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May 31, 2009

In this issue we have a great new tangle, some Zentangles on the table (literally) and . . . a gnu!


New London Gnu
After hosting a Zentangle workshop, New Hampshire's Women's Caucus for Art knew just what to do for the gnu of New London.

Life-size gnus were painted and installed around New London, New Hampshire. Here's (L to R) Sandy Bartholomew, Bette Abdu, Kathy Freeburn and Debbie Skinner-Perez, four of the artists and their Zentangle Gnu!


Sandy, Bette and Kathy attended our first Zentangle training seminar and are now Certified (and successful!) Zentangle Teachers.

They are awesome people and great teachers. If you're in the New Hampshire area and want to enjoy a great workshop, their contact info is here. For that matter, ALL our CZTs are awesome. We encourage you to contact one and learn more about Zentangle.

There's more info and pictures at gnusofgnulondon.org like this one: (Isn't it awesome?)


We had planned to attend the opening, but that was the day our daughter gave birth to her first child in our home. All are well and this last week has been absolutely magical for us to enjoy with her, her husband and their new little girl.


Enjoy yourself as you get familiar with yincut.

This is great for large areas and is very dynamic to shade.

By the way, the tangles we teach in our newsletters are different than on our Zentangle Kit DVD. You will enjoy and more fully appreciate Zentangle when you get your kit. As our new friend who travels the country in her RV says, "Before I got my Zentangle kit I thought it was too expensive. Now that I have it, I'd pay twice as much for it!"

Order you Zentangle Kit here.

Now, on with yincut!

Notice how Maria creates a "sparkle" by leaving a gap in some of the strokes. Also see how by slightly curving your lines you add a sense of depth.


Zentangles on the Table


Here's a photo (and some detail) of a table one of our CZTs made beautiful with Zentangles.





Nice work!

Seminar RegistrationRegistration Form Thumb

Thanks to all who have sent in your registrations. We are so looking forward to meeting you and having a wonderful time together.

If you've already contacted us about attending, your place is being held for now, but we will need your completed registration form to guarantee your place.

Download your registration form here. (pdf format)

If you're getting this newsletter for the first time, you can learn more about our teacher training seminar here.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us or call.

Thanks again for joining us in this fascinating adventure.

See you soon.

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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