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    November 20, 2006


    We've added a new item to our Zentangle Kit. We call it Zentangle Legend?.

    If you don't have a Legend and Icosahedron, let us know when you place your next order and we'll include them free.

    With warm regards,
    Rick and Maria

    Zentangle Legend and Icosahedron Zentangle Legend and Icosahedron

    A Zentangle Legend is a Zentangle-sized card with 20 numbered and named Tangles. A twenty-sided die (an icosahedron*) goes with it.

    If ever you're ever stumped with what pattern to do next, or if you want to do a new pattern, just roll your icosahedron and do whatever pattern corresponds.

    Your Icosahedron and Legend are great tools to stimulate and expand your creativity.

    Click Zentangle Legend to learn how your Icosahedron and Legend can stimulate and expand your creativity.

    More to come

    We've been working on lots of new Zentangle projects in time for this season's holidays.

    Updates to follow soon!

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    Zentangle is an easy to learn and relaxing method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.

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