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February 13, 2009

We're busy getting ready for our training seminar so this will be short. I think you will enjoy these Zentangle images as much as we did.

Also, a big "Thank You!" to all the wonderful people we met at our Zentangle workshop at Serenbe in Georgia and to everyone who made it possible. We had a wonderful time.

Zentangle "Floors" It
At a loss for how to spruce up your bathroom? Take a look at what Sandy did with Zentangle on her new floor.


Sandy writes, "I figured I couldn't hurt the plywooded floor. So I smoothed it as much as I could and zentangled it! I used Sharpie oil-based markers for the lines and then watered-down black acrylic for the shading - all covered by a coat of poly-acrylic semi-gloss finish."

You can see a high resolution image on Sandy's blog.

Thanks Sandy!

Zentangle in School
An art teacher in Iowa sent some images of Zentangles that her students had created as part of their "A"mazing Zentangle series.

Here are some of what she had to say (emphasis added):


"Hello, my name is T.R.  I am a high school art teacher from Iowa. 

"I am writing you because I have been creating Zentangles with my art classes for a little over a year now. I ran across a posting on one of my list serves about Zentangles and had to check them out!  

"I just recently purchased one of your kits and love it!

"I teach about 120 students everyday!  Each Friday they begin class creating Zentangles, so we have about 100 Zentangles every Friday . . .

"I am attaching some pictures of this semester's "A"mazing Zentangles. . . Zentangles have really helped in my classroom.  They work so hard to get their art on the wall!  It also is reflected in their art work, from painting to printmaking.  It helps with so many of the elements and principles of design . . . I have attached a few pictures of our Zentangle wall from this semester, it is filling up fast and will soon start taking up another wall!

"Thank you again for such a great creation!!!! "


Thank you so much for saying that. And thank you for sending these amazing Zentangle images. Congratulations to everyone in your class. We were just blown away looking at what you sent. You can tell that the people creating these Zentangles "get it." It's so exciting to see.

Here is an image of one wall and a detail shot. These images only hint at how beautiful these are.



Upcoming Zentangle Events

Certification Seminar in Whitinsville, MA
February 24 - 27, 2009
We look forward to meeting all of you who are coming. This will be a wonderful time.

See you all soon!

Best regards,

Rick and Maria
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Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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