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February 2008

In this issue we have:
  • How to draw a "paradox"
  • John's helmet
How to draw a "Paradox"

We named this tangle "Paradox" because it consists only of straight lines which create beautiful spirals.

These images below are all oriented in one direction so it's easier to follow each step.

paradox instruction
However, when you create yours, it's easier to rotate your tile each time so you always draw your line in a similar direction. I like to draw each line towards me, ending at a corner.

Paradox is fun to shade and appears three dimensional.
rick's paradox
You can also explore this tangle with squares, rectangles, pentagons -- any shape with straight sides.

John's New Helmet

When weather permits, our friend John Z. rides his vintage motorcycle to work. He recently bought a new helmet which he loves, except it made him look like an empire stormtrooper from Star Wars.

So he brought it to Maria. This is what she did with it!

 Helmet view 2

helmet view 1

helmet view 3

Maria used Chalk Ink™, a water-based, opaque, chalk marketpigment ink marker. It's waterproof when dry, but cleans off with an ammonia based glass cleaner like Windex.

Every now and then Maria and I internet surf to see other folks' new Zentangle images.

When you have a moment, take a look.  It is exciting and inspiring to see what others are doing with Zentangle.

Click to surf for Zentangle!
See you soon!

Rick and Maria
About Zentangle
Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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