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    July 25, 2007


    Here is Zentangle's first Lesson Plan.

    It's free.

    This plan was designed for children in grades 3-6 in Massachusetts.

    With warm regards,
    Rick and Maria

    Zentangle Lesson Plan

    This plan saves teachers time and gives them tools to effectively and easily share Zentangle's benefits with their students.

    Our good friend and Zentangle enthusiast, Emily Colonna, wrote this lesson plan for Grades 3 - 6 according to Massachusetts guidelines. We are very grateful to Emily for all her help.

    Whether you're teaching in a structured educational setting, facilitating an informal local book club, or leading a goals-oriented corporate retreat, a study plan will help you present Zentangle's benefits, insights and enjoyment in a variety of settings.

    We will publish more lesson plans and study guides soon. Let us know your particular needs and we'll work on those first.

    Click Zentangle Lesson Plan to go to our website for your free Lesson Plan in PDF format.


    "John and I had our date for Zentangle. We loved it. It was lots of fun, very absorbing, very relaxing, but at the same time we felt a challenge and an accomplishment that does not really compare with anything else. I likened it to how I feel when I am gardening which is to say a totally relaxing and enjoyable activity for me. However, doing Zentangle is not nearly so exhausting and doesn't require nice weather! Thanks for your wonderful gift. It is exceptional and extraordinary!"
    -- Nancy

    "I am so thrilled with my Zentangle Kit I bought about a month ago. It is so beautifully packaged and put together. I particularly like how there is no talking, just lovely music on the DVD. I have used Zentangle very successfully with my family, often relieving tense situations with our teenagers. I will always be grateful for your product, it's wonderful."
    -- Lesley

    More to come

    Maria and I just came back from a wonderful and relaxing Zentangle weekend in Western Massachusetts. It was exciting and inspiring for us to concentrate on what's next for Zentangle.

    Look forward soon to more updates and discoveries.

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