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December 2007
Molly ornamentGreetings!

Greetings at this holiday season!

In this issue we show you how to do our Cadent tangle.

We have Zentangle images from our daughter's wedding that we promised you last month.

And of course, we give you our (totally unbiased) gift suggestions!

"Cadent" is a fun tangle to do. It's inspired by a woven houndstooth pattern.

Here are some sketches from Maria's book.

cadent sketch

For variations you can add different lines and use circles and curves. Experiment and enjoy!

cadent variations

Here one of Maria's Zentangles with cadent . . .
Maria's cadent Zentangle
. . . and one of Rick's.
Rick's cadent Zentangle
Molly and Nick Get Married

Our daughter Molly and Nick just celebrated their wedding.

They stood on a 6-foot round raised platform for which Maria created a compass rose on a canvas floor cloth.

Around it's edge is written, "One ship sails east - another, west. By the self-same winds that blow. But it isn't the gales, it's the set of the sails, that determines the way that we go."

We drew versions of Shattuck, Static and Cadent tangles on the compass points with large Sakura Pigma pens.

Now, when anyone asks Nick and Molly where they were married, they can point to the compass and say, "Right here!"

Compass Rose

Here are Molly and Nick's response envelope with Zentangle stamps (from zazzle.com) and their "Drawn Together" insert.

molly and nick wedding

At the reception they provided coasters letterpressed with their Zentangles (4 inches square).

Box with bow

Zentangle Gifts

Give a gift that keeps on giving. With Zentangle, it's easy to share with others your joy of the creativity and relaxed focus of putting pen to paper.

May we suggest:
  • Zentangle tiles and supplies for those who love creating Zentangles, and
  • Zentangles themselves! A Zentangle is a one-of-a-kind gift of yourself. For perfectly presenting your Zentangle, we just received a new order of our handmade glass frames.
And speaking of frames, here's a Zentangle as a frame that Maria recently created.

frame tile

From our family to yours, we wish you a joyful holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

See you soon!

Rick and Maria
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