"We had a wonderful Zentangle class at our library,  I was so impressed with Kathleen Joss as a teacher.  Over 160 of our summer reading program participant's were in attendance to the classes.  We had four 45 min. classes and they loved it, we had 60 in the first class 58 in the second and 20 in the next two.  I just wanted you to know that here in Vernal, Utah we love the arts and Zentangles. They were the answer to our Be Creative Summer Reading Program."
-- MB, Adult/Teen Program Librarian

(This was Kathy's first class after becoming a CZT. She did great!)


Mickey and Howard Weitsen, Louisiana
Here's an excerpt from an article in the Picayune about one of Mickey and Howard's Zentangle workshops:



Carol Bailey Floyd, Ohio

Here's a letter to us from Carol:

Dear Rick and Maria,

I had the fabulous privilege of your wonderful hospitality and the amazing experiences -- meeting so many terrific people, learning so much, sharing enthusiasms and projects.  Your loving attention to detail was evident throughout.  Your gallery, the studio, the house, Oakhurst --  I will remember them all my life, and as I told Nancy, I am already rippling Zentangles here in Ohio and at conferences around the country!  

So far we have had a 2 hour Zentangle workshop, a 4 hour workshop, and 2 Zentangle club meetings.  My 6 year old grandson and I made what we think was the world's largest Zentangle (on that day anyway!) with sidewalk chalk on his double driveway. We taught his kindergarten class how to do Zentangles with fun and fablulous results -- they were far more creative than I am and I learned a lot. Hope to send pictures of that. Then they turned around and taught their 3rd grade buddies.   When I facilitate Wellness Recovery Action Plan workshops, I show Zentangles as a wellness tool, and three of my friends are booked to come to meet you at the training this Fall.  

All this and more adds up to an abundance of Zentangle riches!


Catherine L. Rogers, Massachusetts
Here's part of a note from Catherine about her workshop for the Central Massachusetts Womens Caucus for Art and a reluctant attendee:

At the end of the class, I asked her how she liked making her Zentangle. She thanked me for "forcing" her to create one. She confided that she had been super stressed out, had a ton of work to get done, had family waiting for her at home, and hadn't wanted to sit and draw. But, after filling in the first pattern, she really got into it and she ended up feeling much calmer and more energized. Her other comment was that this was a good reminder that she should take the time to create -- even if it's only for 15-20 minutes per day. She was very happy with what she created and it showed in her face.

Everyone loved creating the Zentangles and I've received feedback from several of the students relating how they've continued to work on their extra tiles.

I think that their tiles are absolutely wonderful!

Here are just a few of their Zentangles:


If you're interested in becoming a CZT, see end of this newsletter.

Zentangle Feedback

"There is a store in the neighboring town called Wingdoodle. Sandy Bartholomew (a CZT in NH) runs the store and was offering Intro to Zentangle classes. It looked like the kind of doodles I do when I am trying to focus on long boring faculty meetings. So I went thinking it would be wonderful and indeed it was. Now I am addicted and will be attending a Zentangle in depth class and Sharathon in August. Anyway thank you for starting this off. I am a Professor/teacher mostly of painting and I don't think it will be long before I have all seven classes hooked on Zentangle. See what you started and how it spreads!!!!!"


"I want to share with you some of the wonderful ways Zentangle art has made a positive difference in my life and in the lives some of my loved ones. Creativity and artistic self expression have always been an important part of my life.  I used to be an avid quilter and had multiple craft and other artistic projects going on at the same time.  All that came to an abrupt end three years ago after hand surgery for degenerative joint disease left me with extensive permanent neurological damage. 
"My list of limitations is long but I am able to hold the lightweight pen included in the Zentangle kit and I am able to make tiny strokes to create some amazing Zentangles!  What a wonderful feeling to once again be creative and forget momentarily that I have physical limitations that have taken away so many of my most cherished skills.  Quilting and Zentangle art have much in common since they both tap into my fascination with pattern and detail.
"Instead of sewing a quilt for a loved one, I now make a Zentangle.   They know that every tiny line is filled with love, just as every stitch in a quilt was."


"I was down this weekend w/a rare (for me) cold. I made three Zentanlges! What a perfect way to get out of how crappy I felt. I think the cold just flowed right out of me!"


"I've loved my kit and have shared it with some of my fifth graders.  Two of them caught the bug and created a couple of pieces for our end of the year art show - enjoy!"


Certified Zentangle Teacher Training Update

Regarding our September 29 - Oct 2, 2009 seminar:

Important Note

We are now only going by paid reservations. Our "hold my place please" window is now closed.

This means that there are still places available as several people who said they were coming have not registered.

If you thought you had missed your chance to attend, you can take advantage of the available space.

Thanks to all who have sent in your registrations. We are so looking forward to meeting you and having a wonderful time together.

Download your registration here. (pdf format)

If you're getting this newsletter for the first time, you can learn more about our teacher training seminar here. (Although this info is from our February 2009 seminar description, it still applies.)

This newsletter got a bit long. As it is, we had to leave out so much wonderful material - we hope to be able to include it in a future newsletter or on our website.

Thanks again for joining us in this fascinating adventure and thank you for sharing your stories and Zentangles with us.

See you soon.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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