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June 2008

Lot's of pictures this month!

We've got a tour of our new "Backstares Gallery" in our home.

And we'll also show you . . .
  • Xyp, a great border pattern, and
  • 32 tiles from one pen (and counting!).
Backstares Gallery
Inspired by a self-imposed deadline of hosting a fundraiser for a local community organization, we cleaned out our backstairs to create our "Backstares Gallery."

We pulled up some funky carpet, Maria painted floors, we replaced windows and Rick hung lights.

Entering from the second floor, that Zentangle on the floor is actually a trompe l'oeil that Maria painted (beneath an empty frame!).


A framed ensemble:


The composition below is an interlocking series of eight 22 x 30 inch sheets of our Zentangle paper. These are all originals done at this size. Maria used a Micron 1 pen for most of these. Background is a light watercolor wash for contrast.


This pair of Maria's Zentangles frames the window on our backyard (and Rick's bees). Rick's cuboctahedron hangs in the window. Following this is a detailed shot of Maria's image on the right. These were drawn with Micron 1's and 01's.



Downstairs are more 2D and 3D Zentangles. This pyramid hangs on a thread and gently spins for quite a long time.


Below are a couple views up the stairs. In this first one, you can see that "empty" frame. Large image is 44 inches square, framed.



A look across the hall:


A "crumpled" Zentangle: (27 inches square, framed)


A touch of color: (24 inches square, framed)


We hope these images give you ideas and inspiration for what you can do and where you can go with Zentangle.
Always on the lookout for new patterns, we found this in a border on some paper bills.
You can use Xyp as a border or as a component of a larger Zentangle. Look back at that detailed image with the spider (in gallery article above) and you can see how Maria incorporated it into her overall image.
1 Pen, 32 Tiles
We were curious how many Zentangle tiles one Micron 01 pen could create. Here's an image of Maria's first 32 with one pen!

This pen isn't dry yet, but it is slowing down.


One early morning, Maria was thinking about patterns and Zentangle and wrote:

"The comfort of patterns has been with us since we were children. Saturday morning rituals of waking early, snuggling with my brothers and sisters in our PJ's to watch our favorite cartoons before our parents awoke.  Then after breakfast, out to play with our best friends -- two full days to look forward to. Ceremony and patterns, in our life and in our thoughts, are comforting, even though they change gradually to form new ones as we get older or as our surroundings change. So it is with Zentangle, the comfort of familiar patterns, flowing repeatedly from our pens, welcoming the reality of new ones, sneaking in whether by choice or other wonderful phenomena . . . "

Thanks again and see you soon!

Rick and Maria

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