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    September 4, 2007


    We've created a new way for groups and individuals to enjoy Zentangle.

    We call it Zentangle Ensemble(tm).

    With best regards,

    Rick and Maria

    Rick's ensemble

    all parts of a whole taken together, such that each part is considered in relation to its whole.

    Zentangle Ensemble Thumbnail Zentangle Ensemble

    A Zentangle Ensemble is a set of nine "pre-strung" tiles that fit together like a puzzle to create a composite 10.5 inch square Zentangle.

    An Ensemble is a powerful metaphor of individual creativity within a group. Although each tile is unique and individual, when they all come together, they form a beautiful whole tied together by its underlying pre-drawn string.

    A set of two different pre-drawn 9-tile Ensembles is $17.00.

    Here are some Ensemble examples with more information.

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    Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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